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Brent Schneider

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I'm an avid spelunker, I'm a 6th degree black belt, I once tamed a lion using a piece of floss and a ritz cracker, I've built teepees with the Cherokee Indians, I've built pueblos with the Sand People on Tatooine, I once fought my way out of a blue whale's stomach after being accidentally eaten, I climbed Mt. Everest in 2 1/2 hours, I once stared so hard at my TV that it blew up, I've become immune to every known disease, I became the first human being to run faster than the speed of sound, I am the guitar hero, I trained Chuck Norris in the art of being awesome, one time I woke a coma patient up by snapping my fingers, Ralph Lauren based Polo Black on my natural musk, I was elected as the President of Krakosia but I turned it down, I own a condo on the Moon, and the only thing i'm not good at is being bad at things.

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