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  • Patrick B posted 20 days ago

    Patrick B

    Ouch, the last 10 minutes of the rumble completely left me flabbergast. What were they thinking?

    I did predict an Orton win a few weeks ago, so glad that happened. How'd you find it,

  • Patrick B posted 25 days ago

    Patrick B

    I watched it last night but if you havent seen Neville vs Cedric on 205 Live, watch it. The crowd is dead but the match is fantastic. If fans cared about the cruiserweights it would have been a star making match for Cedric.

  • Patrick B posted 25 days ago

    Patrick B

    Yeah, I just blitzed through the Uncharted trilogy – so easy to pick up and play. Takes me a while to get engaged in a game but those ones were instant. Think 2 was the best, but 3 really had its charms. 1 had a decent story but the gameplay is really poor. Started the Bayonetta double now on the Wii U, pretty great so far even though I’m useless at button mashing games.

    Good luck on the fitness and recovery mate. It’s a long road, I’ve never done DDP Yoga but the inspirational videos online are really motivating, especially the veteran guy who could barely walk. I’ve tried P90X before which is very similar I think. That one is tough as it’s every day for an hour doing varied intensive drills, but results are fast. No matter what always press play every day! There’s a yoga section on the P90X dvds, one a week you do. It was hell for me to start as I’m tall and inflexible, but after a month it strangely gets very enjoyable. Touching my toes with ease was pretty satisfying and it really helps recovery from other activities.

    I hope Kairi and Io aren’t gone by the time I get to Japan. But I’d mark just for Mayu and Kris Wolf so no issues there; I’d hope Toni Storm is there at that time too. I’d throw her my room key (a man can dream).

    I think unfortunately not that many of the general WWE watched CWC, so not to sell the characters straight out the bat was a major mistakes. When I’ve watched it, I’ve generally enjoyed 205 Live, but a lot works against it. On after SD to a bored crowd is a terrible decision, already far too much wrestling product put out by WWE every week now, and they aren’t really presented as anything different to what we already have. This really needed a Full Sail crowd, or at the least to be filmed before SD.

    I do however love the Cedric/Fox/Dar feud. It’s so absurdly over the top like any love story in wrestling should be. Foxy getting screen time always works for me. Now Cedric needs to start dating Summer and this feud would be complete. Neville is also, alongside Charlotte, the best heel on the Raw side. I honestly enjoyed his exhibition match more than any other during the UK tournament. He looks like a star in a way sadly known of the UK tournament guys did.

    Speaking of Omega/Okada, I listened to the Austin podcast with Meltzer, they really went into the Okada/Omega match it was an interesting listen. I love hearing Austin’s views on wrestling. Austin gave a lot of credit to Okada which was nice to hear as the focus on Omega has been a bit over the top. Meltzer certainly does favour Japanese wrestling but then his ratings are just his own opinion. People take them way too seriously.

    I missed Raw the past few weeks. Just so much wrestling to watch these days, and Raw is by far the least enjoyable for me so I skip it. Although I did speed through this week’s Raw in less than an hour, most of which was taken up watching the Sami/Rollins match in full. It really was a fantastic match (of course not in the main event or given any build so will mostly be forgotten by many in a few weeks sadly). Charlotte did a great interview also, and Rusev is always the best thing in the mid-card. Everything else not so hot.

    The thing I hate about Roman, which is part of the reason I don’t think he connects, is that he’s fine every week. Recently, he gets F5’ed from Lesnar, beaten 2 on 1, takes the apron powerbomb from Owens, that even Cena sold. But the next week he’s back to being 100% fit, no selling any prior injuries. There’s nothing engaging about it. Going back to the Mark Remark video, there’s no reason to care. No real establishment of why he’s a great guy. His selling of promos are terrible too, just stands there waiting for his line. While AJ was cutting his promo yesterday, Cena was reacting and playing to the crowd the whole time. Roman’s reactive work is just so lame and boring as another commenter here would say.

    I was watching the UpUpDownDown FIFA tournament, Rusev and Neville burst with character and personality, Roman really didn’t. Your eyes aren’t drawn to him at all; he just lacks that charisma needed that a Hogan, Macho or Rocky had. I’ll never really understand why Vince persists to push Roman as the top guy, just like I’ll never understand how yanks voted Trump as president, neither make sense to me. It’s not even anything against Roman, he seems nice enough and would fit the Orton-tier guy perfectly. He’s just not the face of WWE the next ten years, and never shown signs of being that guy.

