Walter Hopewell


"Married with children." Very, Very Happily.

Attended many Browns and Indians games for free each year, as a kid, since my father was the technical engineer for broadcasts.

Live in the mountains of Colorado now, "greatest state in the Land of the Free."

Avid reader of philosophy, religion, follow national politics.

Hobbies are travel, research & study, physical fitness, bicycling, environmental and ecological concerns and following the Cleveland sports teams, (all now, since the departure of LBJ)..

Our local "strolling through the yard," almost each day, wildlife, are: Bears (brown & black), fox, coyotes, skunk (phew!) squirrels.

Flying overhead are Canadian geese, bald and golden Eagles, Osprey, Raven, Ducks and every kind of little bird you commonly view.

Small lake is 3 blocks down the street, complete with concrete walkway, encircling it and fishermen, in season.

Could any life be better? Hard to imagine that. Wouldn't trade with ANY of the "RICH & FAMOUS." Or anyone.

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  • Brian Stepanek posted 2131 days ago

    Brian Stepanek

    Walter, I can't criticize someone who calls me "mister," and refers to Pat Robertson. You are just too valuable of a reader. In that vein, if you recall Newt Gingrich's line about being a hawk, but a cheap hawk- you'll get my point. I'm not saying Tebow could even be the starter, I'm just saying he'd be better and cheaper than Seneca, so we have to consider it.