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  • Australian posted 3 hours ago


    Besides," said Suriyawong. "This was not a rescue operation." 
    "What was it, target practice? 
    "Chinese skeet?" 
    "An offer of transportation to an invited guest of the Hegemon," said Suriyawong. 
    "And the loan of a knife."
    Achilles held up the bloody thing, dangling it from the point. "Yours?" he asked. 
    "Unless you want to clean it," said Suriyawong. 
    Achillese handed it to him. Suriyawong took out his cleaning kit and wiped down the blade, then began to polish it. 
    "You wanted me to die," said Achilles quietly.
    "I expected you to solve your own problems," said Suriyawong.

    Enzo & Cass 
    The Miz 

  • Dave posted 6 hours ago


    oh I forgot my predictions.

    Ryback over Kalisto
    Miz over Cesaro
    Charlotte over Nattie
    Zayn over KO (or it ends in a no contest or something along those lines)
    Ambrose over Y2J
    Vaudevillians over Enzo & Cass
    Corbin over Ziggler
    Reigns over AJ Styles (unfortunately) haha.

    Read Austrailians post about it being your Burthday recently, Happy Birthday buddy! Hope you had a good one. If I could I would send you a 6 pack of Stone IPA haha.

    Also, nice profile pictures Doc, they have been awesome as of late.

  • Dave posted 7 hours ago


    What's up Doc? Yeah definitely some weird things going on here. Having trouble leaving comments and I couldn't post any comments yesterday. This definitely has Sassy's name written all over it haha.

    Man, the part where you said you would like to see Puma come to WWE be successful & right before WWE cashes in on him he leaves and goes back to LU literally made me laugh out loud haha. That would be awesome. And man I watch that Puma v Neville match. Wow, just wow. What a match. Watching stuff like that really makes it hilarious to see a guy like Reigns being pushed as the next mega star in WWE; all while WWE would never allow a guy like Puma or Neville to be a "top guy". Reigns isn't even in the same universe as those guys in terms of wrestling ability and it's pretty sad. Usually I don't get mad at stuff like this but if Reigns goes over AJ Styles (one of the best in ring wrestlers) clean I'm gonna be pretty mad haha.

    As for Jack Evans, yeah I love that guy; he's the man haha. He's just a slimy & arrogant heel. I'm absolutely loving him, plus he's a hell of a wrestler. Him & Puma are definitely two of my favorites at the moment.

    I agree with about RAW, I thought it was ok but I'm also getting tired of the never ending authority angle lol. As for Payback, the card looks good. I'm looking forward to seeing the #1 contenders tag match, Zayn & KO, and Y2J & Ambrose. All should be pretty good. I know Ambrose needs to start winning, but I've been loving heel Jericho lol so I kinda want him to win. As for Reigns & Styles, well who knows how it will go down but I doubt they allow Styles to take the title off Reigns right after WM (although that would be awesome haha). Like I said, I don't really care if Reigns retains but it better not be clean. And if he does win clean, The Bullet or Balor Club better officially form & absolutely pummel Reigns haha.

  • The Lass Kicker posted 23 hours ago

    The Lass Kicker

    The TNA guy comes up with the best names. He's a cool heel like CM Punk or Y2J. Glad to see that you too appreciate his comments, truth and humor.

  • Ambrose Asylum posted 1 day ago

    Ambrose Asylum

    Predictions for Payback:

    Ryback defeats Kalisto with a shell shock to become new US champion. It is time to end Kalisto's horrible reign and let him get back with Sin Cara as a tag team. If Ryback fails as a champion, then Cena can bury him when he get back.

    Miz defeats Cesaro by DQ to retain IC title thanks to Maryse getting involved. This feud will end at Extreme Rules.

    Zayn defeats Owens clean with hellva kick. This feud won't be over for awhile and eventually either IC or US title needs to be involved.

    Vaudervillians defeats Enzo & Cass by grabbing the tights. It is too soon for Enzo & Cass to face New Day. Give Vaudervillians a rub and see how they do against New Day for tag team titles.

    Ambrose defeats Jericho by dirty deeds. Ambrose needs this win big time after a big let down against Lesnar at WM 32. Plus win or lose, Jericho is still the best in the world at what he does. This feud doesn't end after Payback.

