Abigail Miskowiec

Abigail Miskowiec


I hit a solid .120 as a four year starter on my high school softball team, and that's about as much sports success I've had. Oh, and I nailed a half-court short in a junior varsity middle school basketball game.

So I decided to spend mind-numbing hours watching SportsCenter (every single broadcast) and gorging on sports history. Now I'm here. I'm also on Twitter (@amiskowiec) and on a blog (societalsports.blogspot.com).

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  • Vin Getz posted 1926 days ago

    Vin Getz

    Abigail, thanks for editing "5 Ways Raymond Felton Will Make Real NY Knicks Forget About Linsanity" a few weeks ago! I am catching up! Great job as usual. Have a great Labor Day.

  • Garrett Baker posted 1946 days ago

    Garrett Baker

    Thanks as always Abigail!

  • Benjamin Klein posted 1947 days ago

    Benjamin Klein

    Thanks as always, Abigail!

  • Wayne Testori posted 1949 days ago

    Wayne Testori

    Hey Abigail... Appreciate the comments and the grammar touch-ups.

  • Luis Campos posted 1950 days ago

    Luis Campos

    Thanks for the edits!

  • Roberto Alvarez-Galloso posted 1951 days ago

    Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

    Thanks again for the edits and feedback Abigail.

  • Kevin King posted 1952 days ago

    Kevin King

    Thanks for the edit, Abigail! I really appreciate your work at trying to make me sound like I know how to write. You're great!

  • Matt Overing posted 1952 days ago

    Matt Overing

    Thanks for the edit! Killer fish!

  • Dan Talintyre posted 1952 days ago

    Dan Talintyre

    Terrible mistake. You're a legend for fixing that. Haha. Thanks.

  • Garrett Baker posted 1953 days ago

    Garrett Baker

    Thanks again Abigail!