Nick Krauskopf

Nick Krauskopf


Have been a die-hard Packers fan my entire life, born and raised in Chicago. Love everything about the NFL and the Green Bay Packers.

Twitter: 12Packersfan18

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  • Chad Lundberg posted 2248 days ago

    Chad Lundberg

    I'm sorry Nick, you're right, the Packers played absolutely great in that game. I just imagined Reggie Wayine being wide open and running in for the touchdown. My bad. Aaron Rodgers got sacked four times, but so what right? I mean the worst that could happen is he gets another concussion, or breaks his and out for the season, so who cares?

    We lost a touchdown pass because of a penalty but penalties never killed anyone in a game right? Chicago just beat us fair and square last season in week three.

    You were right Nick, I see the light now. I will never ever ever ever, EVER doubt the Packers EVER again. I will NEVER EVER say anything about them as long as i live.

  • Paul Reber posted 2361 days ago

    Paul Reber

    I know, but there is speculation that he will be moving inside. The coaches think that his body type will better suite a 3-4 inside linebacker. This is all, of course, speculation but I wouldn't be opposed to the idea.