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  • Patrick B posted 209 days ago

    Patrick B

    Kairi Hojo and Io Shirai signed to WWE now. Big news, bad for Stardom though.

  • Dave posted 281 days ago


    Not sure which account you use so I just posted it on both.

    What's up Doc? Don't worry about the late reply. My reply is pretty late too lol. I've also been experiencing some more glitches. It signed me out and then I had issues signing back in haha. Anyways, I watched that video and I definitely can see why you are so high on Cole's mic skills. He's a really impressive talker. Think he'll ever be in WWE one day ?

    Rehab is going good. I'm basically working out 5-6 times a week because of it. There's no time to get complacent when you have a torn ligament in your knee lol. But yeah no crutches for me. I'm done with the big ass knee brace too. I only wear a smaller compression sleeve type brace every now and again. And in a few weeks I say I'll be walking 100% regularly. I mean I'm walking around now without assistance, but I have a slight limp to my step for now. With that said I still won't be able to run full speed or have 100% range of motion for months, but it's all small steps I suppose. And sure man I'm done for any recommendations. Wrestling, beers, cocktails, wines lol The Cabernet Sauvignon I mentioned before was very solid. Still think I prefer new world wines though. But who knows maybe that will change.

    Yeah Fastlane was a hot mess. First off Braun losing clean was a freaking joke man. He's been one of RAWs few bright spots and was really getting over and they have Reigns beat him. He literally gains nothing from beating Braun because the fans already hate him so this will only make fans dislike him more. Not to mention this can seriously hurt Strowmans momentum. Ughh man Doc this really pissed me off lol.

    Then there was the KO & Goldberg 22 second debacle. That made me laugh though hahaha. Like I was legitimately laughing at WWE. Oh well I hope Brock freaking destroys Goldberg and sends him packing. Did you see the F5 Lesnar gave him ? Goldberg just looked so awkward. He was still holding the title when Brock had him on his shoulders lol. He just doesn't belong in the ring anymore.

  • Lydia The Gift of Hugs Aaron posted 294 days ago

    Lydia The Gift of Hugs Aaron

    Last time on WWE, the Lumberjack match on Raw for the Universal title where Finn had to face each lumberjack as well. When Sami Zayn was facing Finn, the entire ROH locker room showed up and invaded, leading to an all-out war between the Raw and ROH rosters. In the midst of the confusion, Finn Balor joined Bullet Club again, and KO actually helped Sami Zayn which allowed Zayn to pin Balor and becoming the new Universal champion. As ROH retreated, Vince got on the mic and talked a lot of smack about ROH and indie wrestling. Zayn became so disgusted that he hit Vince and placed the title next to him and walked out.


    So now we move on to Smackdown. The next ppv is Money in the Bank. Shane is in the ring to say a few words. Bryan is also there, but Steph, Vince, and HHH aren’t.

    Shane: Welcome to Smackdown Live! We’ve got a packed show for you tonight, but first, we’ve got some big news to discuss. Now as you all know, Money in the Bank is coming up, and thanks to the brand extension, it’s going to be a bit different. Now back in the day when we had the brand split, both Raw and SD had their own separate ladder matches to determine a money in the bank winner for each championship. This year, we’ll be doing things a little differently. We will have participants from both brands battle it out in just one ladder match. That’s right, there will be only one Mr. Money in the Bank. So there will be six competitors facing each other off in this match—three from Raw and three from SD. We will have qualifying matches to see who will be in the MITB ladder match. Because of this, it is more important than ever to win the coveted briefcase because it will not only allow that superstar a chance at the title of their own brand, but they will be allowed to cash it in for either title they want to compete for. That means that if a SD competitor wins the title, they can very well cash it in for the Universal title. Now why they would do that, your guess is as good as mine because we all know that SD is the place to be especially with all the trouble that Raw’s been having lately. That brings me to my next point. As you can see, Vince, Stephanie, Foley, and HHH are not here. They are still discussing matters of what happened last night. They left me and Bryan to handle things on SD like we always do. I have been instructed to inform you all that Finn Balor and Kevin Owens are suspended. Finn has also had his guaranteed rematch stripped from him. As for Sami Zayn, they haven’t decided what they are going to do about him and that has a lot do with the face that he is the champion on paper, but left the title in the ring on the Raw, and we have actually not heard a word from him since last night. More will be divulged next week on Raw. So with all of that out of way, the first qualifying match will be tonight, and it is the main event. It will be AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler.

    So SD seems to be moving right along with no issues. We get to the main event, and it’s a great contested match between the two. Ziggler actually looks like he might win this when a video starts to play on the titantron.

    The video is of the Bullet Club. The Young Bucks, Adam Page, Adam Cole, Cody Rhodes, and Finn Balor are all there (that is a lot of talent!).

    Adam Cole: So tell me, Prince Devitt, how does it feel to be out of that God awful place?

