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  • Neri Stein posted 1474 days ago

    Neri Stein

    You're not alone, just read it out loud and then you'll know which one to use. Safe to say we can''t really be friends, huh?

  • big al posted 1483 days ago

    big al

    Has failure ever tasted so sweet?

    Al Big

  • Mr. Ray... Whitecup bread posted 1490 days ago

    Mr. Ray... Whitecup bread

    actually don't worry about, i found out. :)

  • Mr. Ray... Whitecup bread posted 1490 days ago

    Mr. Ray... Whitecup bread

    you added me as fan... i don't know what to do next? how do i add you you?

  • big al posted 1494 days ago

    big al

    Ha! The stanky-leg offense returns!

  • john anguiano posted 1579 days ago

    john anguiano

    I only wish LJ was as good as LJ thinks he is...

  • space posted 1581 days ago


    is teddy sucking your dick to?

  • Harry Sasquatch posted 1582 days ago

    Harry Sasquatch

    Hey fellow "Satans xenophobe" lol Did you read that whack-job Officer Powells one and only article? Have a look, it's a hoot! http://bleacherreport.com/articles/153611-mark-jackson-seizes-an-uncle-thomas-moment

  • rickey jackson posted 1583 days ago

    rickey jackson

    So I'm looking at the comment you wrote and you call me a 'deceitful' bastard because I said Malone wasn't in his prime.Whats up with insult?

  • big al posted 1584 days ago

    big al

    On behalf of the ABM Treaty (anyone but Miami), congratulations are in order for that spectacular come from behind victory.