Wade Williams

Wade Williams


I've been working in freelance journalism in one form or another since mid 2009. Originally covering high school football in Orlando, I quickly branched out to my true love, mixed martial arts. From local fights in Philadelphia for Examiner to regional shows in Florida for USCombatSports, and I quickly learned that there are very, very talented fighters that none of us had heard of yet all over the United States. I thought to myself, "If it's this way in the United States, how many fighters are there in countries all over the world that we just haven't had the privilege to see yet?

I quickly began studying combat sports from all corners of the world, and that's what I try to focus on with most of my pieces. We all know about the UFC guys, but what about the guys from M-1, BAMMA, MFC, Jungle Fight, KSW, these are top level guys that just aren't readily available to the North American audience.

Learning and writing about these fighters took my writing to a different level of both enthusiasm and quality, and led to the well received non-Zuffa rankings found on the MMA page of B/R. In short, I love combat sports, I love watching every bit of them I can, and I love writing about em for you guys! Thanks for the continued reads.

You guys can follow me on Twitter and friend me on Facebook, the links are the bottom of each of my articles.

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