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  • Michael Tau posted 2503 days ago

    Michael Tau

    Emma DeSmith,

    This may seem an odd post to put up here, but this was the only result linked to you provided by google. Who knows, you may not even see this message. Either way, I feel compelled to reintroduce may even remember me from almost ten years back when we first met in Miami Florida...Michael Tau, you're old American friend!

    In quite the random moment of nostalgia, memories of miami florida, the hotel Alexander, all suddenly came back to me, and I asked, why not just google you. And here you are, 22 years old and living in London, graduated from University. Congratulations, you've come a long way! And a sports writer...sounds intriguing, exciting.

    Well, if you see this and you're interested in reconnecting with an old friend across the seas, send me an email at It would be a pleasure to hear from you once again.

    A man with a random memory,

    Michael Tau

  • Lars Hanson posted 3016 days ago

    Lars Hanson Chelsea win first game in 2009 vs Sounders FC

  • ... posted 3199 days ago


    Im looking to do another round table..

    The title of the round table will be- John Obi Mikel: Flattering To Deceive or A Top Notch Talent?

    Here's a list of questions that you could consider..

    1- Has he done better than expected?
    2- Does he deserve all the critisism that come his way?
    3- Should he keep his place, once Essien returns to fitness?
    4- He's 21 now, looking at his past performances.. How good do you reckon he could get?
    5- Does he really make as many mistakes as opposition fans are claiming?

  • Jamie Ward posted 3238 days ago

    Jamie Ward

    THE ROLE OF THE SUPPORTER......The new article by Jamie Ward.

    Your Club Needs You!!!

  • Jermaine Koko posted 3255 days ago

    Jermaine Koko

    Who got the better end of the deal. Arsenal or Chelsea? Be sure to read it and leave a comment.

  • Jermaine Koko posted 3265 days ago

    Jermaine Koko

    The first ever Aston Villa roundtable is out. Do your best to have a read and leave a comment!

  • Alan McGuinness posted 3265 days ago

    Alan McGuinness

    Hi Emma,

    I've written article looking at Chelsea's pledge to develop young talent as a way to cut costs during the economic downturn and whether the club is actually making any effort to do so. I thought you might want to check it out:


  • Alan McGuinness posted 3268 days ago

    Alan McGuinness

    West Lower, although I'd much prefer to sit in the MHL, the atmosphere is so much better.

  • Alan McGuinness posted 3269 days ago

    Alan McGuinness

    Hi Emma,

    Welcome to B/R. Always good to have another Chelsea fan on here! Where do you sit at the Bridge?

    Great first article btw.