    The final segment that everyone seemed to mark out for, just reminded me of WCW so badly.
    Goldberg/Lesnar/Taker are the main eventers, and presented as such, no one else has a chance no matter how good they are. Can you imagine Austin feuding with The Rock back in the day, but instead of it being the main event, it was in the mid-card because Hogan/Macho and Diesel were in the main event for their big quarterly appearance paydays. The Attitude era would be sunk. Vince needs to take it on the chin and have some less successful Manias so that long-term he can make some stars in the new generation, like he did round Mania 11 to 13. It’ll almost be a godsend when guys like Goldberg and Taker finally hang up their boots. But then again I guess Cena and Trips will still hog the limelight the next ten years anyway, it’ll never end.

    The Smackdown side doesn’t fill me with great hope either at the moment. The one proper main eventer they made this year in AJ Styles is about to be undone by Cena probably winning the next couple or three matches they have. Just the same old shit again we saw with Owens or Rusev or any Cena opponent really.

    Not to mention Becky is beaten down every week, she has to win that belt back pronto otherwise her position as a top-tier woman is pretty much done. Who will cheer the person who always loses, she’s turning into Dolph. I’m thinking worst case scenario here, but I’ve seen the odd clip of Total Divas and every Nikki clip has her going on and on to Cena about wanting her Wrestlemania moment winning the belt. So much for earning it by putting on good matches and cutting great promos I guess. Also, I love Mickie being back but given every Nikki feud is about dating John Cena recently, are they really going to pass up on doing a Mickie/Nikki feud about John Cena? It would be terrible, probably painting Mickie in the worst possible light and Nikki as some kind of saint, but then Nikki brings the worst out of creative. I guess I’m just preparing myself for a bad Mania season in which WWE reset all the progress they made this year.

    Anyway, if Samoa Joe wins the rumble all is forgiven. I have a tenner on him at 20/1, so fingers crossed. He’s my spanner in the works. If he debuts at the rumble and clears house, it could be a very interesting Mania season. If not, it could turn into a part-timer circlejerk.

    Quick Rumble predictions:

    Sasha vs Nia - Nia Jax. I have no doubt Vince is going to try and make Nia happen in 2017. It’s going to fail miserably but he’ll give her a better push than Sasha or Becky ever got because of her cousin. I don’t even mind Nia, she’s just a born babyface in my eyes, completely not right for a monster heel gimmick, so I can’t see them ever framing her properly in a role that fits her.

    Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns: Roman Reigns. Can’t imagine a comedy mid-card act like Owens and Jericho would walk into Mania as champs. Vince tried twice with Roman as a contender, now he’ll have him as the champ at Mania, and I hope his job will be to job to Balor and turn heel next day on Raw.

    AJ Styles vs. John Cena. I say they leave Cena winning till Mania, but not entirely sure here. More a question of when Cena wins rather than if. WWE favour heel champs so would be odd to have both Roman and Cena as champs.

    Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley. Charlotte should have never lost to Bayley at this stage, let alone twice, made her dominance seem so phony when it should feel very real like Asuka’s. Charlotte to win because Bayley isn’t ready yet, although Charlotte needs to get away from the title scene for awhile. I’m predicting a fourway at Mania with Nia and Sasha, with Sasha winning the belt then turning heel for a Summerslam Bayley feud.

    Rich Swann vs. Neville. Neville should win. Everyone should be chasing him for the title.

    Lynch/Bella/Naomi vs. Bliss/James/Natalya. I could see Naomi getting the pin on Alexa here. If they are going to move away from Becky/Alexa then Naomi as a mini-feud contender before Mania would make sense.

    The Rumble. Taker or Joe for me. Everyone else kinda cancels each other out.

  • The Future Is Now posted 26 days ago

    The Future Is Now

    Hey Doc, dont know what happened to the comment section with this facebook nonsense which looks to have killed this website but im sure as hell am missing out on everyones opinions this week on the events in WWE. I even wrote a long eassy on that feedback form for BR on this new style, they probably have just ignored it lol

    How have you been anyways? Isnt it great to see 3 part timers close RAW? Fantastic stuff, full timers must be loving that.