    Natayla defeats Charlotte by DQ when Ric knocks out the ref. Natayla instantly get another rematch at Extreme Rules. If it turned into a ladder match then that would be awesome.

    Who controls Raw? Spoiler alert: Teddy Long makes his return and make a tag team main event playa! For real tho we might get a brand split.

    Corbin destroys Ziggler with end of days. It will be a clear squash with no questions asked. Maybe Corbin's next opponent can be Titus O'Neil.

    Reigns retains WWE title against Styles via DQ. Anderson and Gallows battle Usos on the outside but Balor makes his debut and cost Styles the match. Anderson and Gallows have a stun look on their fave as the show ends with Balor on the stage smiling which results in a heel turn.

    What about you?

  • Australian posted 1 day ago


    Just read it was your birthday yesterday. Doc... Happy Birthday cobber. You are a ridgy didge bloke. Hope you had an absolute botler.

  • The viewership of this week's Impact was 332,000. Give me a Shell Yeah!

  • Patrick B posted 3 days ago

    Patrick B

    This ten minute breakdown of ratings by Meltzer today is really interesting.

  • Sassy Pages posted 3 days ago

    Sassy Pages

    Hey buttered French toast! It means, French toast with butter applied in Canadian. Haha. Groovy Guidelines for a swinging service... I think your business might need some insurance, don't you think? Corporate Marie at your service...
    I have come to learn about Anna... She is greatness incarnated... she is the omega.... in the end there can only be Omega, when all are incinerated.

    On the positive side of things, its nice that the tag division has a lot of new additions, hopefully this is positive going forward. I feel for the Usos though, because in the changing landscape, they won't be able to make it if they continue the way they are going. With New Day and Wyatts going faces, might be a good time for the Usos to turn heel and rejoin with Tamina and just beat people up. Maybe even destroy Roman for being a suck up or for using his family to make it to the top lol.

    Yes, according to SD spoilers, LON had some issues. My brother texted me that during school, we need to start limiting his wrestling time haha. Though, it really doesn't distract him as he does well in school. He actually works hard so he will get to play video games and watch WWE lol. the only complaints we get about him in school is not turning in homework and well the teacher said he never speaks up in class, but he said he only does it for the kids who don't know, because they will never answer if he does haha.
    Sandow... oh Sandow... don't mention him. It hurts too much. LON had so much potential, but wasted my word! I hope they all go somewhere though and don't start jobbing out to Reigns lol. They did it already as LON, they can't do it solo now lol. Del Rio really needs something big, I am sure he wouldn't come back if nothing was planned. Rusev needs to go back on a killing spree.

  • Patrick B posted 3 days ago

    Patrick B

    Totally agree AJ is more engaging, and obviously shows more passion but then that’s always really been the case with challengers to the top guy. Cena’s promos are just a mixtape of buzzwords, sometimes shouted when he wants to make it seem important. Its funny how Austin 3:16 was said once (actually twice, he repeated it on some Raw promo months later) and it took off massively. During the whole of the Attitude era, I’d see ‘Austin 3:16’ signs everywhere and didn’t know what it meant for years as I didn’t see that King of the Ring and they were never explained, but I could tell it was important and Austin was a big deal because of these signs. Having him repeat it every week would have killed it dead, not to mention that it was Austin who came up with the line off the cuff; Roman’s was written by committee and delivered poorly in my opinion.

    Back in 1997, Austin would have been able to talk for days in character about everything, Reigns character is based on the next script he receives. The lack of authenticity is so obvious that Poochie from the Simpsons I think is spot on the issue with Reigns. Their similarities are striking.

    Top guys used to be used to get others over. Bret was used to get Austin and Shawn over, Foley and Austin were used to get Rock over, Foley was used to get Trips over, Austin and Rock were used to get Jericho over, Angle and Taker to get Brock over. All at the height of their popularities. Now every one else is used to get the top guy over. It’s backwards and short-termism at its worse. Imagine if Cena was injury-prone instead of a genetic freak or Reigns gets injured. They are left with all the guys they have dismissed as not important.

    My biggest problem with Reigns is WWE’s stubbornness to tell his Superman (who’s actually an underdog, guys!) story at the detriment of other more interesting ones.

