I'm a born-and-raised, diehard Minnesota sports fan! I'm often given a hard time for being a girl that's so in love with all things sports, but I can't help it. I grew up watching every Timberwolves and Vikings game with my dad, and I've also spent time working for the MN Timberwolves and Lynx. I graduated from Northwestern College (St. Paul) with a B.A. in Writing, and I am pursing a career in sports journalism. You can reach me at young.lindsey88@gmail.com.

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  • D.J. Foster posted 1681 days ago

    D.J. Foster

    Thanks for the kind words, Lindsey!

  • Chad Davis posted 1952 days ago

    Chad Davis

    No problem, and thank you!

  • The Shorc posted 1993 days ago

    The Shorc

    I am sure you are a good writer when you do research, but your win-loss predictions for the nba were an insult to my intelligence

  • Kunal Mishra posted 1998 days ago

    Kunal Mishra

    I like your writing style, but the content is terrible... Do some more research and you'll get better :)

  • Akbar Naqvi posted 2000 days ago

    Akbar Naqvi

    Her writing isn't bad, but she needs to do a lot more research

  • Hakim Williams posted 2000 days ago

    Hakim Williams

    Yeah I agree, these are some harsh comments. Like your writing isn't even that bad

  • DannyBoy posted 2000 days ago


    Wow these comments below are harsh!Hey wth I enjoyed reading your NBA Win-Loss article.

  • Luke tarzian posted 2001 days ago

    Luke tarzian

    Good lord...please, for the sake of seeming relevant, do some research when writing articles related to the NBA, because the last one was terribly inaccurate.

  • joe smith posted 2002 days ago

    joe smith

    when predicting team win/loss records, try to at least make sure the total wins and losses are equal. like when a game is played, there is only one winner and one loser. wins just dont pop out from nowhere

    atlanta 55-27
    boston 50-32
    brooklyn 42-40
    charlotte 36-46
    chicago 62-20
    cleveland 29-53
    dallas 50-32
    denver 48-34
    detroit 35-47
    golden state 41-41
    houston 33-49
    indiana 60-22
    la clippers 61-21
    la lakers 50-32
    memphis 45-37
    miami 61-21
    milwaukee 48-34
    minnesota 45-37
    new orleans 30-52
    new york 51-31
    oklahoma 64-18
    orlando 42-40
    philadelphia 45-37
    phoenix 39-43
    portland 35-47
    sacramento 30-52
    san antonio 60-22
    toronto 38-44
    utah 50-32
    washington 30-52

    total 1365-1095

  • Neil Culton posted 2002 days ago

    Neil Culton

    I don't want to say anything disrespectful since everyone makes mistakes. However, you really do have to do your research before writing your articles....