Gris Gris Man Voodoo Surgeon General

Gris Gris Man Voodoo Surgeon General


Hello all you Saints fans around the world, I am the Gris Gris Man, better known just as GGM. I have lived in my own cemetery just outside of Cocodrie in a very nice mausoleum since graduating from Voodoo U and getting my Witch Doctor MD. I am officially the Un-Official Witch Doctor and Voodoo Surgeon General for the New Orleans Saints.

I am a 4th generation New Orleans native and a graduate of the Marie Laveau College of Voodoo and Witch Doctory in Cocodrie, LA. (don't look dat up on your college directory, it's a private university college school secret kinda thing) The GGM has been very successful this year with his spells and attributes it to a new batch of gris-gris powder he conjured up for this season. Man has it been some powerful stuff! The GGM, with the help of the coaches and players of course, is batting 1000 this year and hopes to keep it up all the way to the Super Bowl! (THIS IS OLD NOW BUT YOU ALL KNOW WE WENT AND WON IT!) If you enjoy some light hearted, but deadly serious, reading please look for each weeks spells during the regular season (can't waste any gris gris powder on pre season). Again look for my spells each and every week ON THURSDAYS before the game during the season and hopefully throughout the playoffs all the way to Miami! (AH YEAH, THIS IS OLD TOO AND WE WON DA SUPER BOWL....WHO DAT DREW DAT TRUE DAT AND THIS YEAR TWO DAT!)

I hope that SB Nation finds my hard work both beneficial and entertaining as my High Priestess Madam VGG and I along with my staff of highly trained Zombie Girlz will be working hard each week to bring you he best in Voodoo spells and all around Witch Doctoring. Please feel free to comment good or bad (of course bad comments could be met with a loss of small but important body parts) and I hope you have fun with them and I look forward to going to the Super Bowl together this year! (AGAIN)

Spell comes out on Thursday so keep an evil eye out for it, again Thursday is always spell day even on Saturday or Monday night games. That way it does not have time to weaken before we play the game. Enjoy our Saints along with me this season and I hope to hear from everyone as you get to know me better.

GGM, Voodoo MD please send me E-mail's directly at this address I do got a spam gator

website coming soon: well when those zombie girlz get to work.

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  • Well I'm back......dem folks at FB axed me for my birf certificat ands I aint gots one....
    will be bustin spells every week for da New Orleans Saints to wins dey donts for sure anything but it helps alot.....WHO DAT SAY DEY GONNA BEAT DEM SAINTS