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  • Mike Chung posted 1018 days ago

    Mike Chung

    I just had to comment on this article. The Warriors absolutely will retain their pick, even though it's a lottery and they likely lose it when the positions get determined anyway, so you may be right in this aspect. However, I just have to say something about the Spurs, it won't make a lick of a difference in the Spurs game if both teams are trying to lose. The NBA galaxy has something against the Warriors in terms of the Spurs, It's just not feasible for the Spurs to lose to the Warriors. Pop can try his ass off to lose that game and it still won't happen. He could field one player and the ball would bounce in the Spurs favor everytime. Something about the Spurs makes them the eternal thorn in our side. I hate the Spurs more than any other team because no matter how hard we try, even if we play the perfect game, we still can't beat them Spurs and it pisses me off to no end.

    As for the Hornets, last time these two teams met, in Oakland, they blew us out of the building so I am confident that we will lose that game as well. I hate tanking but understand it's significance, it's just hard and torcherous to have to keep watching us lose games like this. I hope we can turn it around next season, fingers crossed, knocking on wood and praying for a decent, injury free year next season.