I'm John Friel: Your Miami Heat/NBA Featured Columnist.

My purpose here is to give a differing view and opinion from the mainstream media. In every one of my articles, I attempt to give a look into the sporting world that you haven't seen it before. Most of the time you'll disagree, but that's exactly the purpose. I intend to make you think about your current opinion, and hopefully make you at least think differently.

I am a die-hard fan of all South Florida teams (I try hard not to let that be known in my pieces) and have been through the little-seen successful periods and the all-too prevalent depressing periods. I was introduced to the game of basketball by my father who had me watching Michael Jordan at the start of the second three-peat. It was then that I first appreciated the game and knew that I had to find a way to involve myself in this game for the rest of my life.

I am the creator of hollywoodashellhoops.com, a website dedicated to all things Miami Heat.

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  • Serocco Moonglade posted 1700 days ago

    Serocco Moonglade

    As a Heat fan, I would like for you to post a slide article about the top five Miami Heat rivalries of all time.

    You ask me, it's Detroit at 5th, Indiana at 4th, Chicago at 3rd, Boston at 2nd and New York at 1st.

  • Mejdy Jabr posted 1716 days ago

    Mejdy Jabr


    I would very much like to speak with you privately via email. My email is on my profile, so feel free to drop a line that way, or if you'd prefer, you can message me yours.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Dave Hoggen posted 1986 days ago

    Dave Hoggen

    Hey, can you explain why you think the Mavs are really a "contender"? Try to keep a straight face and tell me you think they could beat the Thunder, Lakers, or Spurs. Cause that's implied when you call the Mavs a "contender". Guess they let anyone off the streets write nowadays. Some of you guys belong in fan forums. NOT writing for the bleacher report. Jeez.

  • Serocco Moonglade posted 1989 days ago

    Serocco Moonglade

    Hey, can you do an article ranking the top opponents to the Heat in the east?

  • Kunal Mishra posted 2008 days ago

    Kunal Mishra

    Hey John! I love your articles, and, quite honestly, aspire to be like you, as a writer. I'm about to apply to become a writer for B/R, and this is my writing sample. What do you think, as a Heat fan? I've edited it somewhat, but the base of the article remains the same! Thanks, message me back!!! :)


  • Peter Murphy posted 2012 days ago

    Peter Murphy

    I really enjoyed reading about your NBA Offseason Title Odds. I'm glad you think the Pistons have a bright future.

  • james michael posted 2013 days ago

    james  michael

    Hey John, Don't bag on Fields he played his best when Melo wasn't on the floor and Woodson wasn't the coach.( Averaged 11pt 6reb and 3asst at the height of Linsanity- Melo out hurt ) ( 1st team all rookie and rookie of the month twice before Melo came ) ( the only small forwards that averaged more rebounds than Fields before the Melo trade was Melo and LeBron ) After the trade the Knicks stuck him in the corner and his possessions went away. The ball stayed in Melo's hands. As a matter of fact it's probably in his hands right now. Fields is a good all around player who has been underpaid, now he's overpaid it will even out. Woodson didn't want him on the team and didn't even mention his name after the great defense Fields played on D Wade in the last 10 sec of game 4 in the Heat series that got us our only playoff win in 14 tries. Knicks are the Bobcats of the playoffs, 8 games over 500 with Melo in a Knick uniform and 1-8 in the playoffs with him. The Denver trade fallout has us following a superstar who has the worst playoff winning % of any nba player in the last 20 years and when has Melo made any players around him better. ( not never ) Now that's truly unforgiveable.

  • Kunal Mishra posted 2018 days ago

    Kunal Mishra

    Hey John, check this out, won't you? Its a hypothetical Heat/Lakers comparison. Maybe give you some ideas for a new article?

    Thanks! :)

  • Tyler Cameron posted 2073 days ago

    Tyler Cameron

    Any chance the spurs are resting blair because of worry about bynum in rd 3?

  • Matt Donnelly posted 2082 days ago

    Matt Donnelly

    John I've my prediction of Heat and Pacers happened finally and I think Pacers with their big men could give the Heat trouble, they are built much like the Bulls without the bench mob (excluding George Hill) I would like you to break down the series, which stars will show up and your final predictions.