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  • Justin LeClair posted 2276 days ago

    Justin LeClair

    No but i see it a little different.

    1. Rice's replacement
    2. Sure handed FS
    3. AP contract
    4. Sure up OL

    1. For rice replacements i would love to see Malcolm Floyd in purple and gold. Braylon, James Jones or even Plax would do as well. but Floyd fits the bill as a deep threat that can go up an get it with his size

    2. The vikings need to create more turnovers on defense. A guy like Dawan Landry or Atari Bigby would be perfect replacements for Williams(even tho a bag of chips is as well) Bigby is a sure handed hard hitter and Landry is a sound tackler with decent hands.

    3. After what happened with rice resigning AP should be top priority after free agents. We cannot afford to lose him, if we do im going to be a lions fan.

    4. The Vikings made a weak push for Jermon Bushrod and it was clearly not enough. Even if they cant get a good LT (i expect them to draft one) Someone like Olin Kreutz to replace the undersized John Sullivan would do wonders to the line.

    did i miss anything?? lol

    i wanna hear who you would like to see the vikings go after in free agency

  • Justin LeClair posted 2276 days ago

    Justin LeClair

    Well what do you think of the vikings pedestrian approach to free agency so far?

  • Nick Peterson posted 2276 days ago

    Nick Peterson

    Reading your bio, and then reading some of your comments has lead me to the conclusion that you are a hypocrit. You are unable to critisism of your team and lack the fully functioning brain to have an intelligent debate. I ask you to refrain from posting until you've developed enough maturity to actually contribute.

  • Tanner Thoms posted 2471 days ago

    Tanner Thoms


    There you go, man. Check it out!

    - Tanner