    Devitt: No, no. I’m Finn, remember? I’m a Demon King. That’s my crazy, over the top gimmick, you know! Everyone’s got one! I’m mean. What do you think I am? A vanilla midget? (Everyone laughs. Fin is obviously putting on an act). You know I worked so hard just to get to the WWE. It took me so long! And when I finally got there, I became NXT champion. And when I got to Raw, I became Universal champion in less than a month. And yeah, I may have lost it due to injury, but I got it right back. And you want to know why? It’s because I am more than some vanilla midget which is what some people may want you to believe. Now I’m not really an indie star like Kevin Owens or Sami Zayn, but we’re kind of cut from the same cloth. In New Japan, you have to have that indie mentality to be really honest. You work so hard, harder than those WWE lightweights do, that’s for sure. I mean think about this. The only men to win the Universal title were myself, Sami, and Owens. It's obvious that we're a cut above the rest. The only one who was ever going to beat me was someone who was like me. There's just something about being a WWE guy that makes you soft. Especially when you're not a powerhouse or athletic specimen like Orton and Cena. When you're someone like, uh, Dolph Ziggler. You're just never going to make it. Dolph has been telling people for years how he's the best. He's the show-stealer. He keeps asking for chance after chance, but look at him! Every single opportunity he's gotten in SD has only led to defeat. He's been in this business for like, what? Ten years or so? And this is what he has to show for it? That's sad. It's quite pathetic actually. You know what? It's not even his fault! Well not entirely. The WWE let him down. They pampered him, whether he wants to believe it or not. He should have left the WWE. Maybe he would have actually made something of himself. But not when guys like Styles and Ambrose are still there. Think about this. Dean's been on the roster for just a couple of years, and he's main evented ppv after ppv. He's won the WWE title and everything! AJ has been in the WWE for a little over a year, and I swear he's done more in a year than Ziggler has done his entire career. You know if I could talk to Ziggler right now. I would tell him that the best thing he can do for himself is just walk out. Leave the WWE. Spend a year in New Japan or Ring of Honor and see what it's like to really struggle. All this crap about not getting the opportunities he deserves and all the hard work he's put in is just bull. The WWE has given birth to some of the laziest, most entitled, and ungrateful wrestlers on this planet. They think they're special because WWE chose them. That doesn't make you special. You're not special Dolph! No one is! There are simply those who can, and those who can’t. And we already know which one you are Dolph. You just can’t hack it.

    Ziggler is fuming as he watches the video. When it finally ends, AJ is already in the ring, but he hasn't hit Ziggler because he too is interested in watching the video. Ziggler turns around and starts yelling at AJ. "What are you playing at!? You think that's funny?" AJ swears he has nothing to do with that video.

    AJ: You're just mad because it's the truth!

    On that note Ziggler attacks AJ. The ref has to pull him off of AJ to restore order. Ziggler simply goes after AJ again, but AJ sees it coming and delivers a clothesline. He then sets up the Styles Clash, but he hesitates for a slight second. He perturbed by something. He hits the Styles Clash and pins Ziggler for the win, but he's obviously not happy for some reason.


    So on Raw, it is announced that Sami Zayn has given up the title and is suspended as well. Because the title is vacant, there will be a triple threat match to determine the new champion at MITB. This week, there will be qualifying matches for the triple threat match. The matches are Rollins vs Sheamus, Rusev vs Cesaro, and Roman Reigns vs Jericho.

    Rollins defeats Sheamus, and Roman defeats Jericho. When we get to Rusev vs Cesaro, Reigns and Rollins are on commentary. Just before the match starts, the titantron cuts to a video, and it's the Bullet Club again.

    Cody: Do you know what I hate the most? Sell-outs. Ungrateful sellouts who just don't appreciate or acknowledge what the independent scene has done for them. Now I know what some people say, "who am I to say that?" I did start out in the WWE. Some people looked at me, and they just saw me as another case of nepotism. I was using my father or brother's name to get ahead. That's the funny part though. I didn't get ahead. No matter how hard I tried. No matter how awful the gimmick they gave me, I always found a way to turn it into gold, and in the end, it meant nothing. You know what, I was ungrateful and lazy at the beginning. I was also entitled. Just like Finn, said WWE guys are, I was all those things. But I woke up. I realized what was going on around me, and I left the WWE. It was the best decision I made. The potential I always knew I had, I was finally able to reach it. There was no one pushing me down and telling me what I can and can't do. I think about guys like Seth Rollins, and I see a guy who never truly appreciated his time in the indies. He left ROH bitter and high-minded. To him, being in the WWE meant everything. And yet, to the WWE, Seth Rollins means nothing. You're just a piece of meat they can make money off of, Seth. Because no matter how hard you try to show how you are "the man", you will never be "the guy". And that's all that matters to the WWE. Have fun playing second fiddle to a musclebound idiot. You know, it really sickens me. I see a guy like Cesaro, and I think, "If only Vince had a brain." Cesaro, I wish you all the luck. I don't know why you haven't left, but maybe you can do what I couldn't. I wouldn't even be mad about that. You cherish your time in the indies. You became one of the best wrestlers ever. And honestly, it was your ability in the ring that kind of helped push me to make the decision to leave. I see your opponent Rusev out there, and I think to myself, "Here's another WWE create-a-wrestler." You've been floundering around in the WWE ever since you got here. When will you wake up and get a clue? You better hurry Rusev before you become another Dolph Ziggler. You don't want to be another aging wrestler who never quite tapped into their fullest potential. Get out while you still can.

