Bobby Dale is a die-hard, through and through Buffalo Bills fan. After living in the Buffalo area (Lancaster and Depew) to be exact, he has gone on to live in thirteen other states and many different cities. Throughout these journeys he has often run into other Bills fans and conversations with them are a bit like soldiers reflecting on the glory days of the Persian Gulf war while having nothing new and exciting to talk about. This time period is ironically about the same time period as when the Bills were last true contenders. Despite their recent string of lackluster seasons he is hopeful for a turn around that will bring the Bills back to the top of the AFC east and to the height of American football fans awe and respect.
As a writer he has honed his craft writing for news and television, including an internship in sports writing with the Scranton Times. He also played collegiate football on a scholarship at William Penn University.

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  • big al posted 2326 days ago

    big al

    Hey Bobby,

    Not a bad call on your unclutch article. Unfortunately, you were probably a couple days early with it. Sorry you got so much grief over it, man. Agreed with you on that one and was one of the few to write a civil response. Solid work.

    Al Big