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Currently I am a student in College in New York. I am a WWE fan, who always wishes to see better things done in WWE. I also watch TNA as well. I love wrestling, So no matter how many people watch TNA or WWE I will be one of them. Writing is great. I am busy most of the times, So I never Have time to write much, When I do have time, I write anything that comes to mind.

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  • Joe Burgett posted 2994 days ago

    Joe Burgett

    As we all know, there are wrestlers throughout the world that are some of the greatest to ever lace them up. People who are not familiar with these people need to know about them. I want you or anyone you know to write about one international wrestler outside North America.

    This is my latest competition and I feel you could do well in it. Check it out! There is only a short time to sign up, make sure to go there as quick as you can.

    -Joe Burgett