    Rusev is yelling at the titantron. He turns around and attacks Cesaro. It's an all out brawl as Rusev grabs a chair and goes to town on Cesaro. The referee finally gets him to calm down, and the match eventually starts. Right when the bell rings, Rusev charges forward at Cesaro, and Cesaro barely manages to hit him with a European uppercut. Cesaro hits him with another one and Irish-whips him into the corner. While the match is going on, Seth and Roman are still reacting to the video. Seth is obviously angry and is yelling at Roman that he can beat him any day of the week and that he's not in his shadow. Their argument escalates, and Rollins pushes Reigns. Both began fighting down the ramp. Rusev counters a move by Cesaro and puts the Accolade on him, but the ref is now preoccupied by Rollins and Reigns who are fighting near the ring apron. Rusev let's go of Cesaro and starts yelling at Roman and Seth. While Rusev is busy yelling at them, Cesaro makes it to his feet and runs to the ropes opposite Rusev; he jumps over Rusev and lands on top of Roman and Seth. Rusev is surprised and starts to get out of the ring to attack Cesaro, but it met by a European uppercut. Cesaro gets back into the ring and sets up the Neutralizer, but Seth and Roman enter the ring and begin pounding away on both guys. The match is called off, and Vince and the rest of the authority come out screaming bloody murder. Vince enters the ring and tells them all to calm down. Cesaro starts yelling back at Vince. He can be heard saying, "Why am I even here? You never believed in me anyways!" HHH is trying to calm Cesaro down and escorts him down the ramp. HHH can be heard saying, "Not like this! Don't do it like this!"

    On SD, the last two qualifying matches are taking place. The first is Miz vs Dean Ambrose. Halfway through the match, Ambrose hits dirty deeds on Miz and goes for the pin, but the referee is distracted by Maryse. Dolph is seen jumping over the barricade. He enters the ring and hits the Zig-Zag on Ambrose. He slides out before the ref turns around. Miz makes it to his feet, and Ambrose is stirring as well. Miz hits the skull crushing finale, and pins Ambrose for the win. Ambrose is livid.

    Later on in the night, we have Luke Harper vs Baron Corbin for the last qualifying spot. Randy and Bray are at ringside (remember, in my timeline, Luke is still apart of the Wyatts and he and Randy are tag team champs). As Baron Corbin enters the ring, Ziggler, Miz, and Maryse are walking down the ring with Baron. It's obvious that they are there to make sure Corbin comes out the victor. Halfway through the match, Baron hits the End of Days and goes for the pin, but Randy pulls the ref out, stopping the count. A brawl ensues between Bray, Randy, Ziggler, and Miz. Baron was distracted by this, giving Luke enough time to make it to his feet and hit the discus clothesline. He goes for the pin, but Baron kicks out. In the midst of the fighting, Maryse steals the WWE title and slides it Baron. Luke is about to go for another discus clothesline, but sees the title in Baron's hands and manages to duck at the last minute. Baron turns around just as Luke is about to hit him with the discus clothesline again. Baron lets go of the title and manages to reverse the would-be clothesline into the End of Days. He pins Luke and wins. The fighting continues, and Baron joins in. Due to having the numbers, Miz, Corbin, and Ziggler manage to lay waste to Bray and Randy. They then set up both of the commentary tables, and Corbin puts Luke through one of the tables with the End of Days. Miz puts Orton through the other table with skull crushing finale. They bring Bray into the ring, and Ziggler taunts him by using Abigail's Kiss on Bray. With the Wyatt family taken out, Baron, Miz, and Ziggler stand in the ring admiring their handiwork.


    Due to the controversy of last week, the Universal champion will now be determined in a Fatal-4way elimination match between Roman, Seth, Cesaro, and Rusev at MITB. Because there are two more weeks until MITB, Raw will hold all three of their qualifying matches for the MITB ladder match tonight. The three matches are: Sheamus vs Braun, TJP vs Big E (I'm breaking this stupid assumption that CW guys must only fight other CW guys), and the last spot will be determined in a battle royale with the remaining wrestlers.

    In Braun vs Sheamus, is a hard-hitting match with Braun coming out on top. Jericho vs Big E is another impressive match, and Jericho manages to win. The battle royale is about to start, but HHH comes out to announce that they just signed a new wrestler, and therefore, they will also be taking part in the match. Samoa Joe's music plays and he comes out.

    Vince is back and is shown yelling at someone on his phone. It’s Nigel, and he wants answers for what happened two weeks ago. Vince tells him that he better have a good explanation because he wants him to come out here next week and grovel. If he doesn’t, his career at WWE will be short-lived. Vince runs into TJP, and stops him to ask what in the world he has on. Vince is just angry and is obviously bullying TJP and taking his anger out on him. He tells TJP that he’ll have to face the tag team champs, Anderson and Gallows, in a handicap match. TJP tells him that he already has a match scheduled against Big E for a chance at the MITB ladder match. Vince tells him he doesn't care and that his handicap match is next. TJP puts up a fighting effort, but loses to them. Vince orders them to finish the job on TJP, but they hesitate. Eventually they set him up for their finisher, but DIY who is on Raw, comes and makes the save. DIY are also the number one contenders, so it makes sense why they’d come. Vince isn’t pleased, but HHH is out there and is telling him to calm down and leave it be. Later on in the night, TJP has his match with Big E. Big E and the New Day aren't too happy with Big E facing TJP after what happened earlier in the night, but Big E isn't letting that stop him from winning the match. Unfortunately for the New Day, TJP actually wins due to a schoolboy pin that Big E couldn't break in time. The New Day are obviously upset and shocked by the win.

    The battle royale is underway, and I won't bore you with any of the details. Just know that Joe won in an impressive fashion. He has established his dominance early on in the WWE. Joe grabs a mic.

    Joe: I just have one thing to say. It doesn't matter where you come from. The cream always rises to the top, and you all are going to find out that no matter where Samoa Joe lays his head, he is always on top.

    On SD, Bray comes out alone. Apparently, Luke and Randy are still hurt.

