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1. My passion is baseball, basketball, racing, football, boxing, mixed martial arts, fishing, and the Olympics.
2. Not big on golf and all of the other ritsy sports. If you cant work up a sweat, get dirty, or loose a couple of teeth in the process, then I dont want to play it or watch it on tv.
3. Never miss a cardinals game, whether I'm at the game or watching on FSN Midwest.
4. Curious to see how the Dallas Cowboys will handle all of the hype for the 2008-09 season.
5. Really hope Cleveland can find some more weapons to support Lebron James during the offseason.
6. Dale Jr. needs a new crew chief, and fast. How many races will he lose before he realizes???
7. Kimbo Slice is the man! Hands down, no question about it. Dana White better start writing checks now!!!
8. Extremely proud of the "Redeem Team" or whatever, but "Dream Team" you aren't, and you never will be.
9. Predict that Juice Williams will be in the running for the Heisman this year.
10. Absolutely hate when people underestimate players of the past generations.

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