Justin Hartling

Justin Hartling


In New Glasgow, Nova Scotia born and raised on the playground is where I spent most of my days.
Spent many years of my youth playing and watching sports and then finally decided that sports should be my career.
I have always loved writing and so one day in grade 9 I decided to combine the two and attempt to become a sports journalist.
Currently finishing up my second year of my BJH degree at the University of King's College in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
During my early childhood hockey reigned over all sports, that was until I watched the Rams and Titans Super Bowl win (you know....the one with "The Tackle") and ever since I have been a dedicated NFL and St. Louis Rams fan.
Will gladly watch any sport on TV, anything from rugby to wrestling to water polo.

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  • Sports Lover posted 1651 days ago

    Sports Lover


  • heel posted 1786 days ago


    what no best and worst case scenarios for tlc? those are like the best articles on b/r. i know you might be busy,but i can't wait any longer! :)

  • Josh Matt posted 1799 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care fora fan add?

  • Justin Hartling posted 1856 days ago

    Justin Hartling

    Anyone out there have a cracked account?

    Go check out my first wrestling related pitch at the link below! 6 most ridiculous urban legends in wrestling!


  • heel posted 1876 days ago


    why are you not doing the best and worst case scenarios anymore?

  • casey mabrey posted 1909 days ago

    casey mabrey

    i will

  • casey mabrey posted 1910 days ago

    casey mabrey

    http://www.cracked.com/forums/topic/27006/we-want-you-to-make-comedy-cracked heres the main page for you to get in contact with them

  • casey mabrey posted 1910 days ago

    casey mabrey

    this one guy that writes for them me and him talk real life i could see if you want me to to try and get you there cuz i think you could do it

  • casey mabrey posted 1911 days ago

    casey mabrey

    your the funniest writer on here you ever think of doing something like cracked.com

  • K posted 1926 days ago


    You don't have to thank me for favoring your article,but if you really needed to do that,well then,you're welcome.Also,I'm glad to see that you're doing the best/worst case scenario articles for more than just PPV's,since you made 1 for the championships.