  • Lydia The Gift of Hugs Aaron posted 31 days ago

    Lydia The Gift of Hugs Aaron

    Doc, I just heard that there's a rumor that WWE's doing a Latin American tournament. If they are, who do you think will be in it? Imagine if they got Pentagon Jr. or Fenix. I actually don't want them to as I love seeing them on LU. I'm not entirely who actually will be in this tournament, but if it's a real thing, I'm going to be very interested to see how it turns out.

  • Lydia The Gift of Hugs Aaron posted 32 days ago

    Lydia The Gift of Hugs Aaron

    There's a Women's Tournament in the works! We might actually get to see Candice LeRae in a WWE ring! I find this tournament rather interesting in that the CWC and the UK tournaments led up to titles and whatnot. What would this tournament lead to? A titleshot? Will we see an influx of talent being added to both rosters? Could the women possibly get their own show? Or will it just be a tournament with nothing but bragging rights on the line? Will current WWE talent participate in it? Man, WWE needs to get on this so I can have all of these questions answered. I just hope they at least do it the way they did the CWC tournament. I liked taking our time with these matches and letting them breathe a bit.

  • Scorched Earth posted 37 days ago

    Scorched Earth

    Hello DC,What are your thoughts on this week's editions of RAW,SmackDown Live and NXT?.

  • Dave posted 38 days ago


    Totally just realized I posted my comment on your back up account lol. Guess you are also experiencing glitches. Anyways I just copied and pasted it to this account.

    "Hey Doc, whats up man? It's been awhile. I've been experiencing some classic B/R glitches. Apparently something occurred where you had to reset you accounts password, so I would select Forgot Password in an effort to get them to send me a reset email but I never received any email lol. So as of now I'm using this account now. God this website is very very frustrating.

    Anyways thanks for the holiday wishes man I really appreciate them. I hope you also had a great Christmas and an awesome New Years. I'm not gonna lie I had a really sh**y one lol. I believe I told you how when I was in high school I completely tore my MCL & partially tore my ACL in my left knee. Well I've been hitting them gym more and more as of late just to get back into tip top shape because I felt like I was slacking a bit etc. So on the Thursday before Christmas I was at the gym deadlifting and squatting and I ended up completely tearing my PCL. Thank God my spotter was there to get the weight bar off me or it could have been so much worse. So yeah I spent Christmas in a giant ass knee brace and could barely move, and got reconstructive knee surgery the day after Christmas. So as you could imagine my New Years was pretty uneventful haha. The biggest part that sucks is that the recovery time is gonna be basically 6 months in order to get back to 100%, if that's possible. Lol at this point I have more ligaments in my knee that I have tore than ones i haven't XD. Oh well, guess you need to be able to laugh at yourself in life.

    So that's part of the reason why I haven't been as active, also because as I pointed these B/R glitches suck haha. Anyways I'll try to be on more but with work and rehab in the evenings it's got me pretty busy. I'll definitely be around for the Rumble tho. So how's things been on your end ? Get any alcohol related Christmas gifts ? I got a 1.75 liter bottle of Bombay Sapphire lol So that was my highlight. Also a a bottle of Crown Royale and a tiny bottle of Patron so I can't be too mad xD"

  • Mohammad Ali posted 39 days ago

    Mohammad Ali

    Hey so do u have any idea what's up with this Bleacherreport - Facebook stuff?? Does this mean we won't be allowed to comment anymore or only with a FB account. I don't have one so will I be unable to comment once it comes in effect

  • Patrick B posted 41 days ago

    Patrick B

    Happy New Year buddy. Hope you had a good one – a lot of chocolate and Guinness for me over the holiday period, now back to the gym – January is a depressing month where you deal with your excesses. But finally purchased a PS4, and been playing the Uncharted trilogy for the first time. Not impressed by the slightly dated first game, but Uncharted 2 and 3 have blown my tiny mind. Phenomenal games. I think UC2 may have breached my top 20 of all time. Can’t wait for the Nintendo Switch either, it looks great.
    Any New Year’s resolutions? Going to Japan is mine. A step away from booking my flight. I absolutely will be going to a Stardom show while there I hope.

    2016 was indeed a crazy year. Everything stepped up in indies, in Japan, NXT, TNA, Smackdown, and from what I’ve seen LU. It’s unfortunate the one thing that regressed is Raw. Raw and Mania were the worst things of the year in my opinion and unfortunately they are the things new viewers will watch first if curious about wrestling. Really hurts the industry’s ability to build a new audience.

