I'm an ex-academic scientist who's having a lot more fun trying to make a career out of sportswriting. I grew up in New Jersey, but I'm a Chicago fan first and foremost (Cubs, Bulls and Bears) because my dad grew up on the North Side.

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  • John Fanta posted 23 days ago

    John Fanta

    My name's John Fanta and I am a current student journalist at Seton Hall. I cover college basketball for SHUPirates.com and collegehoopsdigest.com. I do a weekly podcast and always looking for new guests. We've had insiders such as Jay Bilas, Andy Katz, and Reid Forgrave of FOX before. Would love to have you on, if possible, Thursday between 11 pm and midnight ET? IF not, maybe next week. Just reaching out. I'll give you the number to call and anymore info if needed.
    My email: john.fanta@student.shu.edu

  • rbbb 1415 posted 29 days ago

    rbbb 1415

    can we have a article on trey lyles or derek willis or maybe combine on what they will bring to the team

  • Slightly Biased Hawks Fan posted 45 days ago

    Slightly Biased Hawks Fan


  • justin quinn posted 135 days ago

    justin quinn

    2nd sent. miles turner article - 'his', i presume.

  • L A posted 159 days ago

    L A

    "It’s just a pity McDermott was never able to evolve into the kind of player who could bring a few more wins to the other four guys in Creighton uniforms before the curtain came down on his highlight-filled career."

    You sir are a disgrace. Your writing isn't even justifiable. How do you have a job.

  • Dozer Graff posted 162 days ago

    Dozer Graff

    I just read your spew about Jabari Parker's decision to attend Duke and the resulting, alleged dagger being thrust into the chest of Tom Izzo because of it. With MSU racking up 90+ points against Delaware yesterday and Duke falling to Mercer today, I'm must ask you: how Izzo's ass taste?

  • Dale Rogers posted 165 days ago

    Dale Rogers

    Not all of us Kansans feel "losing" the rivalry with Missouri is a loss. Many of us felt that getting past Missouri without serious injury to any of our players was a reason to sigh with relief. Missouri always played dirty when they played Kansas. There were numerous incidents of Missouri players' actions bordering on intent to hurt an opposing player. Additionally, the Antlers' antics of calling our players in the middle of the night to disrupt their sleep and doing many other things to affect their play just isn't the kind of sportsmanshp Kansans practice and expect. Last, Missouri's AD, during the latter stages of the discussions regarding realignment publicly stated Missouri is in the Big12 to stay and thus the Oklahoma and Texas teams should pull up their britches and confirm their intent as well. A few days later Missouri bolted. Our feeling is they made their own bed. They knew they were giving up the rivalry. It's their bed. They can sleep in it. I wish them well in the NIT.

  • Paul Bauer posted 171 days ago

    Paul Bauer


  • Spartan John posted 251 days ago

    Spartan John

    Gotta say, you're the worst college basketball reporter on bleacher report. maybe respond to reader's comments and learn why you suck.

  • jason peters posted 271 days ago

    jason peters

    Gezzz, your not by chance a KENTUCKY fan are you? lol.. That was a pretty desperate plea for Myles Tuner to come to UK. Sorry but he will be a Jayhawk, Myles Turner knows There's no letters N, I, or T in the word BLUEBLOOD.

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