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  • Patrick B posted 1 hour ago

    Patrick B

    I'm working on it. Really enjoy Lucha, but you're right, it is very overly produced in the beginning. The cuts from botches leap out at me, which make it difficult to judge some matches.

    Part of my problem is I'm working through NXT 2013 again and Raw 1997 on the Network. Raw was terrible at the beginning of 1997 but straight after Mania gets really good. Watched Canadian Stampede over the weekend. Such a good show, and just amazing to see fans going completely mental for the product. Hart Foundation vs Austin is a really underrated feud - it's been extremely enjoyable. And Shawn drunkenly gyrating every episode instead of wrestling is also pretty entertaining. Although sad to know Brian Pillman's death, Austin's neck injury and the Montreal screwjob are all imminent though.

    Going back to your Survivor Series comment ( meant to reply earlier). I think you did the right thing going to bed. That show made me lose faith in WWE (and go on a big rant about it!). The terribleness of Raw the next day didn't affect me as bad because of the absolute horror show SS was. I also skipped huge parts of it.

    This Raw I actually watched quite a bit of, but was pretty bored this morning doing so. New Day are very entertaining but fear WWE are starting to lean on them too hard and may put them on TV way too much. Tyler/Ziggler was pointless, a reverse clean finish from the PPV. Have no idea why it was here. Dudleys vs Wyatts should be very exciting but it wasn't because both have been booked so weakly the last few months.

    My bright spark is the women's division. I really like what they are doing with it right now. Without Nikki being a Cena-type part of the division in that she appears to be constantly spotlighted and shoehorned into angles (before her injury she was all over the PCB feud, with bloody Michael Cole saying Nikki had caused the feud etc Ugh). Without her, it's meant they are properly spotlighting the NXT girls like they should have done all along.
    I too hated the constant cutaways from Charlotte/Becky. It was absurd as they were putting on a proper awesome chain wrestling display. Crowds chant 'This is Awesome' all the time, but can't remember the last time I heard them applause a great sequence like they did there. I think it was probably Kevin Dunne having a fit at watching women outdo the boys. I kinda think Charlotte isn't turning heel, I hope she goes more tweener due to her competitiveness but slowly gets worse and worse through the weeks leading to Becky standing up for herself and challenging her for a match. Could play well. Becky /Sasha at Mania seems slightly more likely after last night than I thought possible.

    The Eurotrash faction would absolutely be a team I'd put together, but its a 'wait and see' for me. I don't trust WWE to book them strong enough to be anything other than be a distraction for Reigns until Brock and Cena come back. If they were booked strong, which I don't think they were yesterday, they could be very good. Its all just delaying a Reigns win, no drama, just stalling, but he's just not connecting particularly. His big fake smile and not bothered attitude at the beginning of Raw was just Cena booking through and through, and then to give him a title shot was just absurd. I'm going to watch WWE with the finger hovering over the fast-forward button until the Rumble. They really aren't doing much to inspire excitement.

  • Dave posted 23 hours ago


    Hey Doc, glad you liked the Vargas v Miura fight. You're right it was an absolute war. That 9th round was amazing. It was crazy because Vargas was taking a beating prior and his eye was pretty messed up and then BAM! He floors Miura, haha.

    Yeah I too thought Klitschko and Fury was pretty underwhelming. Unfortunately, I have come to expect this from Klitschko. All he does is jab and hold. What really bothers me is the fact that he had no drive to fight (well at least it didn't look like he did). He knew he was losing the fight; he even said post fight that he knew he had to KO him, but he never really got started. Overall it was a pretty boring fight. It's also worth noting that this fight was suppose to happen in October, but Klitschko got injured and it was postponed. Not making excuses, but one has to wonder if that effected the outcome.

