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  • Liam Knox posted 1567 days ago

    Liam Knox

    I'm gonna assume you're an Everton fan? Could you tell me your thoughts on Seamus Coleman?

  • Miles Yim posted 2110 days ago

    Miles Yim

    Hey Rob!

    Thanks for the comments on my last story. Glad you read it, even if you didn't like it. You're absolutely right, there was a considerable amount of overlap between that piece and Cheetham's rumor stories.

    To be fair, Cheetham is fairly comprehensive at aggregating all the possible Everton rumors of the day. To write a story along the same lines would seem to invite some redundancy, and I must admit this week's entry was excessive.

    My only defense is that while Cheetham wrote about those players in regards to the likelihood of them joining Everton in January, I tried to look long term toward the summer. Obviously that perspective wasn't separate or clear enough to evade your criticism.

    As for Carlos Tevez, I know he's a pipe dream for Everton, and admitted as much in my story. The idea wasn't that they had a realistic shot at landing him, but that they should try. If the club wants to be considered prestigious (which they are by the way, no other team has been in English top-flight football longer), they might as well act like they already are with offers to players like Tevez.

    At any rate, I appreciate your comments, and would actually like to hear who you think Everton should try for in the summer.

    Thanks again,


  • Matt Cheetham posted 2185 days ago

    Matt Cheetham

    Thanks mate! Just branching out a bit, let me know what you want me to write about?

  • Matt Cheetham posted 2299 days ago

    Matt Cheetham

    Hi Rob, few tit-bits, but nothing concrete. Just writing something on Joey Barton, then got another host of potential last minute deals EFC could make. Surely somebody will come in?!