I grew up reading WWE Magazine and the "Apter" magazines, such as Pro Wrestling Illustrated and The Wrestler and, as far back as elementary school, thought it would be a great job to be able to write about the larger-than-life wrestlers and matches I watched every week. Thanks to Bleacher Report and the readers that take the time to read my articles, I get to do just that, for which I am extremely grateful.

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  • Mike Kolb posted 76 days ago

    Mike Kolb

    http://i.imgur.com/e3DTS6f.jpg in case anyone blinked :)

  • NXT over WWE posted 117 days ago

    NXT over WWE

    Hey man, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your articles about the career retrospective of former stars and the classics of the week! They're all really well written and a great flash back to the past. Keep up the good work man!

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  • Austin Smith posted 125 days ago

    Austin Smith

    Cena Watches The "Bacholer" Sign from Raw had thousands of tweets last night .. Message me if you want full story.

  • James Snow posted 157 days ago

    James Snow

    Hey Erik I just read your NXT Results and Grades for the December 18th episode of NXT and I wanted to share this with you. Please know that I am not a mean spirited guy and I just want to help you out because I do genuinely enjoy your articles.

    "dominated Neville early but cocky and it nearly costed him."
    Erik come on man I think you have a great wrestling mind but that part of the sentence is all sorts of messed up. "but cocky" does not make sense. You need an adverb to describe dominated. Such as arrogantly. Or you could say "dominated Neville early in a cocky manner and it nearly cost him."
    The past tense of cost is cost unless you are an accountant or something and are referring to monetary subjects. Here's a link just in case you think I'm a dumbass : http://www.quora.com/Is-the-past-tense-of-cost-still-cost-If-yes-is-there-ever-a-time-when-costed-may-be-used

    I'm not trying to be a hardass or grammar nazi or whatever but I would like to think that you want to move up the journalism ladder and hey I want you to as well but grammatical mistakes like these are not going to help you succeed. And hey I make errors all the time especially when I write something hastily and don't think for one second that other BR writers don't make these kinds of mistakes because they do. Have a good one dude.

  • Adam Alexander posted 185 days ago

    Adam Alexander

    You need to check your spoilers before you rush to post them blindly in attempts to be the first person on the internet to do so.

  • Chris Masters posted 195 days ago

    Chris Masters

    Hey, i tought Ryback lacked a better attire, what do you think about this ?

  • Rajan Maharjan posted 205 days ago

    Rajan Maharjan


  • Lil Wayne posted 213 days ago

    Lil Wayne

    Beaston you are shit.

  • Kevin Nigro posted 251 days ago

    Kevin Nigro

    Hey Erik - was a bit shocked seeing a B- rating for the Kane and Jericho match. Being old should play a minimal factor in the match. There were just so many identifiable botches that left me scowling at the TV. Kane going into the turnbuckle which was supposed to be sold HARD and be a finishing point in the match, looked awful and slow. This to go along with Jericho's move from the top rope into a chokeslam and many others. Just an overall absolutely horrible match.