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  • Will posted 886 days ago


    Because of Mike Martz and an inept offensive line . . . and the inability to call his own audibles at the line of scrimage . . . and no one like a Calvin Johnson to spread the field, get double-teamed, and open things up, I actually think that Jay Cutler and Matt Forte did pretty good as a two man team.


    I never said Cutler was better that Stafford . . . although I do think Cutler has phenominal arm strength as well.

    Now that Cutler has Brandon Marshall, his own number one receiver, I think his individual stats will improve dramatically.

    Wait and see.

    Some people actually think Megatron is the best player in foorball.

    I happen to agree.

    If both Stafford and Cutler stay healthy, I think the Lion and Bears rivalry will continue and provide a lot of great scoring on both sides.

  • Will posted 886 days ago


    Like I said, Cutler may not have the individual stats that Matthew Stafford has.

    But . . . I think he manages the offense better.

    Individual stats really mean nothing . . . unless you have the wins to go with it.