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  • Patrick B posted 1 day ago

    Patrick B

    You'll enjoy this:

  • Patrick B posted 1 day ago

    Patrick B

    *Flippy shit, not floppy shit.

  • Patrick B posted 1 day ago

    Patrick B

    I think What Culture were alone in their criticism. On Squared Circle reddit, there was an insane buzz around it and a huge positive reaction. I'm actually surprised Bryan and Vinny enjoyed it, it was the type of thing I thought they'd shit on it. Shows the quality, and honestly I see it as a game-changer for TNA. They were mocked constantly, and had burnt many bridges, but now people are watching again and talking positively about the product. First time in a long time I've seen that.

    I think Shelton back is exciting, I wasn't really watching when he was there the first time so interested to see what he brings to the table. He's good friends with Brock so could have a feud there down the road. I kinda hope Dreamer doesn't come back. Him and the Dudleys make a joke out of any concussion precautions WWE have. They are probably in a much worse state than Bryan.

    Smackdown was a bit weak but then they don't have the ability to immediately make a star the first night. Balor has a pedigree from Japan and NXT that made that simple. Corbin and Apollo have zero buzz around them so getting them in the ring with AJ and Cena was a good start I thought. Could take weeks or months to build them but it could happen. And once you get a Joe or Nakamura up then everything changes. Nakamura standing in the ring with Cena would be a moment as big as anything on Raw this week, and Joe vs AJ in a WWE ring would be insane. Bray vs Joe would be amazing. Plenty of potential down the line. I say build Joe on Smackdown for a collision course at the Rumble with Brock to set up a Mania match.

    How'd Sasha winning get spoiled for you? The second it was announced at the beginning of the show I knew they'd be a title change. It's classic Vince booking, whenever there is a change of timeslot or a 'new era' he has a title change immediately to pop a rating. The first watch I thought it was decent, but after everyone raved about it, I watched it a second time and enjoyed it more. I guess I'm too used to Sasha being the heel, that it was hard to adjust. Some people said it was sloppy and botchy but couldn't see that at all, although Sasha really needs to stop during highspots as she nearly broke her neck again. It felt like a fight rather than a wrestling match and the strikes were hard as a grudge match should be. Charlotte could have easily got a concussion multiple times, and that moonsault was a thing of beauty. I really don't think Charlotte got enough credit, she did everything to put Sasha over. She did the moonsault, then immediately the Natural Selection and then the figure 8, and still let Sasha kick out and get the win. That's hugely charitable, and not a lot of workers would do so much to get their opponent over. Everyone thinks of Bayley vs Sasha as the big rivalry of NXT, it's always been Charlotte vs Sasha for me. Maybe Ive just been watching longer than most.

    As for the Smackdown roster, they really need Paige. Why she isn't the face of smackdown with Becky I have no idea. Rumours are circulating she's unhappy and wants to be released. I really hope that's not the case. She'll probably be the first to be fed to Sasha to legitimise the title run, when she really should be building an amazing rivalry with Becky I'd say. It's frustrating to watch. Like the dark days of Bryan's run before Team Hell No, when he was booked like crap, and as a fan we knew he was infinitely better than his position but creative and Vince just weren't seeing it. Hopefully Bayley and/or Asuka go to SD soon.

    Also heard Charlotte has requested time off and she totally deserves it. She's been champion for longer than Nikki, and look at the toll it had on Nikki's body afterwards, not to mention she's had an incredible streak of long PPV matches and been asked to do absurdly emotionally charged and personal promos way beyond what most wrestlers have been asked to do. She's been a fantastic champion, and really deserves that break.

    I've been watching more Stardom, just blown away by the talent - Mayu Iwatani is phenomenal. She's the current High Speed Championship, basically their cruiserweight title. Her chain wrestling, floppy shit is seriously at PWG levels of great. If PWG ever did women's matches properly then she should be in the first match.

    I'd totally fantasy book a crossover challenge between Stardom and WWE. It would be magic. I'll need to catch up on Lucha Underground to see how the Stardom girls did on there. Finding the first season is tough though.

    As for Balor, what can I say. When he came out of the crowd at the beginning of Raw, he had something not seen in WWE for a while, he looked cool as f*ck. He was everything Roman was supposed to be if Roman wasn't created by an out-of-touch 68 year old and a committee of Yes men. To me, Balor looked more like THE guy on Monday than Roman has his whole singles run. As we've discussed before, the next guy needs to be completely different from the previous guy to work. Balor is completely different to Cena or Brock or Punk or Bryan. I think he's got every possible chance to be a top guy, as long as Captain Fookin New Japan doesn't interfere in his fookin business!