    As for German beers, I haven't really had many of them to be honest. I have had a few German Pilsners at a craft beer festival. They were good. Really clean, fresh and crisp (everything a good Pilsner should be). But idk lately I have been moving away from pilsners. Maybe because winter is coming and it's starting to get cold. Which reminds me, I'm going to a winter beer festival the day after Christmas haha. They have an entire list of crazy holiday beer flavors. Cranberry ales, gingerbread flavored ales and even a winter pastry ale!?! (I'm pretty excited to taste these unique flavors lol). Anyways, back to German beers. Like I said I haven't had many, but I did have a few at a festival I went to over the summer and they were really good. Fruity aromas and a smooth finish. Strong but not too bitter like IPAs are. Also if my memory serves me correct I'm pretty sure one German beer I tried had a banana flavor to it; which I thought was unique. Got any suggestions of any good German beers? I'm always game to try new beers haha.

    So I have started compiling some of my top 10. It's not done yet, but I've got a lot of LU on there lol. I gotta take some time to sort out which ones go where. There's a lot of pretty hard decisions haha.

  • Sassy Pages posted 1 day ago

    Sassy Pages

    It's been like 8-9 years I guess since high school. Haha, I am actually thinking about joining a French class. In Canada, French is really becoming a second language. I sometimes read your posts about Dave the way Joey from Friends spoke french. Bleh bleh bleh blaaah lol.

    My top comment initially focused on SS becoming unstable! My IS post came after that, and mind you, while you complained about someone else having top comment but missed the five comment limit, guess what, my Isis post came after 100 comments and sky rocketed to number 1, while my Unstable comment took us to number 2! I am a champion of the people!!! I stood for them with Isis! If we remove that post, I am still on top! Hahaha! Your client David Lesnar, mind you, held the CITB briefcase under a case of controversy!!! At Comment in the Bank, he finished second and none of us contested his claim to the briefcase! One might argue the no pic case in the winner, but Dave should have been stripped of the CITB briefcase for his lack of a profile picture following that, which was the main rule! I let that slide, but you men... one bye right you get and you think you deserve all! I believe in equal rights! I believe everyone at the Comment Section deserves a fair chance! While I am the official champion heading into Wrestlemania season, I am willing to defend my Intercomment championship!!! If I can be taken for it at TLC, I shall be willing to give that person a shot at the WCC at Royal Rumble, and I am willing to work twice that night as I am officially entering the Royal Rumble!!! I created a new title because I believe in equality!! Something you men are against!

    I find it hilarious Doctor... I find it hilarious that at Night of Champions, you claimed it was too small to determine the Comment Champion heading into Wrestlemania, and you and Y2B agreed on Survivor Series being it, but the great Comment Incarnate said to us all that the winner at N.O.C will have the right to be called champion, until Survivor Series! So we don't acknowledge my title reign? Well, I don't know who "we" are, but I know one thing, WE do not acknowledge Dave as the champion of this comment section. If you want to create your own title fine, Comment Section World Heavyweight Championship? Is that a nice way of saying you guys are fat? Fine, we can have a Fat Championship! I shall remain as the World Comment Champion!!! I can guarantee sassyfaction, and I can guarantee that CBF, Big Show and New Day GOAT will acknowledge who the REAL champion is! Regardless, my challenge is still open to you and Dave, whenever you decide to stop running your mouths like a bunch of Total Divas.... If ya want some..... come getttt someeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Top ten matches of the year, I noticed that. Can I list any sport or is it only fighting sports? I will think up my matches and post them soon!

  • Patrick B posted 1 day ago

    Patrick B

    Oh man, I'll need to watch those matches. Not seen many, Still not fully watched all of Lucha Underground yet. Life unfortunately gets in the way. Prince Puma vs Johnny Mundo in the first Lucha episode was really good so glad I have more to look forward to once I get there (hopefully by the end of the year).

    I thought Zack Sabre Jr vs Roderick Strong and Zack Sabre Jr vs TJ Perkins were both excellent. I'll look up the others and tell you what I think. Glad to see The two Bayley/Sasha matches made the cut. Think they had WWE's feud of the year.

    Still looking over my top five (ten), but in the meantime did a WWE awards thing. Would be interesting to see what your picks would be for each category.