    I had the posting problem previously; I remember it just wouldn’t let me post this one paragraph for some reason. My theory is they have some weird anti-spam stuff that stops certain words or phrases being posted. It’s why I ctr+c any long comment before submitting. It’s hugely irritating. This website seems to cut corners constantly. It really needs an overhaul.

    Great list of matches, I’d completely forgotten about Joe and Sami’s epic match on NXT, glad you reminded me.

    About an hour after writing mine, I remembered the Pentagon vs Black Triad match. Annoying that it had slipped my mind, not even sure how it did, it was the single best episode of a wrestling show this year in any promotion in my opinion. It probably would have made my top five. Kairi bumping like a boss, Mayu looking like she’s having the time of her life, and Io making the WWE division look like training camp. Fantastic stuff. I wish it was easier to watch LU, but finding season two stuff is difficult. I’d happily pay for it on iTunes. I can’t understand why they don’t put it on there.

    The Year end awards were skewed slightly by people doing picks before the Enzo/Rusev feud started I think. If it was done right at the end of the year, I think less people would have voted for E&C (Becky/Bayley/E&C all got 4 votes each for top babyface). That feud really hurt their appeal. Its amazing how being on Raw can actively hurt your best characters. The guy who does the Mark Remark videos released a serious video talking about the state of Raw ans Smackdown story-telling. Really worth a look, it hits all the notes we have been complaining about for years. It goes into why the Rusev/Enzo feud was terrible on a story-telling level.

    I wish Chris Hero came in as Chris Hero, it’s a great wrestling name. Kassius Ohno is not, and was only used as they wanted the KO initials, something they don’t need anymore as Owens took that marketing gimmick. I think Kenny Omega would be mad if he agreed to go through NXT first tbh. I think part of what got AJ over so fast was that every match felt so fresh to see. No one had gotten used to seeing him for a year on NXT. I’d drop Omega into Smackdown to start, but then I think he should stay in NJPW for a good while yet.

    Have you watched Okada/Omega at WK yet? Meltzer gave it 6 stars and said it was quite possibly the greatest match of all time. Meltzer has only given 6 stars to some late 80s Flair/Steamboat matches and a Manami Toyota vs Kyoka Inoue match. I watched it, I’d definitely say it’s a 5 star match, but not so sure about greatest ever. Few times it felt very lucky not to have seriously injured themselves.

    You’re right, it is crazy how much talent TNA has had at its finger tips and not used effectively or at all. They had Okada in their company and did nothing with him. Kay Lee Ray is making progress the past year; she’s currently in Stardom working a tag team with Nixon Newell (who I was pretty impressed with from what I’ve seen). I watched KLR and Toni Storm get 20 minutes at a recent Progress show, Progress gave the match away for free on their facebook for Christmas. At 25, she still has time. Stardom seems to really help a lot of Europeans improve quite rapidly. I watched Viper matches from the beginning of 2016, and she’s back in Stardom now and has improved drastically. It helps that girls like Kairi can carry anyone to a strong 20 minute match but Stardom seems to really give the girls strong training. An issue women’s wrestling has is there are fewer veterans to work with green talent like on the men’s side. Stardom is the closest to it really. Toni Storm’s improvement in the past year has been quite incredible. Seeing her work reminds me an awful lot of Paige in NXT. She’s the perfect person to have the European Stardom belt. If I was ITV, if they are going ahead with the World of Sport reboot, then Toni should be signed as the face of the women’s division.

    Did you hear about the World of Sport special? It aired on New Year’s Eve afternoon on ITV (the second biggest channel in the UK, after BBC1). It was actually a fun show, most of the focus was on Grado going for the belt, and JR did commentary. It got 1.5m viewers, compare that to 100,000 Raw gets on Sky in the UK, it’s pretty impressive, even though for that timeslot its probably disappointing. Waiting to hear if ITV turn it into a full series or not. Would be great for British Wrestling if it did.

    I have seen it reported Evie and Nixon Newell will report to NXT in April. Their visas take longer to sort out apparently. Meltzer reported the signing of Evie, so unless something changes I’m still assuming she’s signed. WWE only ever put an article about new signees on the website once they are at the performance centre. I like the direction of the new recruits, but Evie is clearly the diamond in that group. Stardom recently uploaded the Mayu vs Evie match from early 2016, it was fantastic.

    Sucks to hear you can’t register with Stardom. Wonder what the issue was. I used a gmail account and an Amex card. They sent me a ‘confirm your registration’ link via email, and it was all done. Hopefully it gets resolved, that is annoying.