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Although I was born and lived my early years in SEC Country, most of my life so far has been spent in the Big 8/Big 12 region. I grew up immersed in the Big 12 North, and became a Missouri fan during that time, even though Kansas State and Nebraska were the superior teams in those years. Then I went to the University of Oklahoma to study meteorology, but the football was a bonus! During that time, I was able to see a football culture that simply doesn't exist in the North division (save Nebraska). I already liked college football, but after assimilating into a region that practically worships their teams, I am officially hooked. I am fortunate to be working in meteorology in Sooner Nation. I love it!

I am definitely not a journalist or well-read in the histories of sport. As a result, you probably won't see very many articles by me. I want to keep this site as legitimate as I can, so I will keep my stuff on my blogspot. But rest assured, I love talking to people about sports, especially on the collegiate competition level.

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  • mindi green posted 2932 days ago

    mindi green

    would love your opinion on my latest!! Thanks!

  • RedRaider Red posted 2961 days ago

    RedRaider Red

    You're right. Horns somehow seem to always pull it off.

    God! I can just imagine hearing those obnoxious Horn fans shoot off their big mouths.

    Sept 18th, 2010 just can't come sooner.

  • JW Nix posted 2975 days ago

    JW Nix


  • RedRaider Red posted 2977 days ago

    RedRaider Red

    Haha.... poor Pokes. They actually believed they'd a chance.

    NOONE wins at Owen field.

    Boomer Sooner! I'm sooo happy. 27-0..haha.. amazing! Put the overrated Cowboys right in their place.

    BTW, I think you posted your reply to me on your own profile.

  • RedRaider Red posted 2983 days ago

    RedRaider Red


    Until next year, Sooner :-)

  • RedRaider Red posted 2987 days ago

    RedRaider Red

    I'm not even sure if I should go to this one. I know its gonna be a blowout.

    Man.. I miss the working version of our Air Raid offense :-(

    Whatever happens, PLEASE beat the Cowboys.

  • BabyTate posted 2994 days ago


    Daniel, I would be interested in your input concerning this slideshow I prepared.



  • JW Nix posted 2997 days ago

    JW Nix

    here is a story of another NFL Legend who has yet to get his deserved respect :


  • RedRaider Red posted 2997 days ago

    RedRaider Red

    Who called the hail mary with so much time left in the game? Thats usually the last play.

    Man.. lowest point total under Stoops? Nebraska's defense is definitely not that good. I don't know what to say.

    I guess losing 3 consec games at home for the first time since 1966 will've to wait for Nebraska.

    Wht're your thoughts on A&M? The Sooners are a different team at home.

  • RedRaider Red posted 3002 days ago

    RedRaider Red

    No, you're right. He came in after Potts' concussion but then he outperformed Potts and took his job.

    Tech's score with Potts with 1 min left in 2nd qtr against New Mex: 7

    Sheffield comes in and Tech's score at the end of the game: 48.

    Next 2 games Sheffield played were against KSU and Neb which ended in 52 and 21 point victories respectively.

    See what I mean?

    Anyway, you're right about A&M. I saw some of that game... A&M actually had more yards than Arkansas! They didn't convert those yards into points. Should be a tricky game.

    Our next game is next weekend, not this. This weekend is off.