    MVP- Seth Rollins.
    Best babyface – Bayley
    Best heel – Sasha Banks
    Best in-ring – Seth Rollins
    Tag team of the year – New Day
    Feud of the year - Sasha vs Bayley
    Gimmick of the year – New Day
    Miracle workers of the year (turned creative garbage into gold) - Rusev/Summer, and Paige (had to feud with the Bellas for a year and, despite them face/heel turning a lot, she managed to keep a coherent and logical story-arc for her character)
    Best PPV of the year - Mania/ NXT Brooklyn
    Worst PPV of the year – Royal Rumble
    Worst babyface – John Cena
    Worst heel - Naomi
    Most underutilized - Bo Dallas
    Biggest fall from grace – Ziggler
    Worst part of WWE – Main roster commentators
    Best division – NXT women’s division.
    Best face turn – Fandango in London.
    Best heel turn – The Rock at the Rumble/ The New Day.
    Phoenix rising award (coming back from booking oblivion) – Summer Rae
    Worst booking decision – Nikki breaking AJ’s record/ Triple H beating Sting at Mania
    Best booking decision – Rollins winning at Mania
    Biggest creative disappointment – Cena open challenge not leading to a new guy going over
    Biggest creative success – Every NXT Takeover
    Favourite debut – Asuka
    Largest discrepancy between creative’s intentions and my interpretations – Rusev has always been a face in my eyes
    Best champ – Sasha Banks
    Worst champ – Nikki Bella
    Villain of the year – injuries
    Hero of the year - NXT
    Most overrated this year - Dean Ambrose
    Most underrated this year - Luke Harper
    Best 'I thought this would be terrible but was really great' match - Taker vs Brock both times/ Eva Marie/Bayley.
    Main Roster Rookie of the year - Kevin Owens.

  • Y2B posted 2 days ago


    Brieeeee Modeeeeee EEEEEEE BAH!!!! {similar to the Wyatt's screen cut}

    ... she always said that the future is clouded. You can only peek into it, but never can it be certain, ever in motion it is. How can one claim to see a future, that she is making, when she herself has yet to decide? To her, we bow... She was always there, ever in support, leading us to glory. Now we have come, the tide has turned, now she.... is here! Now we return the love, the favours, everything she has done for us. To turn against her, is to turn against the BmWo. To corrupt and convert one of our own, is a far greater sin, unforgivable by her standards, unforgivable by... mine. If the future is clear as day, then you will know what you have to do...

    ... RUN!

    Brieeeeeeee mooooooodeeeeeee EEEEEE bah!

  • The Architect posted 3 days ago

    The Architect

    Hey man, I really liked your list. I see you're a big fan of PWG, unfortunately I didn't watch much of it this year, I really hope to find most of the matches you mentioned.

    Making this list was very difficult, match quality was incredible this year in a lot of promotions, especially Lucha Underground, NJPW and NXT, even in WWE. We got many moments of brilliance, 2015 was a really good year for wrestling.

    Honorable mentions:

    - Adrian Neville vs Finn Balor (NXT Takeover: Rival)
    - Mount Rushmore 2.0 (Roderick Strong & the Young Bucks) vs Eurotrash (Zack Sabre Jr, Tommy End & Marty Scurll) (PWG Battle Of Los Angeles 2015)
    - Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns (vs Seth Rollins) (WrestleMania 31)
    - Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor (Beast in the East)
    - Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar (Hell in a Cell)
    - Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch vs Bayley (NXT Takeover: Rival)

    Top 10 matches of 2015:

    #10 Kevin Owens vs John Cena (Elimination Chamber)

    #9 Jay Lethal vs Jay Briscoe (ROH: Best in the World)

    #8 Sasha Banks vs Bayley (Takeover: Respect)

    #7 Fenix vs Mil Muertes (LU: Grave Consequences)

    #6 Becky Lynch vs Sasha Bank (Takeover: Unstoppable)

    #5 A.J Styles vs Kota Ibushi (NJPW Invasion Attack)

    #4 Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo (Lucha Underground Championship All Night Long)

    #3 Seth Rollins vs John Cena (SummerSlam)

    #2 Sasha Banks vs Bayley (Takeover: Brooklyn)

    #1 Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins vs John Cena (Royal Rumble)

    What do you think? I really hope you like it.