    Bray: I am the Eater of Worlds. I am the root of all evil. I am the one that feeds off of pain and sorrow. I am the WWE champion. I am Bray Wyatt! But I am also a broken man. I am all alone. Last week, I was shown that I was wrong. Week in and week out, I came out here and told you all that I had nothing to lose! I told you all that there was nothing that I feared! There are no limits that I can't cross! There are no consequences that I fear! There is nothing that you can do to break me! To destroy me! To make me weep! To break my heart, for I have no heart to be broken! I have no soul to sell to the Devil. And so I do not even fear him. I do not fear Hell. I do not fear anything! (Bray laughs and takes a small pause as he gets on his knees.) (speaking softly) And yet here I stand before you, broken and all alone. My family was taken from me. And I feared. I feared that last week may be the end. The end of Randy. The end of Luke. The end of me. The end of the Wyatt Family. The end of days. (Bray laughs) I thought I couldn't be hurt, but I was wounded. I thought I couldn't be scared, but now I am deeply afraid. I thought that there was nothing that I couldn't do, but I couldn't save my family. I couldn't protect my family. I wasn't there for them the same way they have been there for me. And I feel this pain inside me. Growing every second, and I know, that I do have a heart that can be broken. I have a soul that can be damned to Hell and sold to the Devil. So I fear. So I cry. So I scream! Dolph Ziggler! Miz! Baron Corbin! I fear what you have done to me. But I fear what I am going to do to you all and to everyone else going forward! For I don't know who or what I am anymore! But whatever that is left of me is something that scares me, and it should scare all of you!

    Later on in the night, it is announced that Ziggler will have a shot at the title at MITB. Renee interviews Ziggler backstage. Corbin and Miz are also there.

    Renee: Dolph, it’s just been announced that Bray has asked to face you in match at MITB for the WWE title. After hearing what he had to say, how will you prepare for this match, and how exactly did this trio come to be in the first place?

    Dolph: Renee, I have been in the WWE for over a decade now. I am sick and tired of not getting the respect that I deserve. The Bullet club and ROH think that independent wrestlers are better than WWE wrestlers, and I am fed up with hearing that crap from them! Why does it even matter? I have bled for this business! And this is the thanks I get? I look at someone like the Miz, and he and I have more in common that we both care to admit. This guy was dogged out for coming from a reality show, but he has shown everyone that he deserved to main event WM. Where’s the respect that Miz deserves, huh? We have been the backbone of this company, and we are both tired of being overlooked for some indie darlings. The Miz and I look at someone like Baron Corbin, and we see someone who isn’t loved by the fans for the simple fact that he didn’t “pay his dues” in the indie scene. All because he came in here first and is already showing those indie darlings that he’s already on their level, and will pass them in due time. You know what? I respect the independent scene. Apparently, we WWE natives aren't given that same respect back. So it was only a matter time that something like this would happen. I've had my head under the sand for a long time, Renee. I tried to play by the rules. I went out there for those fans each and every single day, and they cheered and chanted for the Bullet Club, for Ring of Honor, and AJ when he won. The one thing that's kept me going was the WWE Universe and their support. As long as I had the fans, I knew I still had a chance. But now, I don't have anyone but myself. It's heartbreaking Renee. I didn't want to do this. Wyatt talks about how alone he is, and how wrong he was about so many things. You know what Renee. I can relate to that. I was wrong to think that fans would still love and respect me no matter where I got my start. I was wrong to think that my peers would respect my work and passion despite the fact that I'm no indie darling. I don't even understand why that should matter! I'm angry, Renee! That's all there is to it. Bray, you just might destroy me, and you know what. I'm okay with that. Because there is nothing that you can do to hurt me more than I've already been hurt. At MITB, you're going to see a different Ziggler, and I don't know what he's capable of. Win or lose, Bray and I are going to steal the show! All I want is for a WWE original to step up and show that we do deserve to be here! Even if that means my own destruction by the hands of a madman like Wyatt, it'll be worth it.


    It's the go-home episode, and it’s opened with a tag team match with Rollins and Reigns vs Cesaro and Rusev. There’s obvious animosity between all four of them, causing ripples amongst the teammates. At one point, Cesaro is about to hit his finisher on Rollins, but Reigns interferes and tries to spear Cesaro. Cesaro sees it coming and uses Reigns’ momentum to hurl him past him, but this causes Reigns to run into the post and Rusev, knocking Rusev off the apron and onto the floor. Rollins has recovered and superkicks Cesaro. Rollins hits the pedigree and goes for the pin. Rusev breaks up the pin and starts attacking Rollins. Reigns enters the ring and superman punches Rusev. Cesaro makes it to his feet, and Reigns goes for a spear. Cesaro pops him into the air for a European uppercut. Rollins tries to clothesline him but Cesaro ducks. Cesaro then hits Rollins with the Neutralizer and pins him. Rusev enters the ring, but Cesaro spots him and is on the defense before he can make a move. They stare each other down before Rusev leaves the ring yelling in Bulgarian at him.

    The final segment is Nigel McGuiness’ public apology to Vince and the WWE. Vince and the rest of the authority figures are out there as well as all of the superstars who are surrounding the ring and ramp. Nigel is demanded to come out here and explain himself to everyone and apologize.

    Nigel comes out, and enters the ring.

