Bob Jones


I was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland, so I like the Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, and Washington Capitals. I don't follow too much basketball, but Lebron James is my all-time favorite player so I like the Miami Heat.
I was raised around sports. I first started playing hockey from a very young age, but eventually started playing football, lacrosse, and golf. I never played baseball, but I was always at Camden Yards to watch games.
I plan to study sports journalism and communications in college. I'm a sports junky and own my own blog, I try to stay as impartial and professional as possible, but my bias sometimes comes out. Check it out if you're interested in viewing Baltimore Sports.

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  • SteelersAndPinkFloydDiva posted 1269 days ago


    hey your right people trash talk on my fav team too my fav team is the Pittsburgh Steelers don't feel bad and im not going to hide it I have talked trash on the ravens and I regret it now they are really a good team keep being a fan

  • Shawn Brubaker posted 1746 days ago

    Shawn Brubaker

    Hey Bob, I just wanted to say that I appreciate your comments on my articles, as they are always well thought out and respectful. I hope to keep hearing from you. I'm often too busy trying to deal with the less respectful or intelligent commenters to give shout outs to people who have actually read the article, so thanks for your comments over the years.

  • Michael Lieu posted 1769 days ago

    Michael Lieu

    Hey man don't worry about that "Best standard" shit, they don't know what the hell they're missing out on.

  • Michael Lieu posted 1770 days ago

    Michael Lieu

    Love the way you put the facts to that shit hole Sam Quinn in the Flacco Elite debate article, loved your usage of substantial stats to combat his Flacco rage hate article with flimsy stats at best

  • Al Rosenberg posted 1772 days ago

    Al Rosenberg

    Was your most memorable game attended the 1st home game of the playoffs last year? I was there too. Just an amazing scene that I like to replay in my head whenever I think of the O's.