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Hello my name is Christian Crump I am from a small town of Bellevue, Ohio. From being from Ohio we have the Arnold classic which many weight lifters attend to share tip and secrets about weight lifting and achieve the best physical shape. I was very young when I went to my first Arnold classic and I went with my dad there. I remember meeting a guy there with facial hair and long hair. I guess he was famous for something but was too young to understand. Later i figured out that it was a professional wrestler named Triple H and thats where it all started. Besides football WWE became my favorite thing to watch. I grew up in what is called the Ruthless Aggression era of wrestling which my favorites of all time competed in. Undertaker, Lesnar, Angle, Michaels, Jericho, And Triple H is what I inspired to be. This also helped me pursue my love for body building. I wanted to look like Lesnar haha but other than that i have been watching WWE ever since. Then another interest came to me MMA. I believe i started watching MMA during the Ortiz era. As becoming a fan of MMA i notice how bigger the sport was getting every year. Bigger events more people UFC was starting to take off. Lesnar came to the sport which got me even more hooked and from there I absorbed everything i could from MMA and WWE. As of right now I am pursuing to become a trainer or something in the medical field. I play football and also wrestle in both way haha.

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