    Nigel: Three weeks ago ROH invaded Raw. They ruined the main event of Raw and fought with many of you. This isn’t the first time either. First of all, I would like to say that the Bullet Club who seems to be at the heart of the matter, and it’s no secret that the Bullet acts as its own entity. However, Vince, I must point out that you said things that made the entire ROH locker room furious. You disgraced independent wrestling, and they wanted to fight back. I had no idea that they would go to the lengths that they did. I have no idea why Bullet Club felt the need to start all of this. However, these superstars are under my care, but ever since I started working here, I haven’t really been able to keep an eye on them, and it’s no secret that I may no longer be running things at ROH in the future. I tried to calm them down, but they just won’t listen to me. They claim that I have sided with the enemy. At first, I tried to argue with them, but you know what, there’s no arguing with them. To Vince, to the authority, to every wrestler here, and to the WWE Universe, I am truly sorry. I am sorry for not stopping this. I am sorry for not stopping Vince from making the biggest mistake of his life. I am sorry for what the ROH locker room is going to do. I am not sorry for what they have done. Because the fact is, Vince, you brought this upon yourself. You can fire me if you want; it won’t stop the avalanche that is crashing down on you. I look around and I see nothing but talented, passionate wrestlers. Some came from the independent scene and have been dogged out by you. How long will they take it before they rebel? Vince, you seem to think that you can get away with whatever you say, but considering three of your top talents have walked out, I beg to differ. You seem to think that the only enemies you have to worry about are the ones on the outside, but there are enemies that are inside your camp, and I’m not even talking about the former ROH or former indie wrestlers. You may think that I’m your enemy, but I’m not. The fact of the matter is, Vince, you are your own worst enemy, and this is all on you. Not me. Not ROH. You. Truth is. I really don't want to be a part of this. But I am an NXT commentator, and still acting GM of ROH. So as of now, I am tendering my resignation from ROH. It's not fair to them that I continue to work there. I am washing my hands of this matter. So unless you're going to fire me, I'll be in Florida.
    Nigel starts to walk out, and Vince is yelling at him with a perplexed look on his face. Vince is yelling at Nigel as Nigel walks out. The rest of the authority is trying to calm him down but to no avail.

    On SD, all six competitors also have a segment. So AJ, Miz, Corbin, Braun, TJP, and Joe are in the ring. I'm just going to hit the major points of this one. So Renee is out there to ask them each different questions and whatnot. Renee asks how Miz and Corbin's new alliance will work out. They respond that while they respect each other, it's every man for himself, but they do want one of them to win the match. This prompts AJ to speak up about this WWE originals vs non-WWE originals. AJ is sick and tired of this WWE vs indies routine and thinks that people are letting it control them too much. He says that he does have an ace in the hole to protect himself, but he’s initially out for himself and doesn’t care about these two warring philosophies. TJP also says that he feels like the warring philosophies have caused everyone a lot of trouble and wishes people would let this go. Braun agrees with that notion. All he cares about is the gold. Samoa Joe also agrees with that sentiment. They want this to be about the title, and not about an outside party. Joe says that everyone who talks about them is only playing into their hands. He says his only mission is to become champion and that is all, so he's focused on winning the MITB match.


    The first few matches go smoothly. Neville successfully defends his title against Cedric Alexander, and American Alpha successfully defend their titles against Breezango.

    The next match is the fatal 4-way between Reigns, Cesaro, Rusev, and Rollins. There are a number of great spots like Reigns and Rollins power bombing Rusev through a commentary table. There’s that spot they love to do where two guys (Reigns and Rollins) try to superplex another guy (Cesaro), and Rusev comes in and powerbombs the two of them while Cesaro is superplexed. Cesaro does the swing and the uppercut express. It’s a really fun match. At one point, Reigns for a spear on Cesaro, but Cesaro is ready for him and hit Reigns with a pop-up European uppercut. Reigns is still on his feet, but is very groggy. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer, but Reigns manages to break out of it and hits Cesaro with a superman punch. Cesaro is still on his feet and is stumbling around. Rollins is up and pedigrees him. Rusev enters and Reigns and Rollins attack him and double powerbomb him. Reigns turns around and superman punches Rollins. He goes for the pin, but Rollins kicks out. Reigns decides to go for the spear on whichever guy gets up first. Rollins and Cesaro are both stirring. Reigns goes for the spear on Cesaro but he dodges, and Reigns hits the ringpost instead. Cesaro and Rollins have a staredown, and the crowd can be heard chanting ROH. Both look around and take in the moment. Cesaro stretches out his hand, which is a reference to the code honor. Seth acknowledges this and actually shakes his hand. After a bit of wrestling, Reigns and Rusev join the fray and beat both of them down. Eventually the temporary alliance ends and they attack each other. At one point, Rusev kicks Reigns in the face and puts him in the Accolade.

    Cesaro breaks it up with a European uppercut on Rusev. Rollins takes advantage of this and pedigrees Cesaro and goes for the pin, but Cesaro kicks out. Rollins isn't sure what to do. He sees Reigns is stirring, so he goes for the pedigree on him, but Reigns reverses it and superman punches Rollins. Reigns is looking to spear Rollins, but Rusev stirs first so he spears him instead. He goes for the pin, but Cesaro breaks it up. Reigns and Cesaro eventually end up trading blow for blow, and Reigns wins the exchange. Reigns goes for a superman punch, but Cesaro ducks it. Reigns turns around only to see Rollins is up who superkicks Reigns. Rollins turns around only to receive a discus elbow by Cesaro. Rusev is back up and charges at Cesaro, but Cesaro hits him with a pop-up European uppercut. Reigns is back up and goes for a spear on Cesaro, but Cesaro dodges it, and Reigns hits the ringpost. Cesaro grabs him and hits the Neurtalizer on him, and pins him for the win. Cesaro is celebrating his win, and Rollins grabs him and turns him around to face him. Rollins glares at Cesaro and slowly raises his hand, offering to shake Cesaro's which is another allusion to ROH. Cesaro smiles and shakes it. Rollins holds onto him to let him know he's coming for the title, but it's obvious that Seth and Cesaro have a mutual respect for another.

