Stephen Hennessey

Stephen Hennessey


My name is Stephen Hennessey and I am a print journalism major at Penn State-University Park. I am also a sports writer for the Penn State student newspaper, The Daily Collegian. Check out my articles: and search for Stephen Hennessey!

At Penn State, I've been on ESPN twice at Penn State basketball games this season dressed in a Mustard bottle costume, my greatest accomplishment thus far in my life. (kidding)

A little bit of background about me; I grew up in North Jersey and have lived here all my lifeā€”so I am naturally a huge Yankees fan. Although I've been getting a lot of heat for it the last few years, I truthfully believe they will be on the rise the next couple of years and will win the World Series within three years. I'm also a huge Kentucky Wildcats fan, kind of random, but I still root for them hard despite going to Penn State. As for who I would root for if PSU and UK played each other, that is probably the hardest question I've ever heard. For now they coexist in my heart so all is good.

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  • Jeff Little posted 3518 days ago

    Jeff Little

    Stephen thanks for the comments and the pick of the day vote. They're really appreciated it was a thought I had so I put my thoughts into a story. On another note how was being on ESPN?

  • Claire Reclosado posted 3520 days ago

    Claire Reclosado

    Thanks for the edit. I actually knew a person, who knew a person, etc.

    Thanks, again!

  • Nick Dobreff posted 3525 days ago

    Nick Dobreff

    hey thanks for the edit man. I definately saw you on tv last year, not sure what game it was. keep it up. I came to Penn State during the 2007 big 10 season with a small group from the Izzone for the game. you were most likely there. It was a blast. You guys really took it to us this year at your place though. I have all the respect in the world for PSU and your football student section is the best in the nation.

  • Nate Deleon posted 3531 days ago

    Nate Deleon

    Hey thanks for the edits man.

  • Ryan Staab posted 3531 days ago

    Ryan Staab

    Thanks Steve, appreciate the feedback and the edits on my article!

  • Ken Armer posted 3531 days ago

    Ken Armer

    Thanks for the edit.

  • Ian Robinett posted 3531 days ago

    Ian Robinett

    Hey I appreciate everything my friend! Many thanks on the edits.

  • The Enforcer posted 3532 days ago

    The Enforcer

    Thanks so much for the edits and for the feedback! My article reads much better now.

    And yes, I am a HUGE Sharks fan. We'll see how the rest of this series goes. *fingers crossed*

    Cheers! =)

  • Corey Gautreaux posted 3532 days ago

    Corey Gautreaux

    Thanks for the edit and feedback. I appreciate it!

  • Frank Negron posted 3539 days ago

    Frank  Negron

    thanks for the edit man. it looks better