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  • Randy Norton posted 19 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Guess its Creative's ideas. They gotta have something for Kane and Show so they are sacrificing fresh meat like Ziggler and Ryback. Doesn't mean they'll lose , they'll win ofcourse. I really want TyCesaro (Face) to be tag champs and challenge the Ascension at WM. I miss the 2013 Usos.

    Adapting to WWE style is hard. Hope he uses his creation the GTS as his finisher. Itami will deliver greatly as he goes on. Steen Vs Generico had great chemistry. Waiting for tomorrow's NXT Special ' RIVALS. Owens Vs Zayn. You ready ?

  • Randy Norton posted 21 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Orton Vs Rollins will happen at WM 31 and it'll be epic. I agree , the undercard of WM is looking strong but I'M AFRAID I'VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS. Reports suggest Bryan Vs Ziggler at WM is off for now and that ZigBack will challenge for the tag titles. But I sense Zigback Vs ShowKane now that will be disappointing.

    Itami Vs Balor was a great match. Itami has finally adapted well in WWE as a singles wrestler. Next NXT Live special is just 4 days away. Excited ?

  • Ziggler is going down yet again. Tag team matches?? Losing every singles match?? Stupid elimination at RR? I feel for him. They just don't get it. Good thing Ambrose is still floating in the upper mid card. Hope he wins the title.
    Btw, what do you think about Sin Cara? He's been impressive since coming back. Maybe he'll finally reach his full potential. Maybe not:/

    Reigns is winning it hands down. And maybe it'll end with a goofy handshake of respect. I'm still not convinced by Reigns dude. He's not there yet.

    Lol Axel is funnyXDXD. Saw SD?

  • Randy Norton posted 24 days ago

    Randy Norton

    The announcement wasn't that surprising really. This match is good for Reigns. He can win some fans here by having a good match. I liked the Reigns on Raw. Punk/Cena was sick man.
    He should win here ( agreed with your choices )

    Orton/Seth , Bray/Taker , Ambrose/Barrett etc.................

  • Randy Norton posted 25 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Thoughts on Raw ?

  • Seems like Ambrose is going for Barett for the IC title. Its a good thing for him to stay away from Cena. Guarantee Cena's gonna do his best to bury Rusev, if not at Fastlane then definitely at WM.

    Thats an AWESOME move. You gotta be something to pull that off. I dont watch Nxt but Phoenix Splash sounds good.

    Heard the big announcement? Thoughts?this damn new B/R wasnt letting me reply. I had to switch to god knows how many browsers to finally get back:/

  • Randy Norton posted 31 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Thanks for the fan add back. RR was good until the RR match. I found the RR match extremely dull , boring and lame at the end. Show and Kane throwing people like garbage didn't help either. Wyatt was the most impressive while Axel was the most unluckiest. Triple threat match was just Awesome , from the Phoenix splash to unstoppable Lesnar. Others were average. Glad now that Orton didn't appear in that garbage of a RR match.

  • Randy Norton posted 31 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Dude , I enjoy your sensible and smart comments. Here's a fan add. Thoughts on RR BTW ?

  • Triple H cant do a thing about it. Whatever anyone says, in the end when they go to Vince, he say "this is how we do it" and thats how its done:/

    Raw was stormed. And if it wasn't, the crowd would've stormed in with Boo's ringing in the whole night.

    Damn the booking team. Did u see Reigns exclusive interview?? I was like even Rowan can do better than this. Awful booking!! And Cena vs Rusev at fastlane LMAO I guess Rusev has been pushed enough to be fed to Cena now. Last year Bray, this year Rusev lolXD

  • WTFF ROMAN REIGNS!!!! I was so pumped after that AWESOME! Triple Threat match and then all this happened.....

    Was waiting for Randy......didn't come......Sheamus.......didn't come.......hell the Rock decided to show up FINALLY to promote fuc*ing Reigns??!!

    Worst Rumble ending ever!!!! If anything, I just hope that Brock leaves that Jabroni in a pile of blood, sweat and urine at Wrestlemania.