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Logic Johnson is a self-proclaimed conscious rapper, and host of the old-school funk show "Listen! You Smell Something?" on CKUT 90.3 FM, greater Montreal.

He was formerly a Featured Columnist and syndicated writer for Bleacher Report until June 2012, when the Miami Heat finally and officially put competitive basketball to death. With the dark age of egomaniacs and super-teams looming, Logic was forced to turn his back on the painted whore that the league is fast becoming.

After 25 wonderful years of closely following the NBA, Logic has too much self-respect to subject himself to watching a league where the "best of the best" laugh in the face of the fans while dodging fair competition and bending the league to their personal agendas. He also refuses to have a single word with any Miami fans online, as they have no doubt become even more loud, insufferable and impervious to reason since their little microwave championship.

If you are a Miami Heat fan and do not live in Florida, Logic Johnson is deeply concerned about your values, your priorities and your abilitiy to judge character.

4 lessons learned from LeBron James:
1) when in doubt, p*$$y out.
2) when you fail, it's everybody's fault but your own, including God.
3) if you're fun to watch, you're free to be a bully, a gutless wonder, an entitled egomaniac and an all-around cancer.
4) Marketing and public relations can get people to abandon their standards.

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  • Neil Culton posted 772 days ago

    Neil Culton

    lebron sucks i agree

  • Cameron Schmidt posted 777 days ago

    Cameron Schmidt

    Get off Bleacher Report.

  • Carmelo Stinks posted 800 days ago

    Carmelo  Stinks

    dude stop hating, get over lebron. your the second worst writer on this site. Jessica isner is the worst. cant stand her. at least you write about stuff that heat haters can understand ( even tho its still stupid) isner writes about "lebron's me first attitude will hurt the heat" thats not even hating. its just being stupid. maybe if you stop hating, ill stop hating on you. btw thank jessica isner cuz shes making me like you a little

  • kane ali posted 818 days ago

    kane ali

    Wow ripper of mics. You got a record deal? Not likely if you spend your days writing article about how much you hate the Heat. FYI: Saying you a rapper doesn't make you one.

  • Lebrons Hairline posted 823 days ago

    Lebrons Hairline

    me and Lebron have been really depressed since viewing your articles. can you please stop talking bad about me, him and the heat. bosh and lebron are crying their little eyes out because of you. please stop :(

  • Lebrons Hairline posted 823 days ago

    Lebrons Hairline

    me and Lebron have been really depressed since viewing your articles. can you please stop talking bad about me and him. him and bosh been crying their little eyes out. :(

  • Logic Johnson posted 824 days ago

    Logic Johnson

    Lol, you guys rock! Your complete lack of competitive values is the reason I keep doing this.

    Keep it up!

    Michael: I liked LeBron too before he turned coward.

    Zach: Not likely; I get assigned Miami Heat articles every week.

    William: very classy.

  • michael williamson posted 828 days ago

    michael williamson

    youre a stupid piece of white trash that clearly hates lebron. i bet before lebron went to miami you had no problem with them. now that hes on there you like every nba team but miami. youre pathetic.

  • Zach Jackson posted 829 days ago

    Zach  Jackson


  • william frazier posted 829 days ago

    william frazier

    Hey how about you let us comment on your bum articles and get ovder the fact that lebron raped your mother thats how your taking the fact he doesnt play for your closet team.. and quit wroting heat articles.... god just stop

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