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  • Evenflow posted 2 hours ago


    Wow, that was another great clip. the action was so fast, I could barely keep up haha.

    I do watch ROH, and I saw the match between Styles and Cole. It really was terrific. The opening match between The Addiction and Okada & Gedo was awesome too. Man, Okada is so smooth out there. The crowd loves the guy. They were chanting his name throughout most of the match. ROH has a lot of great talent right now. Would like to see the Young Bucks throw a superkick party next week.

  • Veteran Advice posted 14 hours ago

    Veteran Advice

    Your welcome. I like your comments.

  • Evenflow posted 1 day ago


    I thought the US played great. They finally showed some life offensively, and defensively they were dominant as usual. Japan caught a lucky break yesterday. They won because of an own goal with seconds left in stoppage time. It was a heartbreaking loss for England. The final between Japan and USA is going to be great. I will also watch Germany and England on Saturday.

    Hey, did you catch LU last night? The fans were going nuts for El Patron. He gets the biggest reaction out of everyone. Hernandez vs Drago was awesome. Hernandez grabbed some fan, ripped the belt out of his pants, and started whipping Drago with it. That was pretty wild. I don't know if you watched TNA,but Hernandez was there too. He is a member of The BDC. I wonder how long he will continue to appear on both shows.

  • Dave posted 3 days ago


    No problem man!

  • Evenflow posted 7 days ago


    Wow dude that clip was amazing. I can't believe what I just saw. There are no words to describe how awesome that was.

    I really liked the match between Mil Muertes and Drago on LU the other day. Mil hit a wicked Spear and the crowd started chanting "get the coffin". I love his gimmick. He's kind of like The Undertaker, but different. He's not like anyone else. I think he is awesome.

    The match between Germany and France was epic. I will never understand why Le sommer, and Delie were taken out. I thought that was a big mistake by the coach. France had a chance at the end of the second overtime, but Thiney blew a golden opportunity. This match was a lot of fun to watch. The exchange of penalty kicks at the end was very dramatic. What a devastating loss for France.

    The US team has been playing amazing defense, but I don't know if we can beat Germany. It's scary how good they are.

  • Evenflow posted 9 days ago


    Thanks for the link. That Double Rotation Moonsault was amazing.

  • Evenflow posted 10 days ago


    Not many highlights from Raw. The Cena/Owens segment was great. That was probably the best part of the show. I didn't like seeing Lesnar get beat down like that. I hope he shows up next week and destroys everyone.

    I did watch the USA match. They struggled for a bit. Colombia has some really great players, and they put up a good fight for most of the first half, but by the time it reached the 65th minute Colombia was down 2-0 and their will had been broken. Colombia didn't have their starting goal keeper because she picked up a yellow card in the previous game. I think that really helped the US team. Norway and England had a much more entertaining match earlier in the day.

    I have just started watching this Lucha Underground. Prince Puma is unreal. He has to be one of the best performers in the industry. His match with Mundo was amazing. I can't believe Mundo hit Puma in the head with a crow bar, and Prince Puma's finisher. Man, it is just awesome. It's cooler than The Red Arrow. I just watched the last four episodes of LU, and I can't believe what I have been missing. This show is awesome. Women wrestling men in Submission matches. I never thought I would see something like that.

  • Evenflow posted 11 days ago


    Germany looks almost unstoppable, but I think France can hang in there with them. They looked great against North Korea yesterday . Le Sommer was very impressive once again, and Delie had a great game as well. I thought Sweden made a lot of mistakes against Germany, and they missed a couple of great opportunities. They turned the ball over a lot, and they kept sending these long passes out of bounds. France will not make those types of mistakes.

    The comment section for that Nikki Bella article was disappointing. I did not expect to read so much disrespectful garbage. It was a little annoying. I still can't believe an article about Nikki Bella had over 400 comments. I think they are going to start writing more Bella Twins articles now haha.

  • Evenflow posted 14 days ago


    Sorry I don't know much about fantasy soccer. Sounds like fun though. There must be a website out there with tips for new comers. Try googling fantasy soccer tips, and see what type of results you get. Good luck!

  • Evenflow posted 15 days ago


    I must say; I am really liking the French women's national team. Necib is very good (she's also very hot), and so is Le Sommer. My US team would have a tough time with them. There are going to be some great matches this weekend. Can't wait for Germany vs Sweden.