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I am a Vietnam refugee who escaped my motherland at the age of one with my parents. After spending a year at an Indonesian refugee camp, my family and I were sponsored to the United States; more specifically ... Irving, Texas. It was at the tender age of six that I was subjected to the great game of football. Notre Dame won the national championship that year and the Dallas Cowboys went 1-15 thus beginning my tumultuous love affair with the game.

I am an aspiring sports journalist, novelist, and professional speech writer. I cover a wide range of sports from college football to professional poker. I find motivation in not only the human condition but also embrace the perseverance of human kind. While I base my articles off of hardened facts I believe that there is an aura of mysticism surrounding sports that no numbers can completely tell.

Outside of the sports world I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife and enjoying the occasional NCAA Football game on my XBOX 360. I attended Texas Tech University with a double major in Psychology and Political Science from 2000-2005. I am currently a product specialist at BMW of Austin awaiting my entrance into the sports writing world. I joined Bleacher Report to network and to learn my craft.

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