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  • Adrian Fylonenko posted 1308 days ago

    Adrian Fylonenko

    So sorry to get back to you so late. I am writing over at a site called SEScoops. I generated over a million views for BR and asked for compensation and a salary and they refused - so I had to leave. I loved writing here and interacting with the readers, but I can't be doing all this work for nothing. Hope you understand!

  • Long gone posted 1345 days ago

    Long gone


  • Australian posted 1346 days ago


    You are absolutely right. It didn't feel special at all. In fact the whole feud was under played. Nobody expected Brock Lesnar to be given the opportunity or honour to defeat The Streak. But all of that combined was what made the result so shocking. It left fans worldwide jaw dropped and silent. I think that's exactly the reaction the WWE were looking for. In my opinion this shocking twist will only add to the legacy and folklore that is The Streak. I don't see this tarnishing The Undertaker or his record in any way. To me it seems now The Streak ending is truly symbolic that the New Era has begun. Plus Undertaker himself wanted it this way, so it's hard to go against the great man's wishes.