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James Tuck

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Born and lived in Calif. Lived in the Sierra Nevada for 30 years. Started as a Chargers fan in 1972 as I was in SD for a short stint with the military. My Dad was a Boston Fan and I loved Havlicek as a kid. Became disallusioned with the NBA after 76, even during the Championships of the 70's the NBA wasbn't all that great. Bird came to Boston and I returned to following it closer again in 80. Favorite Chargers of all time Fouts, Joiner, Chandler, Winslow and all the Air Coryell teamates. I had high respect for Humphries and Coach Ross for taking a average team to the Superbowl. Ross as a military man knew the meaning of team. Seau has a very special place in my heart as he was the first #1 draft pick I wanted them to take. Today I think the Chargers have had the mostexplosive personell on offense and a great defense but have been held back by Spanos,Smith and Turner. Their managing staff is misfit. Turner is a great OC put in as coach, Spanos is a Corp. wanna be that got in because of daddy. With a owner such as Pittsburgs and their loyalty the Chargers would have already won a Superbowl. Owners have to be fans and willing to do everything to win.

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