Will Golden

Will Golden


.......Awaiting death.......

Do not worry; there is nothing to fear ....I have no fear.

I was that close..... to the Big Black 2 months ago in Intensive Care, which I thought was an adventure, rooms in black, doctors with head-lights, like an Orbital gig without the sound. It was only a few days later, when I was told, "You were that close!" that I thought, "Wow, I have faced the endgame and there was no pain!"

So, I have no fear!

I have some money so, when it is released, I am going to all the places I always wanted to.

But I was held up short. They told me that I had 6 weeks to live; this time no infection, just my old lymphoma!

So, I booked a buffalo trail for one week in Canada, away from the psychopathic culling by the Yellowstone by the pussy-brained rangers under pressure from the Montana redneck farmers. I am going to Elk Island in Alberta. Death meets death ....with a smile and a nod!

Then we shall see. If the pain gets too much, I am off to Switzerland, where Dignitas can give me my death, when, where and how I wish it to happen. I am not dying at 4 stone in a hospital bed, the ultimate humiliation.

My life is my human right and my death is part of that basic right. I administer the drink myself and bid you a tip of the hat and "Goodnight"!

Until then, I shall run alongside the World Cup, like in those old westerns where the cowboy rides alongside that steamtrain till the point of jumping arrives.

I bet I shall be here after Argentina beats Spain in the Final. Oh come on .....do you really think I am going down in a month & a half? This is me!

Still here, Will Golden

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