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  • Ashley Jensen posted 15 hours ago

    Ashley Jensen

    I was very surprised Denver won. Did not expect a defensive struggle. Carolina did not play well at all.

  • Hunter Dallas posted 16 hours ago

    Hunter Dallas

    Doc just so we're clear, I was joking about Eva Marie ever becoming NXT women's champion.....I would be liable for super kicking the crap outta my tv if she wins at NXT TakeOver Dallas but it would be exciting witnessing the heat she would most certainly received. A slap to the face of wrestling fans, I can already feel everyone's suffering now-->>anger mixed with frustration, confusion and sadness. On a 2nd thought, it might not be too bad storyline wise (don't repeat that to anyone else).

  • Australian posted 21 hours ago


    I know exactly what you mean Cube. It's still hard for me to grasp the fact that I will never watch Daniel Bryan wrestle again. I just never saw it coming. As blatantly obvious as it may have been. I wrongly assumed he'd be back. Doing what he loves. Charging all of those wonderful emotions once more. Such a shame. But in the end. His health comes first. Absolutely loved his retirement speech and the tribute RAW. Thought it was all very classy. The fact that Daniel Bryan's story has been cut short will only add to the legend.

    RVD brand cigarettes and a Daniel Bryan marathon sounds absolutely perfect to me Doctor Cube. A darn good prescription from a medical professional like yourself. I may just steal your idea. Have been trying to find his Road to Destiny match with Ambrose I have heard so much about.

    Ha! A Rib-Eye is a cut of steak Doc. I'd love to share one with my main man Rusev.

  • Scorched Earth posted 1 day ago

    Scorched Earth

    Thanks for your input DC,This week's edition of RAW was good,The Good Parts:The Ambrose/Lesnar/Reigns Contract Signing ends in Chaos,AJ Styles and Chris Jericho beating up the Miz,Naomi showing her Vicious Side,which is nice to see,IMO she's much better as a Vicious Heel,The Dudley Boyz turning heel and putting the Usos through tables and last but not least Daniel Bryan Retirement Speech was greatI shed a few tears,i am sad to see him retire,will continue to support him in his Future Endeavors.

  • Red Devil Woman posted 1 day ago

    Red Devil Woman

    LVG needs to go. The Flying Dutchman is talentless.

  • Patrick B posted 1 day ago

    Patrick B

    That's cool that the old BR was far more historical and indie based. I'm sure there would be room for that again. I found this old SHIMMER review a while back, very weird to see obscure indie stuff like this getting nice write-ups.

    I've seen quite a few matches from that joshi period of the early 1990s but its been years. I really need to go back and watch it all again. Akira Hokuto was amazing. Broke her neck during a match and still finished the match, even though the finish was her taking a tombstone piledriver from the second rope! Incredible she recovered and continued to wrestle so long afterwards.

    That Bayley Sasha video was great. Bayley is just very likeable. I like how she says she'll write a B on Sasha's head and whispers 'for Bayley'. I haven't watched many of these, but they seem good value.

  • Patrick B posted 1 day ago

    Patrick B

    I think people associate the character of Doink with the worst aspects of the New Generation period, when they had a lot of dumb gimmicks. But Matt Osborne could certainly go, weirdly he wrestled under his own name at Mania 1 (fun fact). Don't really remember Jeff Jarrett from that time, he was ok. My favourite Jeff Jarrett story is that his contract expired and he still hadn't dropped the IC belt so he held Vince to ransom and got him to pay him like $100,000 to work an extra date. Vince never forgot and that's why he fired him live on air on the final Nitro. But Jeff apparently used the money to create TNA, so swings and roundabouts.

    Raw took me an hour and a bit to watch. I wouldn't mind feuds which are just matches if the PPV match was the best of the bunch. During the Attitude Era, you'd have 5-8 minute matches on Raw (which usually ended in interference), and then a 15-20 minute match on PPV. Nowadays Charlotte/Becky and Kalisto/Del Rio both had better matches on Raw and Smackdown than they had at the Royal Rumble so the blow-off match is underwhelming when it shouldn't be. I thoroughly enjoyed their tv matches which were excellent, but they shouldn't be the starter matches. Reading some house show reports, apparently the Charlotte vs Becky matches currently on the house show circuit are way better than their tv matches so again feuds and the matches are almost random in quality when they should be progressively getting better with each match.

    I really liked the divas segments. The tag match for Fastlane was perfectly set-up, making team bad look strong without making Sasha or Becky look weak. And Charlotte just gets better every time I see her. She's strutting around the ring, talking smack, makes her opens look good when winning. After months of all the divas not really being able to handle the 'We Want Sasha' chants, she defused it immediately during the match like it was nothing. The thought hit me while watching her 'Man, they gave the longest running diva reign storyline to the wrong heel.' Charlotte should drop the belt at Mania but I would have loved her to be this champion for a bit longer.

    Ambrose could have a decent feud with Brock (which I guess this pretty much is as Roman is invisible currently). It'll probably be a good match, but the build has me skipping. I actually skipped the Dudleys heel turn and had to go back to watch it. Glad they are not a nostalgia act any more. A heel turn is what they really need, might work well for them. Bubba is a damn good heel promo.

    As for Bryan, I think it was one of the best segments on Raw in years. A lot of mixed feelings about it; sad to see he’ll never wrestle again, but then he’s done more with his career than most people will ever achieve. The sheer volume of awesome moments to revisit is ten times most guys. He reached the pinnacle of a wrestling career at Wrestlemania 30, and got the retirement he deserved, which only a very small handful of guys get to have, i.e. Edge and Ric. There’s relief also as I think I’d be a bit on edge watching him perform if he had come back, multiple concussions are no joke, and I wouldn’t want Bryan having the same issues Bret has had later in life. He can now ride off into the sunset and have babies and start a new life. A happy ending, which sadly in wrestling can be a rare thing.

    The Uproxx guy as ever did a lovely send-off piece for Bryan. Worth a read.

    I think his influence has been huge. If Punk and Bryan didn’t get over the way they did, I can’t imagine half the guys in NXT that came from the indies would be signed. It really changed mindsets, I mean, you look at OVW before NXT and the types of guys like Cena, Shelton, Brock, Batista, Orton that they were pushing, and then look at NXT. Completely different wrestling landscape and skillsets and looks. Guys like Owens and Sami probably wouldn’t have gotten their shots. Even the women as well, I can’t imagine Becky, Bayley or Sasha would have gotten signed before the indie talent started showing they could draw and engage main roster audiences. Just a phenomenal performer all round, his indie work is some of the best technical wrestling ever, and his WWE career was tremendous amount of fun.

    Here's one of my favourite indie promos, Bryan cracking up the whole time. Good to see him in happier times.

    I think however there is a big elephant in the room. Ten, even five, years ago Bryan would have been cleared and wrestling. This new test he did changed his mindset and made him decide to retire, but you have to wonder how many other guys on the roster would pass a test like that. Bubba Ray and Tommy Dreamer absolutely would not have but they both wrestled this year, and I'm sure there are plenty more who have had concussions through the years. There could be a big sea change with more guys retiring early because of this.

    But maybe that's a discussion for another day. Bryan couldn't have had a better send-off, the crowd were great and his speech was magic.

  • Ashley Jensen posted 1 day ago

    Ashley Jensen

    Happy "Ash" Wednesday!

  • Scorched Earth posted 2 days ago

    Scorched Earth

    What's up DC,what are your thoughts on last night's RAW and Daniel Bryan Retirement Speech?.

  • Australian posted 2 days ago


    By the way... How cool did your man Prince Pretty look during the Bryan farewell?