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  • thomas boyle posted 105 days ago

    thomas boyle

    Thomas Boyle sings LITTLE BAT BOY for 9-year-old Kaiser Carlile

  • Rick Ackerman posted 115 days ago

    Rick Ackerman

    Your feature on X-Factors demonstrates once again that the very best journalism, as always, can be found in the sports section. Great stuff, Scott!

  • Ryan Prather posted 133 days ago

    Ryan Prather

    You had a segment on b/r on 9/19 in which you had a list of your "top" MLB rookies. The list was as follows:

    Randal Grichuk
    Jung Ho Kang
    Carlos Correa
    Matt Duffy
    Kris Bryant

    Kang? Maybe. Grichuk? Goodness, that's ridiculous. I'm curious as to how you can list those two ahead of someone who should get the AL ROY award: Francisco Lindor. In fact, during the short segment, you didn't even mention his name.

    In case you weren't aware, he plays for the Cleveland Indians. He plays shortstop, the position that he is currently and really has been outplaying Carlos Correa at this season, even though Correa is supposedly a lock for AL ROY.

    How can you write about professional baseball and make a list of "top" rookies and not include Lindor on the list? Might want to actually do some research for your work in the future.

    With love,


  • chinob53 posted 192 days ago


    Great predictions before the trade deadline, Scott. Every one of them has been wrong.....

  • Ice Toffoli posted 216 days ago

    Ice Toffoli

    Joc Pederson is a LA Dodger not an LA Angel.

  • Guy Newcomb posted 217 days ago

    Guy Newcomb

    Scott, would you be able to email me at, I produce a show for ESPN affiliate in Missouri, hosted by Missouri Hall of Famer Ned Reynolds and he would love to have you on for a few minutes to talk some baseball, Trade Rumors, predictions.. Thank you

  • Richard Dunnagan posted 229 days ago

    Richard Dunnagan

    Just read your piece on the bean ball wars. Am now an official fan. Thanks

  • Chase Jarrell posted 315 days ago

    Chase Jarrell


  • Peter Elliott posted 326 days ago

    Peter Elliott

    Hey Scott, I appreciated your article on Pat Venditte. I remember hearing about when the Pat Venditte rule was instituted. I love baseball and I feel as though cool stories on smaller, less heard of baseball stars are really fun to read. I suppose you are at Spring Training right now, so if you could, it would be very interesting to see you talk to some smaller stars about their first Spring Training, or how it is to play with these stars. Thanks for being a great baseball writing inspiration! And also, what do you think of the 20 second "Shot Clock" the MLB has used in the Fall League and do you think it will ever reach the majors?

  • Daniel Da Silva posted 377 days ago

    Daniel Da Silva

    Hey Scott, I enjoyed reading your article about Manfred's future as the new Commish. I just wanted to get your opinion on one of the points: Do you think that eliminating shifts is really a good idea for the game? I'd say that it's become such a widely used strategy that to do this would negatively impact the game in a big way. What do you think of tweaking the intentional walk? Maybe giving the better 2 bases instead of 1?