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  • Gone Baby Gone posted 2480 days ago

    Gone Baby Gone

    Thanks for the edit

  • Name Name posted 2481 days ago

    Name Name

    Thanks for the edit. Sorry for any major mistakes, didn't have time to fully proofread-had 15 minutes to get the article in before the trade deadline. Thanks again!

  • Gone Baby Gone posted 2481 days ago

    Gone Baby Gone

    thanks for the dit

  • Scott Weldon posted 2485 days ago

    Scott  Weldon

    Thanks for the edits Sri and I'm glad you enjoyed the article. The Blackhawks are in tough right now. hopefully they make the playoffs.

  • Phil Constable posted 2488 days ago

    Phil Constable

    thanks mate, appreciate it

  • Joseph Trenton posted 2492 days ago

    Joseph Trenton

    Thanks Sri for your correction. Go Canucks Go!

  • Samantha Bunten posted 2494 days ago

    Samantha Bunten

    You edited my article a few days ago:

    You did some serious damage to it by changing the wording in several places in a way that made it grammatically incorrect, and you also made a number of typos and careless mistakes. I checked it against the draft copy that I saved before I published the piece, and the errors were yours, not mine.

    Your careless and error-filled editing job damaged the quality of my article and reflected poorly on my writing. Don't edit my work again.

  • Brandon Cavanaugh posted 2495 days ago

    Brandon Cavanaugh

    Thanks for the kind words, Sri and I'll be sure to pass along your request to Coach Pelini.