    After this match is an IC title match and Dean Ambrose retains against Apollo Crews.
    After seeing Cesaro win the title, there is a backstage segment where Cesaro ran into DIY and wished them luck. In their Raw tag team titles match. Vince and the rest of the authority just so happen to be walking by.

    Vince: Congratulations, Cesaro. You better cherish being champion because I don't see you holding that title for very long.

    Cesaro: Well, at least I can grab this title unlike one of your imaginary brass rings.

    Vince glares at Cesaro. Tomasso and Gargano are chuckling. Vince glares at them.

    Vince: you think that's funny? We'll see how funny it is when the Club wipes the floor with you. If I recall, you two like to stick your noses where they don't belong. I can't have you two make a mockery of this title match, so I'm going to enlist an enforcer for this match, and make sure that it gets called the right way.

    So DIY and The Club have their match, and the enforcer is Sheamus. Right when the DIY are about to hit their finisher on Gallows, Sheamus grabs Ciampa's leg, distracting him. Gargano sees it, and runs over and does a tope suicida on Sheamus. Anderson who is outside of the ring takes advantage of this by attacking Gargano from behind. Gallows has already attacked Ciampa who was distracted by this as well. Anderson slips into the ring and he and Gallows hit their finisher on Ciampa, and win the match. Gargano and Ciampa are angry at what happened. In a backstage interview, they say that they are fed up with being unappreciated and punished for their wrestling background. There will be consequences.

    So the next match is for the WWE title and is Ziggler vs Wyatt in a Last Man Standing match. The match starts off with Wyatt rushing straight at Ziggler, and they both start trading blows. We got a number of big spots in this match. Wyatt powerbombs Ziggler through the commentary table. Ziggler jumps off a ladder and elbow drops Wyatt through a table. There's chair shots and kendo stick shots. Ziggler uses a kendo stick to do the ZigZag with. Wyatt does Sister Abigail on the outside on Ziggler. At this point, Wyatt and Ziggler are actually at the entrance stage, and are battling it out right there. Wyatt has Ziggler down for the time being. Now as you know, at the entrance, it's elevated an there's like a lower part down below where there's a table and some electrical equipment. Wyatt tries to chokeslam Ziggler into the electrical equipment, but Ziggler elbows him to stop him. Ziggle then sets him up for a suplex which would cause them both to fall into the equipment. Wyatt hooks his leg onto Ziggler's to stop this. He suplexes Ziggler instead on the steel stage. They're both down so the count begins for both of them. When they both get up, Wyatt has his back to the pit with the electrical equipment, and Ziggler is in front of them. They start trading blows, and at one point, Wyatt teeters on the edge. Ziggler goes for a superkick, but Wyatt regains his balance and catches Ziggler's foot. Ziggler hits him with an enziguiri, but Wyatt is wavering on the spot and doesn't fall in. Ziggler superkicks him, and Wyatt falls into the equipment and their special effects go off, making it look like he's been shocked and whatnot. The referee counts to ten, and Ziggler is crowned the new WWE champion. Ziggler celebrates his win.

    The paramedics come in and they sift through the wreckage of the equipment to get Bray. The lights go out and the titantron does the little Wyatt clip that plays before he comes out and shows the word "Rebirth" afterwards. The lights come back on, and Bray is nowhere to be found. Ziggler is standing on the stage confused and bit paranoid.
    So we get to the main event which is the MITB ladder match. It's AJ vs Miz vs Baron Corbin vs Braun Strowman vs TJP vs Samoa Joe. It's a very exciting match, from the start. We get Miz and Corbin terrorizing everyone up until a three-way showdown between Corbin, Braun, and Joe occurs. There's a big fight feel with these three guys and they really tear into each other, but Joe comes out on top when clotheslines Corbin out of the ring and he manages to knock Strowman off of his feet, but it does take him a couple of tries to do so. There's also some crazy ladder spots with AJ and TJP. Just use your imagination to think of the crazy things they'd do with ladders on these guys. We also get a cool staredown between AJ and Samoa Joe. AJ actually comes out on top of the exchange and goes for the title.

    Things finally go overboard when it looks like AJ is about to win, but Ziggler, the new champion, comes out to make sure that he doesn't win. He's got a chair with him and he hits AJ in the back with it. Joe is stirring, and Ziggler knows he's a former ROH guy so he hits him too. Strowman makes it to his feet, but Ziggler makes it clear that he's not going to make a move on him partly because he's intimidated and also because Strowman is a WWE original. Strowman is looking at him waiting for him to move. Ziggler steps away and Strowman slowly starts climbing the ladder, his eyes still on Ziggler. Miz and Corbin enter and the three of them attack Strowman. Strowman tries to fight back and knocks down Miz and Ziggler, but in a great show of strength, Corbin executes the End of Days on Strowman.

