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  • Michael Allen posted 60 days ago

    Michael Allen

    You went 12-3 ATS in NFL Week 3 games. BRAVO !!!!!!! Come on with IT, awaiting your Week 4 predictions.

  • Jake G posted 85 days ago

    Jake G

    How do you say Shane Ray is a defensive ROY candidate in one article, then a week later, after he has a great game, you say he is a lucky pass rusher who won't play well this season in another article?

  • matt hanson posted 85 days ago

    matt hanson

    This guy is a horrible writer and doesn't have much football knowledge. He makes horrendous mistakes like saying Seattle's O-line will be better this year because of the Mathis signing(when Denver was the team that signed him). Many many mistakes with their, there, and they're. I know my writing is far from perfect, but my god this guy gets paid to write for a website. This is why this site is never creditable. Guys like Justis Mosqueda are the reasons Bleacher Report makes me cringe when browsing their articles.

  • Pat Krouse posted 188 days ago

    Pat Krouse

    I don't get how you can claim to be a knowledgable sports fan and continue to call it University of Indiana in every single article? Clearly, you must be from Harvard College or University of Yale...

  • Craig Rew posted 196 days ago

    Craig Rew

    You put Time Tebow and you spelled it wrong.

  • Alex Jacobson posted 233 days ago

    Alex Jacobson


  • Chris PhinsFan posted 255 days ago

    Chris PhinsFan

    Hey, Justis. I read one of your articles where you refer to I had never heard of them, but I will tell you that to the best of my knowledge, is the only site on the web that has the official Combine results, including 10y splits and 40y times - not what is posted on NFL Network or anywhere else.

  • Kyle Hardwick posted 266 days ago

    Kyle Hardwick

    I made an account just to tell you that you really should not be making mock drafts. I could call my grandmother and have her pick names off a list. That draft would be more realistic than that abomination you posted. Check out the comments, people aren't having opinions as much as pointing out obvious, obvious errors.

  • George Fouts posted 291 days ago

    George Fouts

    Justus: Great article on Arik Armstead. Probably the best description/analogy on a player I've read. You covered all points! Congrats!!

  • Willie the Warhawk posted 1764 days ago

    Willie the  Warhawk

    Wow need to brush up on your grammer and fact checking. It's Mount Union not Mountain Union, and it's definitely, not defiantly....and I doubt Shorts mis-spoke either b/c he went to the school. A little more effort in your articles would be appreciated for the little bit of press the DIII world receives....Thanks