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Conner Boyd

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I'm Conner. Full time student doing scholarly things.

I love all sports, baseball and basketball especially. I can't wait to spend my life working with sports in some capacity.

I dedicate all of my work to Dylan's beard. The girth of such a massive beard has gotten me through many tough times, proving that if you work hard, you too can be a big, obnoxious obstruction in the world.

JC also demanded some respect, but I don't like him that much, so whatever. He kind of sucks.

Please take a look at my blog where I ramble about sports and other things:

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  • Sir Gunner posted 25 days ago

    Sir Gunner

    Where have you been?!?!?!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 205 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Ben Gordon + Portland's 2014 pick for Arron Afflalo + possibly Glen Davis (to match Gordon's contract) ??

  • Corey McDevitt posted 371 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Yeah i don't get why the front office is considering possible S&T's. Henderson is who we need, if he can work on his 3, then he will be a much more complete offensive threat. It is annoying that Kevin Martin and Kyle Korver got so overpaid (imo), because now Henderson feels he should be payed a similar amount- and he should.

    Ross, not sure if i would swap Hendo for him.

    Are you a Bucks fan also?

  • Corey McDevitt posted 371 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    What would be your ideal S&T scenario for Gerald Henderson?, if we were to trade him that is.

  • Joe's Other Account posted 383 days ago

    Joe's  Other Account

    bobcats suck dhsjhjnjnjnxsjhuhxuhduyhdxhhucfcuchhuhcduhudhuhudhudyyymxsgkembacantsaveurfranchisehhjshdshdjhjhjhdjhdjahjjdhjhdhasjhdjwyuyuywyuwyqiuyiuqyiwqiyiyiqiiiiqiquyuwquqhnuqfuo'j

  • Eddy Curry posted 385 days ago

    Eddy Curry

    conner ur my least fav writer here sorry u dont like who i am as a player i dont like who u are as a writer sorry!

  • Carlo david Rafols posted 425 days ago

    Carlo david Rafols

    from philippines.... A loyal fan of charlotte bobcats since 2008 bcoz of michael jordan.. ARIBA HORNETS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A Fan posted 427 days ago

    A Fan

    Conner...Like you, I'm tired of the Bobcats bashing and I was thinking about the Knicks who finally won their first playoff series in 13 seasons, so I wanted to give you an article suggestion regarding NBA post season droughts. How about a Bobcats article based on this link, so people will get more realistic about the timetable to build a team that can challenge for a title and even just be good enough to make it to the post season and win. People have lost sight that it's only been 3 seasons since the Bobcats were in the playoffs. Even after the Heat won the title in 2005, they didn't win another playoff series until 2010...5 years later.

    Thanks in advance!! Here are a couple of links:

  • Mark Johnson posted 447 days ago

    Mark Johnson

    I see that you're a big fan of the Bobcats, and I'd love if you could stop by a site that I work on and make the Bobcats pick for them in our fan interactive mock draft! Thanks!

  • Matt Malone posted 462 days ago

    Matt Malone

    How does Rod Higgins still have a job!!? Aside from the obvious friendship with MJ, write about all his mistakes CB!