Nick Walker

Nick Walker


I'm an A-Level student at St.Christopher's School in Bahrain, located in the Middle East. I am new to Bleacher Report and writing sports articles but I have an extreme passion within me for sports. Well, I was born in South Africa but moved to Bahrain at an early age to pursue an English led education. I have had a long-term passion for basketball, especially since I play the sport for my school on a regular basis and my passion for supporting the Lakers grew immensely over the past decade. This was fueled by having family living in Southern California, after their move from South Africa. After my first trip to the United States in 2008, I have become a US sports enthusiast as I now following the NFL, MLB, NHL and College Football on a regular basis, allowing me to become a well-rounded US sports follower compared to previous years when I just followed my beloved Lakers.

You are welcome to leave me a message, I'm happy to talk sports with anyone at anytime.

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