Kieran Wright

Kieran Wright


Growing up as a little child, wrestling was a instrumental piece of my life. Wrestling created an illusion with me, when my parents tuned in to watch the latest RAW or SD! show, I'd drop my lego collection and be involved with that gravitonal pull. Wrestling has always been something I look upon with massive enjoyment, I don't look for the botches and the stellar performances, I watch wrestling because of how gripped I am, how emotionally tuned I am inside that little wrestling bubble. Being a wrestling fan, I have grown onto the entertainment show with the years that passed. From watching Cena rival with Carlito and his cohort Jesus to being sucked into the animosity that was surrounded around Randy Orton and Triple HHH. I am a proud wrestling fan and I will defend the company with great honor when somebody bashes the shows for being fake or stupid, I will stand their corner and show everyone what WWE stands for. Through the hard times when you cringe at the storylines, when you cringe at how disgraceful the WWE went to the times when you are proud to be a wrestling fan, I lived through those times. Thats why I'm a proud World Wrestling Entertainment fan!

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