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I grew up reading WWE Magazine and the "Apter" magazines, such as Pro Wrestling Illustrated and The Wrestler and, as far back as elementary school, thought it would be a great job to be able to write about the larger-than-life wrestlers and matches I watched every week. Thanks to Bleacher Report and the readers that take the time to read my articles, I get to do just that, for which I am extremely grateful.

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  • Lil Wayne posted 7 days ago

    Lil Wayne

    Beaston you are shit.

  • Kevin Nigro posted 45 days ago

    Kevin Nigro

    Hey Erik - was a bit shocked seeing a B- rating for the Kane and Jericho match. Being old should play a minimal factor in the match. There were just so many identifiable botches that left me scowling at the TV. Kane going into the turnbuckle which was supposed to be sold HARD and be a finishing point in the match, looked awful and slow. This to go along with Jericho's move from the top rope into a chokeslam and many others. Just an overall absolutely horrible match.

  • Aneldo Arosemena posted 53 days ago

    Aneldo Arosemena

    "See the bunny? It was one of those shows..." that was a hilarious quoutes xDD, great article!

  • Brian Krikorian posted 75 days ago

    Brian Krikorian

    Hi, Erik. You may get some feedback from me on a secondary edit saying I added an exclamation point to your "just $9.99" reference in your SummerSlam preview. However, on second thought, I decided to remove it to preserve the subtlety (assuming you're joking about how the WWE is flogging the price on the air). Thanks, and nice work.

  • Randy Norton posted 87 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Can you please request B/R to change the comments section back to the old one ? There a lot of glitches . It'll mean a lot.

  • Randy Norton posted 104 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Great Articles.

  • John Black posted 107 days ago

    John  Black

    The Smackdown results are missing the AJ/Paige vs Layla/Summer match it was add by Wrestling Inc late. Just a heads up.

  • WWE Frules King posted 113 days ago

    WWE Frules King

    I love your articles. You should lighten up on BO Dallas though :)

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  • Eater of worlds posted 144 days ago

    Eater  of worlds

    Hey you should do a article on top 10 or top 5 best matches of 2014

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