  • Patrick B posted 3 days ago

    Patrick B

    Your boy, Shelton, is back. Drink it in maaannnn

  • Lydia Hug Lyfe Aaron posted 4 days ago

    Lydia Hug Lyfe Aaron

    If that rumor of Cody joining Team TNA is true, then business is about to pick up.

    Of course I've been watching CWC! It was great last week! I'm loving it so much and can't wait to see what they do this week.

    Why is there a women's comment section? I've been meaning to ask that for a while now? I just don't get it.

  • Anna Omega posted 4 days ago

    Anna Omega

    At first, my dear Doc, it saddens me that an embrace has to be on our agenda once again. An attack on a church? Do those pricks not have any respect inside their tiny brains? The whole world is losing it, as it seems. Not only those terrorist cowards, but also people in general. Just saw on the news that some guy in Japan killed 19 handicapped people... attacking those who can't even defend themselves, what a bastard. And then such jerks running amok come up with crap like "I hate people". So what? I can't stand a lot of people, that doesn't mean I'm going on a killing spree...

    What the world really, really needs is more education, a development of the mind. 100 or 150 years ago, there was still the age of discovery, an age of curiosity. Lots of inventions improved our lives. And today, people are happy being stupid, happy being at the "peak" of civilization... and they couldn't be more wrong. Humanity needs to evolve further, and finally realize that knowledge and respect are what's worth fighting for. If all this crap continues, I think I'll just look for a comfy forest cabin in the Canadian woods and say goodbye to "civilization"... it's really hard to bear the world today.

    When it comes to the whole Comment Section championship shenanigans, just do what you want. If I like what you're proposing, I might run with it. If not, whatever. I know my worth. And there's no use pretending I'm less than the best. The Omega is back.

  • Patrick B posted 4 days ago

    Patrick B

    I thought Cornette would have hated the Final Deletion too, but then he ran an event a week after that had the Hardy’s headline and they even did a back and forth promo in the ring with Matt in character before the match. Amazing how mindsets change when people get paid!

    WhatCulture have really gone down hill recently. Being smarky and making fun of silly angles is fine if you’re on the sidelines, but they launched their own promotion and it’s apparently terrible – you can’t laugh at WWE when youre no better or even worse. Their criticism of the Final Deletion appears to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, and they are currently getting major backlash from the fans at the moment. I think they were fine when they just did videos correcting bad WWE storylines, but their fantasy booking stuff is usually garbage, as is there other churn videos, and they generally don’t seem to get non-serious, non-attitude era style wrestling particularly. Pretty much why I think their company will fail as Attitude Era wrestling died out years ago. If anything, the whacky, crazy over the top characters of the Hulkamania era is making a comeback and gaining traction more than anything Attitude era related recently, as the Brother Nero stuff can attest.

    I think the Final Deletion works so well because it’s 100% TNA. They aren’t referencing other acts, no other company would do something like it. TNA need to continue to forge their own identity. Whenever they aren’t trying to be WWE, they are a better company like back ten years ago.

    Paris was indeed a fantastic trip, I could live there honestly. It’s my type of place, and the atmosphere for the France semi-final in the pub was immense.

    Really cool to hear Chuckie T is maybe in TNA. He deserves a break, and with the current creative-freedom a lot of TNA guys seem to be getting then it could work out pretty well for him. And he’s a popular performer that is unique to what WWE do, so could work really well.

    I know you’ve been not watching Raw for a good while now, but I’d thoroughly recommend watching this one, which is quite possibly the best Raw in years. All the little things we have complained about for so long were fixed; the commentators put over the performers and acted like the stories were important, the camera work was vastly improved, Steph was barely onscreen, they presented matches, even the squash matches, with reasons for them happening, and gave the matches time to breathe. Not to mention the booking of Finn was better than any booking I could think of. Never would I have imagined Roman would get three clean losses in a month like he did, Vince must be very pissed, and to be honest it works better for him. Superman booking should never be done again; it is a dead form of getting someone over and completely obsolete in this day and age. I’m glad it failed, and hope WWE learn some lessons.

