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Team USA American Football Stars & Stripes, main goal is to help with the
growth of American Football in Developing Countries at all levels. With the growing movement of American Football around the world, it is the TUSAAFSS’s mission to become the Best Team that will be playing American Football in developing countries that have not yet had the entertainment experience of the game. TUSAAFSS partnerships with organizations that are involved directly will help pave the way for maximum exposure of the sport in developing countries and help bring new relationships between different countries.
TUSAAFSS will consist of highly trained athletes and staff members who will help with the training of new athletes, as well as entertaining, along with the Stars & Stripes Cheerleaders and Mascot. TUSAAFSS’ games will be played internationally to show the true spirit of the sport of American Football. TUSAAFSS’ partnership with the Team USA American Football Stars & Stripes Foundation will mainly be to provide entertainment to the foundation
when required. Please note that when we say Developing Countries, we mean countries that will be developing American Football programs.
Team USA American Football Stars & Stripes Team will consist of recently graduated college athletes and or former professional athletes. Each team member will be screened for athletic ability and character and will be supported by the Stars & Stripes Cheerleaders and team Mascot. The TUSAAFSS team will have a staff of coaches, trainers, and administrative professionals who will maintain the running of the team and help promote the different programs that will be set up in Developing countries. TUSAAFSS Team members will be available at all events to show the true meaning of the sport and create partnerships with organizations that are interested in starting American Football programs in their countries. The team will be an advertising beacon for the sport and will look for innovative ways of displaying sponsor logos directly on uniforms. TUSAAFSS will act as a valued entertainment magnet
that will draw fans of all ages to the sport of American Football in developing countries. TUSAAFSS Currently has coaches and athletes that are actively playing in Different Countries abroad. Our Current Head Coach is Tony Simmons former NFL,CFL and NFLE athlete who is now working in Austria American Football. TUSAAFSS also has coaches in 5 different countries coaching with club teams as to help promote the proper growth of American Football.

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