I grew up reading WWE Magazine and the "Apter" magazines, such as Pro Wrestling Illustrated and The Wrestler and, as far back as elementary school, thought it would be a great job to be able to write about the larger-than-life wrestlers and matches I watched every week. Thanks to Bleacher Report and the readers that take the time to read my articles, I get to do just that, for which I am extremely grateful.

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  • Amanda Todd Didn't deserve it posted 80 days ago

    Amanda Todd Didn't deserve it

    I am an male, but the woman in my pic is my heroine, Amanda Todd, she's a suicide victim, she killed herself after years of sever bullying ever since her nudes leaked, I know she mad bad mistakes, but the fact that she went through B.S that emotionally moves me makes her my heroine and idol, sorry for ranting, just wanted to let you know who was there. #Stopbullyingpeople #Amandadidnotdeservethis #Suicide sucks

    I think Becky Lynch showed how great she can be when given the time, her mic skills are fiery, her wrestling skill is number one in the divas division, and she connected with the audience. I love Sasha Banks more, but Becky Lynch has more veteran experience.

    Dilbert responded to a guy who posted after me, is it because I did not praise his articles he did not respond to me like others did? I love his articles, but it's just constructive criticism.

    Thanks for answering, and being one of the few BR writers who respond to comments, knowing a writer cares about his readers makes us feel special.

  • Amanda Todd Didn't deserve it posted 85 days ago

    Amanda Todd Didn't deserve it

    Hey Erik, can I ask you two questions, I know that's not normal LOL!

    1.Who has done better in overall on the main roster, Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks?

    Question 2: I gave Dilbert some constructive criticisms. I pointed out that on his Sasha banks related articles that he is too bust complementing her instead of anylzing how creative should handle her. I got no responses, maybe he did not hear, but is he actually mad at me for pointing out a common trend on his articles???

    And I love your articles, best on BR!

  • Lydia Aaron posted 87 days ago

    Lydia Aaron

    You're welcome, Erik. Keep up the great work!

  • The Cavalier posted 89 days ago

    The Cavalier

    "If you have no critics, you'll likely have no success" It must be said that you're doing a great job as a writer/journalist for Bleacher Report. Continue to analyze and question everything through your career :)

  • Lydia Aaron posted 90 days ago

    Lydia Aaron

    They're really giving you a hard time on your Blind Hatred article. Just though I'd say that I agree with a lot of your points. This previous Raw is a great example of what you were referring too. Three promos from the authority and we can't even get a good, long match from KO, Ziggler, Becky, and Sasha. I'm excited about the Shane vs Taker match, but I don't think that means the authority should soak up even more time. They could have easily just had one segment that addressed how they felt about Shane and Reigns, have Ambrose come out, and even Taker which would have been an awesome moment to see Ambrose, HHH, and Taker in the same ring. The fact that HHH is champion is another example in that they could have easily given that title to Wyatt or Ambrose and make them a top heel or face respectively. What's ironic is that people are so concerned about pushing other talent other than Reigns, that they haven't even realized that HHH and even Shane have both taken up spot that could have gone to younger talent. I'm actually willing to forgive the Shane matchup because the nostalgia is just too good in that one. However, HHH is the last person who should be holding that title. They could have easily created a top heel at Royal Rumble.

  • CrossFit Jesus Reyna posted 90 days ago

    CrossFit  Jesus Reyna

    *I usually enjoy your articles.

  • CrossFit Jesus Reyna posted 90 days ago

    CrossFit  Jesus Reyna

    I usually E nor your articles and your writing prowess however I believe that you should issue an apology to the fans that you personally attacked in your Roman Reigns article a couple of days ago. It's not up to you as another fan to tell fans what they should like. I as a fan pay for my own WWE merchandise, show tickets and WWE Network bill so it is not other fan's prerogative and jurisdiction to tell other fans that they're hypocrites for their own personal taste. Especially you as a journalist/writer.

  • Owen H posted 104 days ago

    Owen H


    From the writeup to the Naomi vs. Becky Lynch match from 2/15 RAW - "First things first: Naomi should never do that series of kicks in another match. Ever."

    Why? It got a great reaction from the live audience, and this guy, when she first busted it out on Main Event. It's legitimately impressive athletically. What is your issue with it?

  • Syifa Azzahra posted 139 days ago

    Syifa Azzahra
  • Syifa Azzahra posted 139 days ago

    Syifa Azzahra

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