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  • Australian posted 13 hours ago


    Oh and in case you didn't know. I adored that Bayley v Banks match at NXT Takeover. Incredible moment. Thanks to guys like yourself and Patrick B, I have a growing appreciation for women's wrestling like never before. Probably thanks to The Boss also. And my lovable Emma!

  • Australian posted 13 hours ago


    Hey mate. A whiskey drinker? What's your preferred label? European WWE fans have it tough. I quite enjoy the fact that most of the WWE PPVs occur on Monday morning 10am time slot here in Australia. They are the perfect excuse to take a day off.

    Great weekend of wrestling. Highlight for me was Seth Rollins performance. Honestly... When Rollins mimmicked Cena's power and strength with that AA... I got out of my chair pumped for Rollins. I really thought that this was the moment he'd win without assistance. I guess I'll have to be patient.

  • Patrick B posted 2 days ago

    Patrick B

    Hey man, here's my review. Summerslam was a pretty great show, some parts certainly dragged but plenty of highlights. NXT was the better overall show, I can't remember one bad match - all were impressive.

    Sheamus/Orton for the 50th time and the IC match I pretty much watched on autopilot but was into everything else. Rusev should have won, but guess they're going to do the mixed tag thing in the future, I'll just keep my fingers crossed he moves up after all this. Amell was surprising good, him and Stewart are two of the best celebs they have had in a long time (and both actually seem like fans of the show) its a shame Stardust/Barrett split immediately on Raw though, that was fun while it lasted. I think Wade is filming a movie now so no choice I guess.

    Cesaro vs. Owens was just a great pure hard-hitting wrestling match, so nice in a sea of odds finishes and gimmicky matches. Glad Owens won, he needed a win bad. But hope Cesaro gets some momentum going forward somehow. WWE need more clean finishes, if it's a great match both guys get over.

    The divas was disappointing to me as it didn't really lay any foundations going forward (Bellas dismissing the victory the next night on raw didn't help either). I did watch it a second time today, after feeling I was judging it too harshly. It was better the second time. I think it was worked at a Bella pace, instead of the NXT much faster pace, which hurt it, especially as it was in the death spot after the Rollins match so needed high energy to wake the crowd up. The focus on the Bellas beating up Paige, something we've seen a million times the past year, was a bad call. This really needed Team BAD finishing against PCB. In particular, Charlotte and Sasha wrestling more, those were the performers the crowd wanted. But happy Becky won it in the end. I'll reserve judgement on the whole angle until around Survivor Series but a lot they could do that creative simply aren't at the moment.

    Reigns/Ambrose/Wyatts had a lot of great spots, I think this feud lost a bit of heat once focus went away from Bray taunting Reigns' family, but it's been replaced with high workrate and fun tags. The debut of that big guy on Raw was impressive. If he can wrestle, I'd love a Wyatt vs Brock feud further down the line. If WWE want Reigns as the top guy, I still think he might need a heel run at some point to win over the haters, but his work has always been good - he may have been pushed too soon for some, but he has all the potential to be a main eventer one day.

    New Day winning again was great, they are easily one of the best tag teams in years. And a shout out to the Matadore immediately jumping in and saving the finish after his team mate fell off the top rope. Amazing quick thinking. Dudley's/New Day should be epic, and a great rest stop until Enzo/Cass come up - tag division is looking very healthy these days.

    I'd agree Undertaker vs. Brock was a proper old school slugfest, really enjoyed the whole thing, and great to see Taker on form again. The finish was weird but pretty smart way to protect Brock and give Taker the win. And Brock just delivers overtime.

    Match of the Night was easily John Cena vs. Seth Rollins. Can't say enough of how good Seth was. He looked like the best wrestler in the world, so fluid and smooth. Shame there was no clean win; hopefully he'll get it in the future, of all the people Cena should put over its him. Wrestling a legend like Sting shows WWE have confidence in him to give him that match so hopeful for his future.

    Bayley vs Sasha were number one for the weekend though.

  • Dave posted 3 days ago


    Hey Doc what's up. Just wondering what are your thoughts on Summerslam and NXT? I really enjoyed Takeover. Liger and Breeze was a really fun match. Breeze needs a push ASAP. I hope be beats Balor for the belt. He's been my favorite guy in NXT for some time now. Sasha and Bayley was great too. What an awesome match and story.

