I grew up reading WWE Magazine and the "Apter" magazines, such as Pro Wrestling Illustrated and The Wrestler and, as far back as elementary school, thought it would be a great job to be able to write about the larger-than-life wrestlers and matches I watched every week. Thanks to Bleacher Report and the readers that take the time to read my articles, I get to do just that, for which I am extremely grateful.

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  • steven ketcham posted 5 days ago

    steven ketcham

    you have alexa bliss named 2x's as tag team partner instead of Becky lynch Vs Sami Zayn.
    Good stuff regardless

  • fatihin nurul posted 136 days ago

    fatihin nurul
  • Mr Skull posted 315 days ago

    Mr Skull

    I like your Wrestlemania power ranking but there's one fatal error. Wrestlemania 17, you missed TLC 2 in your list! Missing an iconic match like that is a huge mistake. Please add it.

  • New Day GOAT posted 467 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    "The biggest question coming out of SDLive? How has WWE gotten James Ellsworth right but failed so miserably with Neville and Sami Zayn?"

    It starts with the writing team and they are different on both shows. Look how much the brand split has benefit Styles, Miz, Ambrose, Ziggler, Usos, Slater, Bliss, Becky and Carmella on SD. It seems like Raw cares more about jobber matches than giving the talent a chance to shine like Neville and Zayn. Either they get put into the cruiserweight division or be traded to SD. Most likely they will be a tag team because clearly the writers on Raw have nothing on him. When it comes to Ellsworth, he is barely on television and isn't over exposed. He is the classic underdog that everyone wants to root for to win. Ryan Ward knows how to write a good show without insulting the fans' intelligence like Raw does. Zayn vs Ziggler for the IC title is something that would be worth seeing.

  • Kevin Riemers posted 511 days ago

    Kevin Riemers

    Rollins is winning this.

    Owens and Cass will have their moments, but really, they are here only to fill out the field.

    This is the start and the finish to your prediction of the fatal four way....don't be so cocky mate.

  • Evenflow posted 536 days ago


    Hello Eric, have you stopped doing the career retrospectives? Those were awesome!

  • Amanda Todd Didn't deserve it posted 682 days ago

    Amanda Todd Didn't deserve it

    I am an male, but the woman in my pic is my heroine, Amanda Todd, she's a suicide victim, she killed herself after years of sever bullying ever since her nudes leaked, I know she mad bad mistakes, but the fact that she went through B.S that emotionally moves me makes her my heroine and idol, sorry for ranting, just wanted to let you know who was there. #Stopbullyingpeople #Amandadidnotdeservethis #Suicide sucks

    I think Becky Lynch showed how great she can be when given the time, her mic skills are fiery, her wrestling skill is number one in the divas division, and she connected with the audience. I love Sasha Banks more, but Becky Lynch has more veteran experience.

    Dilbert responded to a guy who posted after me, is it because I did not praise his articles he did not respond to me like others did? I love his articles, but it's just constructive criticism.

    Thanks for answering, and being one of the few BR writers who respond to comments, knowing a writer cares about his readers makes us feel special.

  • Amanda Todd Didn't deserve it posted 687 days ago

    Amanda Todd Didn't deserve it

    Hey Erik, can I ask you two questions, I know that's not normal LOL!

    1.Who has done better in overall on the main roster, Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks?

    Question 2: I gave Dilbert some constructive criticisms. I pointed out that on his Sasha banks related articles that he is too bust complementing her instead of anylzing how creative should handle her. I got no responses, maybe he did not hear, but is he actually mad at me for pointing out a common trend on his articles???

    And I love your articles, best on BR!

  • Lydia Merry Hugmas Aaron posted 689 days ago

    Lydia Merry Hugmas Aaron

    You're welcome, Erik. Keep up the great work!

  • The Cavalier posted 691 days ago

    The Cavalier

    "If you have no critics, you'll likely have no success" It must be said that you're doing a great job as a writer/journalist for Bleacher Report. Continue to analyze and question everything through your career :)