  • Sassy Pages posted 3 days ago

    Sassy Pages

    I was trying to say old, washed up, has been. I wasn't sure haha, I was just trying to pull out French I remembered from high school lol. Nope, I do not have those Es :(. Well, I might be wanting to use the word vieille if it can insult you by insinuating you are of another gender haha. Ah, my bad though :). I really should perhaps go over some french.

    Your English needs some work though. Real suggests something is not artificial, it's genuine. The true champion is Sassy Pages, and she is also the Intercommental Champion and is the MAIN EVENT OF WRESTLEMANIA!!!!

  • Down Under posted 3 days ago

    Down Under

    man, i need to get cracking on mine, thats a great list.. a few i haven't seen though. mundo vs prince puma is def top 3 in mine that was a great match! stay tuned doc and i will bring my list which will probably be more nxt heavy.

  • Dave posted 4 days ago


    Hey Doc, ah ok I see what you're saying. I kind of have to agree. I mean the HW division, historically speaking was always the top division. You had Dempsey, Louis, Ali, Frasier, Foreman, Tyson, Holyfield etc. It really has taken a hit in terms of talent.

    lol yeah man, I love beer. I have to agree with your friend, well partially anyways. All of our macro beers (beer you find in supermarkets) are trashy. I mean don't get me wrong they're ok to have for a hot summer day etc but that's the case anywhere. Canadian macro beers are pretty trashy too lol. But our craft beers are actually really good (and respected by most of the beer community so I've heard anyways) And yeah there are some really really good IPAs from craft micro breweries. One of the best I've ever had is called Heady Topper. It's one of the highest rated beers in the world. It's also very very hard to get. It's only made and sold in Vermont (and a few select beer stores). Luckily for me my one buddy is a beer nut, and bought some so I was able to try it. It was great. Well no, great doesn't do it justice. It was amazing man. It has an IBU of 120 which I think is the highest possible. Anyways even though it's high in IBU, it surprisingly was really easy to drink. Not sure if you can get your hands on it, but maybe you can ask your friend from that beer store to score you some lol you won't be disappointed.

    As for Belgian beer, ahh good old Trappist Westvleteren XII. I'm am very familiar with that beer. I've never had it though, but heard nothing but great things about it. One of the best Belgian beers I've ever had was called Pannepot. It was incredibly smooth. And had a slight sour taste to it but it was awesome. Another amazing beer I've had was a Belgian IPA. I think it's actually American but it's definitely a European style. It's called Bitter Monk. It's has a nice fruity balance along with a solid hoppy presence.

    Also if you want to look into some American IPAs that are really good and are more common there's a micro brewery out in California called Green Flash. They're amazing. You might be able to find some of their products at a large beer store like you mentioned. If you can get your hands on some; I'd recommend their West Coast IPA, Imperial IPA and their Soul Style IPA. They also have a Double Stout that sounds amazing but I haven't been able to get my hands on it yet lol. Oh man Doc I can talk about beer all day haha. Not much of a whiskey drinker to be honest. Although I do love whiskey sours. Any suggestions about any whiskey drinks I should try?

    Thanks for the top 10, you sure have a wide range of wrestling promotions on there. I'm sure they're all really great. Can't wait to check them out. Pumped to see you have Puma and Mundo at #1 because I was thinking that might be my #1 as well. What an amazing match. Anyways, I'll definitely start compiling my list asap.

  • New Day GOAT posted 4 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    Hell will freeze over before Vince and Triple H swallow their ego. As much as I miss Punk in WWE, he seems the happiest not being there. Now if they gave him a contract like they did for Lesnar then I could see it. I would've loved to see Punk main event a Wrestlemania. I always seem to re-watch Bryan vs Punk at 2012 Over The Limit match. It is matches like that are lacking today. NXT is knocking it out of the park with story telling while main roster think a dead brother is better than old fashion plain heel like Joe has bern good at lately.