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I'm a huge sports fan and always try to be up to date on college basketball, college and pro football, baseball. I'm also a big reader and history buff in my spare time. I've been a Red Sox and Patriots fan all of my life.

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  • Zac W posted 1813 days ago

    Zac W

    they call scal a fan favorite because he is a favorite players of the fans

  • Clint Eiland posted 1819 days ago

    Clint  Eiland

    Thanks, James! It is always good to see more die-hard Buccaneers fans on here.

  • John Friel posted 1830 days ago

    John Friel

    Thanks, James. Guess there's just a soft spot for Scalabrine. I get the obsession, but I just wanted to point out how horrible he actually is in reality.

  • Zac W posted 1831 days ago

    Zac W

    Stop raging on poor Scal. Let people have their fun.

  • Ian Hanford posted 1854 days ago

    Ian Hanford

    James, I appreciate you becoming a fan and the kind words. Thank you.

  • Chris Conn posted 2097 days ago

    Chris Conn

    Hey James, thanks for the message. That's really funny that you mention Jeff Boschee, because interestingly, he also got me into KU basketball. My mom was a KU graduate who came to the east coast, so I grew up going to Boston sports bars to watch games (because they were the only places that had the cable packages to get the KU games). Anyways, I appreciate the feedback on the article, I am also very excited for this year, and it's nice to see that someone else pays attention to Conner Teahan besides myself. While many analysts across the nation are betting against the Jayhawks, I'm sure Bill Self is preparing another special run.