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  • michael grant posted 1007 days ago

    michael grant


    As a fan, the guy just can't get it done. In the Eagles hey day they had leaders fro Hugh Douglas, Brian Dawkins and Troy Vincent. As much as Joe Banner had issues with players over 30 and releasing some guys in their prime they didn't have the issues of the Reid teams of today. Injuries to Jason Peters was a death blow to the offensive line, but the mere fact that Reid who is good with quarterbacks and offensive linemen couldn't figure out who to bring in as a replacement and is now dealing with a patchwork line that cannot protect the quarterback is a sure tell tale sign of the Eagles demise. The one thing Vick had going was at least the fact Juan Castillo line protected him. Surely the defense has not improved much since Jim Johnson passing, but when it became apparent that Juan wasn't the answer and knowing what Steve Spagnuolo could do as a coordinator why didn't he sign him before the season? Not getting a bigger, physical receiver hurts this team, not utilizing guys like Celek and Harbor for nothing more than pass protection is beyond me. This team is inconsistent and it makes you wonder what exactly did they do during the bye week? Surely allowing Juan back in his old position and getting rid of Howard Mudd could have helped this O-line? Surely allowing Nmandi and DRC to go to playing man coverage could have helped out. The play of safeties is atrocious, couldn't Todd Bowles come up with clever schemes. Brandon Graham has looked like a bust since he came from Michigan why not put Vinny Curry or Philip Hunt in? This team doesn't get any real pass rush, never in positions to make tackles, blow coverage time and again, picks up dumb penalties like they do every game. There is no leadership nor sense of pride and urgency to win. Jeff Lurie let this go on due to loyalty, he know has to do the right thing for the franchise and fans. Andy Reid hasn't always drafted well and it shows, he also has not identified key areas to improve nor does he not stop using people as sacrificial lambs. This team could have rallied around Reid when his son died, they didn't. They could have pulled it together on Brian Dawkins Day they didn't. They could have gotten Dawkins to be a consultant they won't. This team showed last year they weren't capable, Reid has shown over 14 seasons he isn't capable of winning the big one. Unless they plan on sucking for Jarvis Jones because they don't need a quarterback they have nothing to play for. Watching this team and the fans they all know they deserve better. Reid is not a disciplinarian, he's a nice guy and while nothing wrong, the team is despondent. If I was Lurie, he'd be fired last season, not waste another season of Andy at the podium saying over and over again "I didn't have my team prepared".

  • Bernie Ollila posted 1007 days ago

    Bernie Ollila

    Hi Michael,

    For now, yes. I think he should finish out the season, and the team should part ways with him next year. This is, after all, his mess.

    Do you think he should be fired?

  • Bernie Ollila posted 1021 days ago

    Bernie Ollila

    Hi Michael,

    Though I see where you're coming from, firing a coach mid-season is desperate and classless. I don't Lurie pulling that trigger until the offseason.

    As far as Billick coming in, I don't how I'd feel about that one. I'd rather see a fresh face, like a coordinator from another team. Someone with a new slate who has the potential to rebuild.

    I don't know who that is, but it's just what I think.

    Any way, thanks for the reads and feedback.