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Austin Lotspeich

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I'm a die-hard TCU fan. Born and raised in Frisco, Texas, home of the FCS true national championship, but recently moved to Louisville. I'm a fan of most sports teams in Dallas, Mavs, Rangers, Cowboys, Stars (well, if I were to care about hockey). As well as Cincinnati by proximity, and by Dalton. I play offensive line for my high school, and hope to potentially continue that into college.

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  • Dan Vasta posted 750 days ago

    Dan Vasta

    Yes, having an All-American corner is a plus and the B12 schedule is friendly. I am ready for Arlington!

  • Dan Vasta posted 752 days ago

    Dan Vasta

    Haha thanks bud! I no longer write for B/R but to explain where the hell I have been lol: I talk college sports twice a week for a small segment on the radio (SST Radio Mon/Fri 3:30 CST) but I actually work now for

    I may be writing once the summer rolls along so look out for my work on the site, but we post a bunch of videos and I run their Twitter/Facebook so if you dig more than just TCU (even if you don't) then feel free to check that out.

    I will make a deal, if you follow that site religiously then I will gladly talk TCU sports just for you bro!

  • Dan Vasta posted 753 days ago

    Dan Vasta

    Ready for some TCU pigskin yet?

  • Mac Gardner posted 845 days ago

    Mac Gardner

    Austin, are you related to any Lotspeich from NW Oklahoma, Hooker, I think near Woodward.? I had classes with Jan Lotspeich at SWOSU at Weatherford,Oklahoma "back in the day". Back before people were equipped with hair. We used to study History together sometimes and I ended up with her History book, and she probably had mine. I figured there were not as many Lotspeich's around as Smiths, so I thought I'd ask.

  • David Persons posted 1031 days ago

    David Persons

    Thanks brother!

  • David Persons posted 1031 days ago

    David Persons

    Hey Austin, I just got the word - I am an official BR Writer now. You ought to re-submit yours. If mine cuts it, then yours probably will too. Let me know if you want me to look it over. Thanks for the help!


  • David Persons posted 1035 days ago

    David Persons

    Yes Austin, I got the response. Thanks a lot. It helped.

  • Jim Day posted 1035 days ago

    Jim  Day

    Thanks for marking my article a favorite Austin, certainly appreciate it. I hope I can come up with some more pieces that you enjoy.

  • David Persons posted 1040 days ago

    David Persons

    Austin, check your inbox when you get a chance.

  • David Persons posted 1071 days ago

    David Persons

    I hope his family is all right. I am going to ask around and see if I can find out what the story is. That sounds like Wesley - he is the kind of kid that would put family first. I'll let you know if I hear anything more. Wow - we may have some problems next season after all. Hmmmm...