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  • bye bye posted 1237 days ago

    bye bye

  • Ian Laird posted 2259 days ago

    Ian  Laird

    Who cares how many reads you get. Quit being a troll.

  • Wayne Smith posted 2259 days ago

    Wayne  Smith

    What kind of loser keeps spamming other people's work with their own? Knock it off dude.

  • Ben Aubrey posted 2259 days ago

    Ben Aubrey

    Stop advertising your article everywhere you idiot. You realize that people are getting pissed off with you and are not reading your article because of your stupid spamming?

  • Justin LeClair posted 2259 days ago

    Justin LeClair

    Stop using other peoples articles as billboard for your articles. If they are worth reading they'll be on the front page of B/R or The front page of the Seattle tab on B/R. If you gotta advertise it, its probably not worth reading. Especially an interview about a "superfan" nobody cares....interview a player and maybe you'll get some reads

  • Steve P posted 2259 days ago

    Steve P

    There's about nothing so low or no class as someone who feels the need to troll others work and leave a link to their trash as a "comment." Doubt you'd like it if someone did that to you, or then again, perhaps you wouldn't care because you don't see anything remotely classless about it. If anyone cares about your stuff they'll find it on their own. If they don't, then they won't look for it. Either way, others pieces aren't places to "advertise" your work. Cut the crap.

  • andrew banks posted 2347 days ago

    andrew banks

    you are obsessed with Jake Locker. Write an article about someone the Hawks might take in the first like Jimmy Smith or a d-line or o-line draft prospect. \\\just because your gay for Locker doesn't mean Jon Schnieder and Pete Carrol are. Next year will be a good Qb draft. Wait till then and write about how much you want andrew luck to play here or some other shit that ain't gonna happen. dumb ass

  • John Bush posted 2407 days ago

    John Bush

    Hey Jude I was wondering if I could have you on The Chris Gros Show at WKTN Knightcast, UCF's Student run radio program for an on-air interview concerning the Seahawk's offseason plans and draft strategy this Friday anywhere from 2-4. Email me back at Thank you and sorry for the short notice.

  • Jared Cobert posted 2423 days ago

    Jared Cobert

    everything you write, jude makes no sense

  • Jared Cobert posted 2423 days ago

    Jared Cobert

    ur an absolute dumbass