    As for Summerslam. I thought it was great. The Tag Team Title match, Cena vs Rollins and Lesnar vs Undertaker were all great. Initially I hated the main events finish, but now that some time has passed I'm ok with it. Lesnar still looks like a beast, and Taker finally can get some closure now in regards to his WM streak. If you think about it both guys kind of win in this scenario. Lesnar technically lost, but he's an a** kicker he doesn't care about wins and losses... Although the only thing I do not like is that Taker had to cheat and use a low blow etc. That's not the Taker we all know. Oh and the middle finger was awesome too! lol It was Lesnar's way of reminding that tough old man that he's still the 1 in 22-1, and he always will be..

  • Australian posted 4 days ago


    Hey Doctor. Recovered from a big weekend of late night wrestling? What did you make of Summerslam?

  • Patrick B posted 5 days ago

    Patrick B

    Sasha response will be huge, I really hope Bayley is watching ringside with her belt. She'll get a massive pop. I'll really have to see if I can stay up for it all. I'm so pumped after last night I'm sure I will.

    Kana coming in to work with Bayley, or a few special events matches with the horsewomen would be worth every penny of the network

  • Patrick B posted 5 days ago

    Patrick B

    Missed it but Kana was in the crowd last night watching. That would be an awesome signing if she comes to NXT, mouth-watering.

    Still speechless from last night man, one of the best wrestling shows in a long time.

  • Patrick B posted 6 days ago

    Patrick B

    Heard about Biff Busick and Rich Swann but as you say, I'll believe it when I see it. Amazingly not patriotic when it comes to wrestlers, every other sport I pretty much do (And yep consider wrestling a sport kinda of, more athletic than snooker, golf or darts anyway!). But a big Becky Lynch fan, and really like Balor, and Sheamo is great if stale as a character he still always delivers on PPV. Not expecting a cash-in, not really built for one as of yet, but I guess you never know. Have feeling Sheamo might be unsuccessful when he does.

  • Dave posted 6 days ago


    Hey Dr. That Liger vs Morrison match was really awesome. Liger can definitely handle himself. He had some good spots, but to me that match just showed how amazing John Morrison is. I love Morrison! It's almost criminal how underutilized he was in the WWE. So happy he's in LU now.

    Yeah I'll definitely check out more from Takuya Sugi online. Even if it is just a compilation of high flying spots etc. I love that kind of stuff.

    As for Lesnar & Taker you bring up a good point. Taker did do some MMA training he even incorporated that submission hold into his move set (can't think of its name off the top of my head, but it was pretty much a glorified triangle choke lol). Lesnar usually takes his opponents to the mat anyways so I can see some mat wrestling take place. I just hope Lesnar's move set and aggression level isn't limited in anyway just because they fear for Takers health etc. But knowing Taker he'll make sure Brock goes 100%. I can't wait ! Haven't been this excited for match in a long time.

  • Australian posted 6 days ago


    Hey Doc. Just thought I'd share my thoughts and predictions.

    NXT Takeover Brooklyn.
    Know Apollo Crews. Debut with a bang.
    Think Baron Corbin. Hope Samoa Joe. Pressure cooker match. 
    Think Jushin Liger. Hope Tyler Breeze. Beauty Shot outta nowhere!
    Think and hope Blake and Murphy. Go the Aussie!
    Think Bayley. Hope Sasha Banks. The Boss.
    Think Balor. Hope Kevin Owens. These two will hit the mat HARD. And leave the Brooklyn crowd in raptures.

    Summerslam 2015.
    Think and hope The New Day. Two time. Two time.
    Think and hope Ryback. Is it possible he could shellshock Big Show and Miz together?
    Think PCB. Hope BAD. Let's truly begin this revolution.
    Rusev UDREA!!! Rusev MACHKA!!! Hell bent on destruction.
    Think Neville and Amell. Hope Stardust and The Cosmic King. Whatever happens this must just be the beginning for the Lords of Darkness.
    Think and hope Sheamus. I say they'll open the show with a bang.
    Think Cesaro. Hope Kevin Owens. He deserves it. Unbelievable potential. This match will be special.
    Can't decide between Reigns/Ambrose v Wyatt/Harper. This will be war! Super excited for this one. Hope Reigns stays face.
    Hope Seth Rollins. Think DQ. Absolutely no idea what is going to happen! Could be mayhem. Perhaps Sheamus is HHH's new guy. Rollins face turn. Rollins v HHH at WM32. HHH puts over his boy.
    Think and hope Brock Lesnar. I am sure this match will be redemption for their lackluster WM30 match. Should be an absolute rib tickler!

    Enjoy it man.