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  • Will Leivenberg posted 1937 days ago

    Will Leivenberg

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Eric! I really enjoy your NBA coverage, although I've got to say that I'm a Lakers fan and can't stand the Heat! I imagine that you are a Miami fan based on your articles and various Heat medals. What are your expectations for this year? Back to back champs? Thanks again!

  • Ben Millikan posted 1937 days ago

    Ben Millikan

    My pleasure, Eric.

  • the terminator posted 1979 days ago

    the terminator

    You're one of my favorite writers in bleacher report. Keep up the great writing!

  • Amber Lee posted 2216 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey new fan, that' a pretty epic beard you've got goin there. Respect.

    Anyway! Thanks for becoming my fan on here, I really appreciate it ve returned the favor :)

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2218 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Eric,

    If you would like to read an unbiased article from a Bulls writer giving a realistic view of the Bulls and the Heat and who I think will win the title this year, check out my article and let me know what you think. There are some Chicago writers that just drink the kool-aid, but you will find I am not one of them. I speak the truth.


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  • Kwame Fisher-Jones posted 2273 days ago

    Kwame Fisher-Jones

    Appreciate the love Eric

  • Aaron Florez posted 2340 days ago

    Aaron Florez

    what player dissapointed u last year Mr Johnson my was mike bibby and steve blake yours Mr Johnson

  • Eric Johnson posted 2340 days ago

    Eric Johnson

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to 2k12.
    The Warriors need to figure out what they will do with Monta Ellis. If they want to build the team around Stephen Curry, they need to acquire a true point guard and a dominant center.
    Ellis has been connected with many trade scenarios, it's just a matter of if Golden State wants to pull the trigger or not.

  • Aaron Florez posted 2340 days ago

    Aaron Florez

    u gonnna get nba 2k12 Mr Johnson i am what do the warriors need in your opinion to make the playoffs because i think there gonna get the eighted spot

  • Eric Johnson posted 2341 days ago

    Eric Johnson

    No problem. I'll take Milwaukee. I think the East has a better chance at having a sub .500 team make the playoffs. Warriors are a bit of a mess right now too.