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  • Tym Oteo posted 2298 days ago

    Tym Oteo

    Hey Tuff, I'm posting this here because I wanted to respond to you, but won't be clicking on or posting on that article anymore - nor will I bother reading his future articles. I've given him too much attention and hits as it is. :/

    "A bomb about Tom Brady on the Patriots page"

    lol, I remember that article (looked it up to double check that it was the one I recalled) - I didn't pay attention to the author originally as it was a Pats article and I was mostly reading it just to kill some time. I agree with you about it, it was a bomb intended to stir up the Pats fan base and it did it's job well - I remember feeling bad for the Pats fans that got bent out of shape about it, and thinking they were just feeding the troll. I'm guessing he'll wind up about as accurate regarding CJ in the long run as he was that Brady would crap out and be replaced by Mallett this year (is Mallett even #2 on the Pats depth chart? lol)... not that I think he cares about his predictive batting average even a fraction as much as he cares about the clicks.

    I appreciate the back and forth. Hopefully we can keep being treated to wins by this Lions team, maybe even get our nose wet in the playoffs or better. :)