    At that moment, The Club come running towards the ring, so they can help AJ. The Club enter the ring and start fighting Ziggler, Corbin, and Miz alongside AJ. Then DIY come running down the ring so they can get some revenge on The Club and start fighting them as well. Eventually TJP joins in and it's obvious that there's an alliance between these three. Eventually Joe and Braun are in on the action, and it's an all out brawl. Vince and the authority come out and Vince is telling Sheamus and Rusev go there and stop DIY. This prompts Cesaro to enter the fray and help his friends out. We see an exchange of finishers from left and right. Eventually it comes down to Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin. They fight back and forth on top of the ladder. What they don't notice is that TJP is on the apron and hits a springboard dropkick on the ladder, causing it to lean over enough to make Joe and Corbin fall. TJP sets the ladder straight and climbs up the ladder. TJP grabs the briefcase and becomes the new Mr. MITB. Vince is livid as DIY, Cesaro, and TJP celebrate. Cesaro shakes TJP's hand and raises the title, so TJP understands that Cesaro won't back down from a fight. TJP shakes his head no at Cesaro. He takes his briefcase and hands it to the referee. TJP points at Ziggler who is laying on the ground. DIY and Cesaro kind of act as enforcers, making show no one interferes in the match. It's just TJP and Ziggler who is barely conscious. He's on his feet, but before the ref can ring the bell, Joe manages to slip in and he bowls TJP over and does the same to Ziggler. He's obviously livid about what just happened. Joe grabs the briefcase and holds it over it his head as if it's his. He throws it at TJP and walks out. Vince and the authority are at the stage, and as Joe passes by them, he stares at them as if he's contemplating something. He smirks and walked out.

  • Pacifica posted 294 days ago


    Sup Cube. Haven't been on the site since B/R ruined it but I'm back on the boards. i'll join that friendly prediction community in a bit, excited to talk to the gang again. But OMG did you see the Rock leave Punk a voicemail in the ring?! And they had an actress playing AJ Lee for The Rock's movie about Paige!! I saw a video where she came out skipping to the song, even though it wasn't here I was smiling from ear TO EAR. And the place erupted with CM Punk chants.Talk about the greatest power couple in wrestling history. So yeah, I geeked out about that.

  • Patrick B posted 317 days ago

    Patrick B

    Ouch, the last 10 minutes of the rumble completely left me flabbergast. What were they thinking?

    I did predict an Orton win a few weeks ago, so glad that happened. How'd you find it,

  • Patrick B posted 321 days ago

    Patrick B

    I watched it last night but if you havent seen Neville vs Cedric on 205 Live, watch it. The crowd is dead but the match is fantastic. If fans cared about the cruiserweights it would have been a star making match for Cedric.

  • Patrick B posted 322 days ago

    Patrick B

    Yeah, I just blitzed through the Uncharted trilogy – so easy to pick up and play. Takes me a while to get engaged in a game but those ones were instant. Think 2 was the best, but 3 really had its charms. 1 had a decent story but the gameplay is really poor. Started the Bayonetta double now on the Wii U, pretty great so far even though I’m useless at button mashing games.

    Good luck on the fitness and recovery mate. It’s a long road, I’ve never done DDP Yoga but the inspirational videos online are really motivating, especially the veteran guy who could barely walk. I’ve tried P90X before which is very similar I think. That one is tough as it’s every day for an hour doing varied intensive drills, but results are fast. No matter what always press play every day! There’s a yoga section on the P90X dvds, one a week you do. It was hell for me to start as I’m tall and inflexible, but after a month it strangely gets very enjoyable. Touching my toes with ease was pretty satisfying and it really helps recovery from other activities.

    I hope Kairi and Io aren’t gone by the time I get to Japan. But I’d mark just for Mayu and Kris Wolf so no issues there; I’d hope Toni Storm is there at that time too. I’d throw her my room key (a man can dream).

    I think unfortunately not that many of the general WWE watched CWC, so not to sell the characters straight out the bat was a major mistakes. When I’ve watched it, I’ve generally enjoyed 205 Live, but a lot works against it. On after SD to a bored crowd is a terrible decision, already far too much wrestling product put out by WWE every week now, and they aren’t really presented as anything different to what we already have. This really needed a Full Sail crowd, or at the least to be filmed before SD.

    I do however love the Cedric/Fox/Dar feud. It’s so absurdly over the top like any love story in wrestling should be. Foxy getting screen time always works for me. Now Cedric needs to start dating Summer and this feud would be complete. Neville is also, alongside Charlotte, the best heel on the Raw side. I honestly enjoyed his exhibition match more than any other during the UK tournament. He looks like a star in a way sadly known of the UK tournament guys did.

    Speaking of Omega/Okada, I listened to the Austin podcast with Meltzer, they really went into the Okada/Omega match it was an interesting listen. I love hearing Austin’s views on wrestling. Austin gave a lot of credit to Okada which was nice to hear as the focus on Omega has been a bit over the top. Meltzer certainly does favour Japanese wrestling but then his ratings are just his own opinion. People take them way too seriously.

    I missed Raw the past few weeks. Just so much wrestling to watch these days, and Raw is by far the least enjoyable for me so I skip it. Although I did speed through this week’s Raw in less than an hour, most of which was taken up watching the Sami/Rollins match in full. It really was a fantastic match (of course not in the main event or given any build so will mostly be forgotten by many in a few weeks sadly). Charlotte did a great interview also, and Rusev is always the best thing in the mid-card. Everything else not so hot.

    The thing I hate about Roman, which is part of the reason I don’t think he connects, is that he’s fine every week. Recently, he gets F5’ed from Lesnar, beaten 2 on 1, takes the apron powerbomb from Owens, that even Cena sold. But the next week he’s back to being 100% fit, no selling any prior injuries. There’s nothing engaging about it. Going back to the Mark Remark video, there’s no reason to care. No real establishment of why he’s a great guy. His selling of promos are terrible too, just stands there waiting for his line. While AJ was cutting his promo yesterday, Cena was reacting and playing to the crowd the whole time. Roman’s reactive work is just so lame and boring as another commenter here would say.

