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  • The48415Buckeye2 The48415Buckeye2 posted 1711 days ago

    The48415Buckeye2 The48415Buckeye2

    Now now little man! You try to insult someone with juvenile comments. You are BEYOND stupid! That inner city education is really bearing fruit.
    It seems to me that your boyfriend in the picture above has to get his money back from the plastic surgeon that botched his tranny surgery. That bitch is beyond UGLY, where did you find it at? The local animal shelter? I guess, by looking at you that is the best you could do. Never, Ever try to insult someone who is both superior to you in knowledge and class. I would put my CV or DD214 against yours any day, not to mention my portfolio and bank statements. I am back from vacation and would like to continue this back and forth anytime. Say hi to lassie or whatever your boyfriends name is.

  • Mors Hostibus posted 1831 days ago

    Mors Hostibus

    I am IN YOUR MIND no?.........mmmmm......

    ..your question about the name shows a gaping hole in your "education" which obviously lacked Latin

  • Mayor McCheese posted 1965 days ago

    Mayor McCheese

    Oh, so you're a bad tipper as well? Figures, for a person that thinks Michigan State gained an advantage by Mark Dantonio having a heart attack so that he could have extra time to put together a game plan. You must not know much about football if you think the head coach puts together the conference schedule and determines when his team's bye week is. I'm sure Dantonio scheduled MSU's for the next to last game of the year 2 of the last 3 years. As for being a dirty football team, Hoke might want to control his players a bit. Since Choke was hired Michigan has had 7 arrests and off-field issues, Michigan State 1. See ya later, chump.