    Also, the women’s match was superb. Charlotte owned it, as she often does. I’ve not been invested particularly in this storyline as they really botched the roles with Sasha never being the skilled underdog she should have been, and Charlotte never being the dominant heel she was born to play, but it was still a wonderful moment to have Sasha win. I just wish she’d stop paying tribute Eddie, Chavo said he didn’t like it, she has no actual connection to Eddie, and Eddie actually has a daughter who was in FCW but was bullied into an eating disorder by DeMott and had to retire on concussions issues. Can you imagine the backlash if Roman’s idol growing up was Macho and he began wearing Macho ring gear in tribute and doing Macho’s moves? People would have hated it.

    Anyway, Smackdown has a lot to live up to. I’m really hoping for a new women’s belt to be created otherwise the girls are just in limbo wrestling for nothing. Becky deserves a big moment at Summerslam. By gawd, she’s earned that right.

  • Anna Omega posted 4 days ago

    Anna Omega

    I guess I might have changed my mind after RAW. You can keep the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. (I'm not a heavyweight anyway.) But that WWE Universal Championship... I am universally awesome and universally loved, obviously.


  • Dave posted 4 days ago


    Hey Doc, yeah I really enjoyed that Kir Royale; although to be fair I had a number of drinks by that time so I would have enjoyed a crappy bud light haha. I'm not much of a wine guy. I don't really like white wines. Some reds are ok, but I have always enjoyed champagne it's just that I never really bought it. I never heard of Picon but if it can turn a crappy beer into a tasty cocktail I'm on board lol.

    So was that your first Russian imperial stout ? I've had a few of them. I'm not sure why they're called Russian imperial stouts either. I don't know what differentiates them from normal stouts; I feel like we should know this lol. But I had one from Stone and it was really tasty; plus it was like 12% so you feel it fast. I didn't hear anything about green flash but I searched it up and yeah it appears they're partnering up with a Belgium brewery so more beers will be easily available in Europe. That's good news. Hopefully stone or ballast point becomes available near you. Those are some high quality IPAs.

    Yeah I'm not sure how WWE is going to handle this whole PED thing. Turns out he was flagged for an estrogen blocker; just like Jon Jones was. Turns out the UFC won't fine either guy (which indicates how ridiculous it is that these substances are banned). But nonetheless I also wonder if they'll have Orton defeat him. I agree that it should go to a younger guy but at the same time I could see Vince give the rub to Stroman or like you said Big Cass haha. So if that's the case I'd rather see Orton.

    I still haven't watched Ultima Lucha. I plan on watching all 3 later this week. I can't wait. I haven't watched any of the CWC yet. I plan on it watching it after I catch up on LU.

    So what's your opinion on the draft ? I'm not crazy about the brand split because I'm not a fan of multiple championships etc. But I'm kinda bummed so many people went to Smackdown because my schedule doesn't allow me to be home to watch SD live haha. So now I'll have to record everything. Also, looks like Reigns is really in the dog house huh? Who would have thought Balor would actually win. Rollins vs Balor should be amazing.

    And yes Anna is back to her old ways. She's all "talk talk talk." Although she did create a pretty badass video on YouTube about her delusion club or whatever it's called xD. Oh well, once SummerSlam comes they'll all see that the Drunkasts are still the top dogs.

  • Anna Omega posted 5 days ago

    Anna Omega

    Dear Doc, as the best thing going on in the Comment Section today, I should actually be allowed to choose which match I want at Summer Slam. You can give the Women's Title opportunity to whoever you want, I am beyond gender separation by now - I'm better than anyone, no matter if male, female or undecided. The only target fitting for the incarnation of Annamania is the most coveted golden price in the Comment Section today.

    And if you can't see the greatness and massive marketability of the ANNA franchise, I really can't help you. Then I'll be targeting Lydia's (in your eyes unofficial) NXT title. KO is absolutely right, being a prizefighter is the only thing that matters. Why should I waste my superiority in random feuds with people that are not worth my time? I'm not old enough yet to put others over, I'm in my prime and this is my time to shine!

    The real world is strange enough. After France, idiots are now going rogue in Germany. 3 or 4 attacks within a few days. The events in Munich weren't actually terrorist attacks but a "classic" killing spree, some psycho running amok. Young guys everytime, people with nothing in their heads, easy to be manipulated... then again, even potential state leaders leave much to be desired, seems like being a moron is a requirement to be in charge in many countries today...