    I was watching the UpUpDownDown FIFA tournament, Rusev and Neville burst with character and personality, Roman really didn’t. Your eyes aren’t drawn to him at all; he just lacks that charisma needed that a Hogan, Macho or Rocky had. I’ll never really understand why Vince persists to push Roman as the top guy, just like I’ll never understand how yanks voted Trump as president, neither make sense to me. It’s not even anything against Roman, he seems nice enough and would fit the Orton-tier guy perfectly. He’s just not the face of WWE the next ten years, and never shown signs of being that guy.

    The final segment that everyone seemed to mark out for, just reminded me of WCW so badly.
    Goldberg/Lesnar/Taker are the main eventers, and presented as such, no one else has a chance no matter how good they are. Can you imagine Austin feuding with The Rock back in the day, but instead of it being the main event, it was in the mid-card because Hogan/Macho and Diesel were in the main event for their big quarterly appearance paydays. The Attitude era would be sunk. Vince needs to take it on the chin and have some less successful Manias so that long-term he can make some stars in the new generation, like he did round Mania 11 to 13. It’ll almost be a godsend when guys like Goldberg and Taker finally hang up their boots. But then again I guess Cena and Trips will still hog the limelight the next ten years anyway, it’ll never end.

    The Smackdown side doesn’t fill me with great hope either at the moment. The one proper main eventer they made this year in AJ Styles is about to be undone by Cena probably winning the next couple or three matches they have. Just the same old shit again we saw with Owens or Rusev or any Cena opponent really.

    Not to mention Becky is beaten down every week, she has to win that belt back pronto otherwise her position as a top-tier woman is pretty much done. Who will cheer the person who always loses, she’s turning into Dolph. I’m thinking worst case scenario here, but I’ve seen the odd clip of Total Divas and every Nikki clip has her going on and on to Cena about wanting her Wrestlemania moment winning the belt. So much for earning it by putting on good matches and cutting great promos I guess. Also, I love Mickie being back but given every Nikki feud is about dating John Cena recently, are they really going to pass up on doing a Mickie/Nikki feud about John Cena? It would be terrible, probably painting Mickie in the worst possible light and Nikki as some kind of saint, but then Nikki brings the worst out of creative. I guess I’m just preparing myself for a bad Mania season in which WWE reset all the progress they made this year.

    Anyway, if Samoa Joe wins the rumble all is forgiven. I have a tenner on him at 20/1, so fingers crossed. He’s my spanner in the works. If he debuts at the rumble and clears house, it could be a very interesting Mania season. If not, it could turn into a part-timer circlejerk.

    Quick Rumble predictions:

    Sasha vs Nia - Nia Jax. I have no doubt Vince is going to try and make Nia happen in 2017. It’s going to fail miserably but he’ll give her a better push than Sasha or Becky ever got because of her cousin. I don’t even mind Nia, she’s just a born babyface in my eyes, completely not right for a monster heel gimmick, so I can’t see them ever framing her properly in a role that fits her.

    Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns: Roman Reigns. Can’t imagine a comedy mid-card act like Owens and Jericho would walk into Mania as champs. Vince tried twice with Roman as a contender, now he’ll have him as the champ at Mania, and I hope his job will be to job to Balor and turn heel next day on Raw.

    AJ Styles vs. John Cena. I say they leave Cena winning till Mania, but not entirely sure here. More a question of when Cena wins rather than if. WWE favour heel champs so would be odd to have both Roman and Cena as champs.

    Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley. Charlotte should have never lost to Bayley at this stage, let alone twice, made her dominance seem so phony when it should feel very real like Asuka’s. Charlotte to win because Bayley isn’t ready yet, although Charlotte needs to get away from the title scene for awhile. I’m predicting a fourway at Mania with Nia and Sasha, with Sasha winning the belt then turning heel for a Summerslam Bayley feud.

    Rich Swann vs. Neville. Neville should win. Everyone should be chasing him for the title.

    Lynch/Bella/Naomi vs. Bliss/James/Natalya. I could see Naomi getting the pin on Alexa here. If they are going to move away from Becky/Alexa then Naomi as a mini-feud contender before Mania would make sense.

    The Rumble. Taker or Joe for me. Everyone else kinda cancels each other out.

  • The Future Is Now posted 323 days ago

    The Future Is Now

    Hey Doc, dont know what happened to the comment section with this facebook nonsense which looks to have killed this website but im sure as hell am missing out on everyones opinions this week on the events in WWE. I even wrote a long eassy on that feedback form for BR on this new style, they probably have just ignored it lol

    How have you been anyways? Isnt it great to see 3 part timers close RAW? Fantastic stuff, full timers must be loving that.

  • Lydia The Gift of Hugs Aaron posted 327 days ago

    Lydia The Gift of Hugs Aaron

    Doc, I just heard that there's a rumor that WWE's doing a Latin American tournament. If they are, who do you think will be in it? Imagine if they got Pentagon Jr. or Fenix. I actually don't want them to as I love seeing them on LU. I'm not entirely who actually will be in this tournament, but if it's a real thing, I'm going to be very interested to see how it turns out.

  • Lydia The Gift of Hugs Aaron posted 328 days ago

    Lydia The Gift of Hugs Aaron

    There's a Women's Tournament in the works! We might actually get to see Candice LeRae in a WWE ring! I find this tournament rather interesting in that the CWC and the UK tournaments led up to titles and whatnot. What would this tournament lead to? A titleshot? Will we see an influx of talent being added to both rosters? Could the women possibly get their own show? Or will it just be a tournament with nothing but bragging rights on the line? Will current WWE talent participate in it? Man, WWE needs to get on this so I can have all of these questions answered. I just hope they at least do it the way they did the CWC tournament. I liked taking our time with these matches and letting them breathe a bit.