Brendan Collins

Brendan Collins


My name is Brendan Collins, I'm seventeen and interested in writing. I generally do fiction or screenplays. I live in Vermont, where I'm so consistently bored that I have time to do this stuff. I am in high school, so none of my stuff's been published, or even introduced to publishers. I live w/ my family, Mother, Father, Mairead (sister), and Aidan (brother). Both of my parents have PHds in English literature... so I kind of grew up around books. For instance, when I was seven my father read to me (and my brother, five at the time) The Tempest, by Wiliam Shakespeare. I like things that are funny, and I like the Green Bay Packers. HAHA!

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  • Jennifer Brooks posted 3354 days ago

    Jennifer Brooks

    Hi, Brendan. I used to live next door to your parents, Dan and Mary, in Iowa City and babysat for you and Aidan when you were little. I have been trying to reconnect with your Mom for many years and it finally dawned on me that you, Aidan, and Mairead are now old enough to be doing stuff online. First I searched for Mairead because I figured her name was unusual enough that I might be able to find something - last I knew you had all moved to Wisconsin to go to the Waldorf school. Long story - short...I finall searched "Brendan Collins high school" and pulled up this page.

    I can't seem to e-mail you directly from this page but if you could pass my e-mail along to your Mom I would greatly appreciate it.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying writing! I always enjoyed reading to you.

  • MJ Kasprzak posted 3439 days ago

    MJ Kasprzak

    Wanted to introduce myself. I am the community leader for the Packers, and have been writing on the site for about five months. I want to encourage you to continue to write your solid articles, and let you know that I am responsible for editing things like grammar and to a minor extent style (paragraph breaks and spacing), but never content (unless something is vulgar, of course). Feel free to post to my bulletin board any questions you might have or if there is any other way I can enhance your experience on ths site!

  • Joe Willett posted 3441 days ago

    Joe Willett

    Thanks for the Pick Brendan.