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  • Conor Queenan posted 2193 days ago

    Conor Queenan

    Hope you don't mind if I link one of your articles in one i'm writing?

  • Matthew Buening posted 2202 days ago

    Matthew Buening

    Hi Amogha. Thank you very much for your kind comments. I'll take a look at the article fore sure. I am not as knowledgeable on the EPL as I am other leagues, but I'll give it a read.

  • Mohamed Al-Hendy posted 2205 days ago

    Mohamed Al-Hendy

    Oh okay. Yes, in his heydey he had some amazing moments and footwork.

  • Mohamed Al-Hendy posted 2205 days ago

    Mohamed Al-Hendy

    He's had some amazing moments for the Egyptian national team, but he's been rather absent during Egypt's recent decline and has been on the bench for Borussia Dortmund for far too long? I reckon it's time for him to make return to Egypt for one last glory run and then call it a career, if no one is willing to take a chance on him in Europe. Why?

  • Charlie Nnamani posted 2262 days ago

    Charlie Nnamani

    Don't mention it bro.

  • Mohamed Al-Hendy posted 2292 days ago

    Mohamed Al-Hendy

    Congrats on the FC bro! Told you you'd get it! Did you email them or did they contact you?

  • Rene Pace posted 2322 days ago

    Rene Pace

    I read your article regarding 5 clubs who are better than barca 2011. First of all you compare eras of other teams with just one year of this barca...it would be more fair to compare with the last 5 years of barca...than your mentioning of liverpool, for example, who won 2 EC in 3 yrs would need to be compared to barca's 3 EC in 5...notwithstanding the fact that this barca is one of the 6 teams who did a treble and the only one who did a sixtuple!! apart that this is the most enjoyable team to watch in the history of football apart from the Brazil of 1970....

  • Mohamed Al-Hendy posted 2345 days ago

    Mohamed Al-Hendy

    a mix haha. I did fill an application, but they contacted me on their own first and gave me a number of assignments before deciding to make me a featured columnist. Really glad that you like reading my work though, appreciate it!

  • Anish Gupta posted 2346 days ago

    Anish Gupta

    mate you seem to be from india..on which channel was the spanish cup telecasted..??..nice work on the anaysis..

  • Mohamed Al-Hendy posted 2346 days ago

    Mohamed Al-Hendy

    Krishna, I've read alot of your work and I think you definitely have what it takes to be a featured columnist. Like Callum said, you could wait, but sometimes its better to take a more direct approach, so I'd suggest filling out the form here:


    If you don't get a reply within a week, I'd be more aggressive and try to get in touch with some of the people "in charge" on the website, i.e Will Tidey, Adam Hirschfield, etc...you can check the forums for more info.

    Good luck, and don't forget to keep putting out good articles like Callum said!