    The past six months we’ve missed much better storylines in for instance:
    - Ambrose turning heel at Survivor Series
    - Roman’s heel turn at any time.
    - The Wyatts vs the Authority (the reaction the Wyatts got everytime they teased a face turn was huge before Mania).
    - LON being a strong dominant stable.
    - Ambrose winning the belt.
    - A rumble not based around Roman Reigns.
    - Ziggler vs Authority feud
    - A coherent McMahon story

    Bullet Club wasn’t made by Vince (what is these days) so I can totally see him killing it despite himself. He did that with so many WCW acts. Meltzer and Alvarez’s Raw review was good this week. Meltzer seems completely at a lose at how they continue to go with Reigns, even saying he thinks Vince has lost touch.

    Thinking of missed opportunities, while as you know I’m a huge fan of Charlotte, why on earth isn’t Becky champion right now? WWE feel the need to stall for six months for a title change for a preferred wrestler rather than go with a story-line that sign-posts a title change for another wrestler. Pretty much shows the problems with creative. Becky winning at Mania would have been the perfect babyface overcoming the heel story-arc; beginning to end. The fact after the Royal Rumble Becky was treated as an after-thought immediately in the Mania run-up shows what a myth the ‘grabbing the brass ring’ thing is (not that we didn’t know that already).

    Until Summerslam we will have Charlotte against Nattie, which we have already seen and some other stalling feud until Sasha gets reintroduced (again) in a few months and wins at Summerslam to probably drop it to Bayley at Mania after some more stalling feuds.
    That’s fine but what we could have had is so much more enticing; Becky being a strong fighting champion, evolving out of the underdog role to make room for Bayley on the main roster and feuding with the likes of Summer, Emma, heel Paige, Naomi, even Eva Marie if they repeated the NXT story of the whole match being fixed. This would also allow Sasha to go full Boss, and eventually win in a much better story than the one we will get. I don’t think anyone has told her whether she’s a heel or face, so she seems hesitant in promos, which I really don’t blame her for.

    Of course, both timelines are better than the darkest timeline, which I’m not discounting; Charlotte beats everyone via screwy finishes for the next six months. Nikki comes back a face and beats her clean on her first night back (I shudder at the fact this is absolutely a possibility!).

    I like your idea of a number one contender tournament, but then the men had one for Survivor Series, and WWE made zero effort on it. It’s amazing how unimportant it felt. When NXT did the women’s battle royale, everyone got a promo beforehand. They may not have all been good promos, some were terrible, but it gave everyone a more prominent position, and increased the stakes. All they’d need to do is have backstage promos before every match hyping the importance in some way. Back in the day when they had King of the Ring, they would put that effort in. I remember Bret vs Perfect having an awesome promo were they argued and got really heated over whose dad was a better wrestler. Immediately added fire to the match. Somewhere along the way WWE decided wins and losses don’t matter and no one should be affected by losses. It’s no wonder the audience has been dying out during Raw matches recently. Nothing is presented as important, except for Roman who the audience is indifferent too. If WWE had actually competition they would be in serious WCW in 1999 style trouble.

    I went back and watched the Rusev/Zayn match. It was very good, I like that Lana is back in her heel manager role. Maybe WWE will wake up and realise that’s where the money is with her, and that Rusev still has main event potential if they book him stronger.

    I think the worries I have with the women’s division is purely creative. The stories they have intentionally wanted to tell; the divas revolution, Nikki’s title reign record, Paige and Charlotte feud being incoherent on who is face and who is heel etc have all been terrible storyline wise. Becky and Charlotte was a filler feud they stumbled into almost by accident to stall until Mania and the performers out-performed expectations because they are talented. I have no faith creative can replicate that level again, especially as they stuck with the original plans straight after of Charlotte and Sasha feuding outta nowhere and now Sasha and Becky seeming to forget they were screwed at Mania.

    Gallows and Anderson should have destroyed the Usos but I guess the thinking would have been that the Usos are one of the top guys in the division so shouldn’t go down easily. The Reigns coming out and beating them down afterwards was groan-inducing though. Flashbacks of him winning the 4 on 1 handicap match against LON flashing across my eyes.