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  • Evenflow posted 2 days ago


    Well, at SummerSlam I think it will be Team Bella vs Team Bad vs Team Charlotte. I think Sasha pins Nikki in this match, and that will setup a great feud between those two. Nikki wins this feud, breaks AJ's record, and drops the title to Charlotte.

    I still hope Charlotte joins Team Bella, but I don't think it will happen. Too bad, it would've been so cool.

  • Evenflow posted 4 days ago


    Hey whatsup man, yeah I saw Ultima Lucha. I loved when Hernandez crawled under the ring to get away from the fans that were trying to beat the crap out of him. Mack vs Cage was my fav match. The whole card was great, and I really enjoyed all the matches. I can't wait for the two hour special next week. It's going to be great.

    I thought Charlotte and Dana had the best match they could possibly have at this point. Dana is very green, but she hit all of her spots perfectly, and she is continuing to get better with every performance. I loved Dana's promo before the match. She has all the tools to be one of the best ever. She just has to keep working hard.

    What are your thoughts on the booking of the NXT ladies on the main roster? Still can't believe Charlotte made Brie Bella tap out, twice.

  • The Architect posted 4 days ago

    The Architect

    I made my B/R account a couple of weeks ago.

  • The Architect posted 5 days ago

    The Architect

    Thanks for the fan add, I really enjoy your comments.

  • Big Show's Tears posted 8 days ago

    Big Show's Tears

    hey man just saw your post, no I only use ps4 the only reason it logged me in as a ps3 is I tried the free month of that PS Now service

  • Patrick B posted 16 days ago

    Patrick B

    Probably not staying up this time; I'll probably wake up early and watch it before work. This is a tough one to call, most could go either way. I think Owens has to win, they can't repeat the Rusev and Wyatt feuds again, he needs to go over clean to make him a long-term prospect. I hope the New Day win; they were just far too entertaining as champs not to give them another run. No idea with Wyatt vs Reigns - am a bigger fan of Bray but like Roman and they both probably need a win here.

    I hope Sheamo wins, they need to start building him up and a win for Orton does nothing for him; no one has mentioned the possibility of a cash-in at all, that could be an almighty swerve. Sheamus aligns with Triple H screwing Seth setting up a face turn and a Triple H vs Rollins Summerslam match. But with the rumours of Taker returning for Summerslam, maybe he'll interfere and set up a Brock rematch. Ratings are down so Seth will probably lose the belt, its a shame as don't like part-timers being champions, no matter how much I like Brock.

    What do you think? I'd have loved a divas segment, but the card looks good anyway; WWE have stepped up their game recently.

  • Evenflow posted 26 days ago


    Yeah, DB Super is great. I really like it so far.

    I am also thinking this may be Charlotte's last match with NXT. A lot of people assume she is going to help Paige, but I think it would be a great swerve if she came out in a Team Bella shirt. Alicia, Charlotte, Brie, and Nikki could be a female version of Evolution. That would be awesome, Evolution 2.0.

  • Patrick B posted 26 days ago

    Patrick B

    Yeah, in two minds about it. Really excited to see them both on the main roster, they are too talented not to have a wide audience, and really hoping WWE has a plan. They are the two most talented women in the company and could actually be money draws. A bit worried they are going to change Sasha face now for the Bellas feud, and would rather her debut alone in full heelish boss mode, but I'll wait and see what happens. The match next week should be great and hope it headlines, I'd be amazed if it didn't (which is actually incredibly, never thought two years ago I'd be shocked a women's match isn't headlining a WWE show!).

    I think you're right about the timing being off, if they are going to do this Nikki beating AJ Lee's record thing, which seems very likely (unfortunately in my opinion). Charlotte and Sasha will have at least 2 more months of either not competing for the belt or jobbing to the Bellas in that period until the record is broken. I find it a struggle currently having Paige getting beat week in week out to Nikki and Brie (the divas division has really died a death since they have been doing this, which makes keeping Nikki champion so long that much more frustrating). But bringing in Sasha and Charlotte to have the same treatment would actually make me quit watching. The Bellas have a place in the division and have improved recently but beating the more talented NXT girls would be 'turn off the tv' heat for me.

    But still, will reserve judgement for now, and hope Becky gets back soon to NXT.

  • Evenflow posted 27 days ago


    I saw the first two episodes of DB Super. Thought it was awesome. I will be on the lookout for more episodes now.

  • Patrick B posted 27 days ago

    Patrick B

    Hey man, saw this, what do you think?