I graduated from the University of Michigan in April 2010 with a degree in Finance/Strategy from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business (hopefully he doesn't try and sell parts of our business school to Jennifer Lopez and the Williams sisters like he did when he bought the Miami Dolphins).

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and live and die by the Steelers and Penguins. To have both of them win a championship in the same year will probably be the greatest sports moment of my life. If the Pirates had finished above .500 that season, I wouldn't be here today because I would be dead from elation.

I still root for the Pirates, even though they haven't had a winning season since I was four. I guess it will only make it that much sweeter when they finally get over the hump (or at least that's what I keep telling myself).

I moved to Philadelphia to work at a bank after graduation, and let me tell you, nothing is worse than living in a city where one of your favorite team's rivals plays. I get in arguments daily about the Penguins/Flyers.

I'm also into wrestling, but more as a critic than as a fan. I like to analyze why the writers create the storylines they do, instead of cheering for anyone in particular. I think I have gotten to the age where I appreciate people's paths to the top instead of wanting the biggest guy to win (which is why I support the Miz).

Overall, I'm a guy that wants to talk about anything (whether it be sports, business, music, etc.), so feel free to get at me.

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  • nick stasiak posted 2317 days ago

    nick stasiak

    yo how come you stopped doing the PPV Prediction Challenge

  • Tim Jackmon posted 2321 days ago

    Tim Jackmon

    Hey dude, just wondering if you were doing the PPV Prediction Challenge for MITB like you did for Capitol Punishment.

  • Jacob Waring posted 2328 days ago

    Jacob Waring

    CvC 2.0 voting:


  • Jacob Waring posted 2334 days ago

    Jacob Waring

    Creature vs. Creature 2.0: Round 2


  • Jacob Waring posted 2336 days ago

    Jacob Waring

    Time to vote for the 1st round of CvC 2.0


  • Derek Ideluca posted 2366 days ago

    Derek Ideluca

    Glad to see another writer from Pittsburgh.

  • Jubin Joseph posted 2371 days ago

    Jubin  Joseph

    when will the leaderboard be posted

  • Lewis posted 2394 days ago


    Hey check out my latest article and comment if you have the time : http://bleacherreport.com/articles/677132-wwetna-why-i-despise-and-adore-the-so-called-internet-wrestling-community

  • tiffanie jones posted 2431 days ago

    tiffanie jones

    Hi Bryan, can you tell me HOW to upload google images? When I try to upload an image for my articles, I only see the Betty images or upload from my own computer. Where is the tab for uploading google images? Can you please tell me?

  • tiffanie jones posted 2437 days ago

    tiffanie jones

    Hi Bryan...I am new to B/R. Can you tell me where we can get great pictures for our articles?