bobby taylor

bobby taylor


I work in sports and get to see many players and coaches up close and personal. I am a huge Bama fan, but also a very realistic one at that. I think the SEC is the cream of the crop. Not a whole lot to say past that.

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  • Daxton Lyon posted 2364 days ago

    Daxton Lyon

    Ty for "fanning" me...I almost don't feel right saying a phrase like that to another man but, I guess it's okay online these days. RTR!

  • Stoney posted 2433 days ago


    Not many bama fans I can stand, but you are not an idiot like most and I can appreciate your commentary. Well done sir.

  • Syed Ali posted 2498 days ago

    Syed Ali

    I would actually go the completely other way, in that Tressel is being crucified (which he is, in the media and by ESPN) whereas other coaches get off much easier.

    Chip Kelly has come under little fire for the recruiting investigation. Likewise, There was no article published specifically by an ESPN writer lambasting Chizik or the Ole Miss/Miss State coach following the Newton case. How many articles does one read daily about Saban and oversigning, or Saban and violations that even other coaches are willing to report ? I'll wager none.

    However, that DID happen with Tressel for a violation that unlike the other 2 provides NO competitive advantage. An entire article devoted to claiming he has no integrity or character. What a joke. Maybe I'm biased, but you have to admit that is simply ridiculous and a huge double standard. I'm willing to bet that if this happened at USC, it would have faded from the news very quickly

  • Syed Ali posted 2498 days ago

    Syed Ali I was planning to post this as a comment to your original comment but BR was usual refuses to work and wouldn't post

  • Syed Ali posted 2498 days ago

    Syed Ali

    did you read the actual emails? One thing not being brought up is that Tressel agreed to cooperate

    fully with the original emailer, except that an ongoing federal investigation into the tattoo parlor

    owner for drug charges complicated the situation as he could not interfere with the investigation.

    Tressel specifically asks "keep me posted as to what I need to do if anything" and in response he

    says at the very beginning "What I tell you is confidential", and later "Just keep our emails