Robert Justice

Robert Justice


I am 21 years of age, Fanatic about the 49ers, I would love to be an NFL journalist. Love to predict, and guess on outcomes both on the field and off. I follow my favorite players, as well as look for upcoming players from college. I currently play WR for the Tuolumne County Outlaws semi- pro football team.

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  • Alex Lopez posted 2138 days ago

    Alex Lopez

    Check out our line-up now. Dang, can't wait for the season

  • Alex Hooker posted 2286 days ago

    Alex Hooker

    Mr. Justice, Sir you are a gentlemen and are wise beyond your years. Thank you for the kind note. I have always liked the 9ers, I was 17 when Montana won his 1st Super Bowl over the Bengals in the old Pontiac Silverdome. To this day it is probably the ugliest video for a Super Bowl ever, due to it being indoors, but mainly because the film quality at that time couldn't compensate for the indoor environment. Plus at half-time the NFL had their usual Brain-Dead idea of indoor fireworks, which left a huge cloud of smoke for the 2nd half that never went away and made for bad viewing. I always liked those 9er teams kicking the hated Cowboys asses!!! Last week's game made a believer out of me. Aldon Smith was my #2 target hopeful in the draft for the Lions but Harbaugh wasn't going to let him drop. I'm sure there were alot of surprised people when Aldon's name was on the card but I wasn't one of them. Anyway, good luck rest of way - you guys are going to rule the West again.

  • Kwame Fisher-Jones posted 2287 days ago

    Kwame Fisher-Jones

    Robert I wrote an article called The 49ers on the to Futility and have been proven wrong while you have been proven right. I wrote a retraction article, admitting my blunder.

  • Alex Lopez posted 2290 days ago

    Alex Lopez

    Hillarious, Yeah we killed them son! Our defense was monster. The game was great, Where was megatron= No where to be found, Aldon Smith wow! Culliver 1 on 1 w/ Megatron, Nice coverage. NINERS BABY!

  • Alex Lopez posted 2296 days ago

    Alex Lopez

    We KILLED them. Nice Game we gotta keep doing this to shut out those idiot analysts who keep putting us down. We need a W in Detroit- Imagine? What are they gonna say then? Not even on the top ten. Our defense was insane. Not to mention that famous crack! We gonna keep it up. Lakers and NINERS baby!

  • Alex Lopez posted 2300 days ago

    Alex Lopez

    What up man! Go Niners and Lakers!!! Thats what Im talking about! Hope NINERS stomps on Bucs!